Sunday, October 16, 2011

Expansion Through The Media!

It's fantastic to watch as TEAM leadership grows and it's offshoot, LIFE about to sprout. So many of our developing leaders have begun to share their thoughts and ideas through blogs and web posts. It's simply amazing to watch the growth and development occur. I'm so proud of each and everyone of the latest and greatest additions to sharing thoughts and ideas on leadership! It's such a testament to the power of our system of personal development. As our thoughts and ideas invade the blogosphere we push aside the negative, and create a culture that is ever expanding.

I saw a post of a quote, and I apologize for not giving credit to the author, that stuck with me, and is so apropos. I'm sure I'm paraphrasing, but in my mind this is what it said. "Leaders don't create followers, they create leaders!" Now does that describe the TEAM culture and the idea behind LIFE or what? Not only is it the perfect mission statement, the evidence of our ever expanding blog authors is proof that our system works!

It's important that we feed this culture. I'm suggesting to all of you who author blogs to link to other TEAM/LIFE member blogs so we can spread this culture. It will enhance the readership and get that positive message exposed where it needs to be. We'll be building a community of information and the possibilities are unlimited.

Welcome aboard new authors! Enjoy sharing your positive thoughts with each other!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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