Monday, October 31, 2011

"We Have Nothing To Fear, But Fear Itself!"

The plague of our day is fear. It abounds in our society enhanced by the complicit media attempting to attract readership or viewers by sensationalism. Unfortunately this drive for market share often comes with a cost, the truth. We have our fears enabled by thoughts of climate change, economic meltdown, political unrest, wars, the national debt, and the decline of society as a whole. Fear has driven people to protest, camp out in parks, and cause social unrest. So what is this fear thing that has us in it's grips?


Nothing exposes how overblown our minds have allowed the unknown to consume us as the light of truth. Confronting fears and bringing the truth to the surface dispels it's power. Are you more concerned of walking into a dark room you've never encountered before, or the same well lit room with everything exposed to avoid conflict with the unseen? Bathe your fears with truth and hang them out to dry by confronting them.

If exposure reveals the fear is a valid concern, seek out those who've confronted the same goliath. Learn from those who are the wisest in your life. Study and learn from history, seek new sources of wisdom, be widely read, and think deeply about what you read on the topic. Fear's worse enemy is knowledge, it's best friend is the media. Verify the information you've consulted and then form a proactive plan of action. Apathy and complacent attitudes enable fear.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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