Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Battle For The Mind!

A quick review, America over reacted to the Communist threat out of fear, after watching it march across Europe. They denied people a fair judgement during the McCarthy era and booted left leaning teachers out of the education system using hearsay and innuendo. The left responded by overtaking the University's staff and now hold the power to indoctrinate our youth through their writing of textbooks and political persuasion inside the classroom. Okay, where caught up!

Now they start to teach that America's beginnings were based on Columbus's killing of all the Indians, leap to Jim Crow laws segregating society, Rockefeller crushing the work force and violating every employee's rights calling in the need for unions, and finally Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal saving the country with it's progressive, socialistic policies. Since liberals author the text books, history reflects this. Students fine themselves being indoctrinated with tales of the Founders being self-interested, atheist or agnostic slave holders, pioneers of American industry as robber-baron oppressors, and every American foreign policy as imperialistic and insensitive. We are the world's bully! For the last thirty years, academics have taken a destructive approach, hiding behind the safety of tenure.

Liberals love to paint history with their brush. They attack creationism, the fact America was founded upon the yearning for religious freedom, and anything to do with a faith based concept. Why? Simple, everything we do is grounded in principle defined by our faith. Destroy the faith you destroy the principle. Abortion becomes a no brainer, equal justice is replaced with social justice, there are no seven deadly sins, nor Ten Commandments. Their agenda of a new world order become simpler to achieve because they made you question your faith. It's a patient process, they know it'll take generations, so they infect the youth with twisted information. Why? Well, people armed with the truth, and given both options, will always side with the truth. That's why it has to be distorted. If you can find accurate accounts of history, dictators and tyrants always focused on the youth.

More tomorrow!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How The Left Was Won!

Yesterday I promised I'd reveal my opinion on how the education system fell into the hands of the left. In the 1950's a senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy began a camapign labled McCarthyism fueled by the fear of communism infiltrating the United States.

During the post–World War II era of McCarthyism, many thousands of Americans were accused of being Communists or communist sympathizers and became the subject of aggressive investigations and questioning before government or private-industry panels, committees and agencies. The primary targets of such suspicions were government employees, those in the entertainment industry, educators and union activists. Suspicions were often given credence despite inconclusive or questionable evidence, and the level of threat posed by a person's real or supposed leftist associations or beliefs was often greatly exaggerated. Many people suffered loss of employment, destruction of their careers, and even imprisonment. Most of these punishments came about through trial verdicts later overturned,[1] laws that would be declared unconstitutional,[2] dismissals for reasons later declared illegal[3] or actionable,[4] or extra-legal procedures that would come into general disrepute

The academy has always been left leaning. But the real shift began at the end of the Mccarthy era, when the leftist professors were driven out, lost their jobs. At the end of that period, say the late 1950's, colleges went the other direction. It was an atonement for what they had done, they went so far the other direction they started to welcome leftists, especially in the social sciences,the arts, and history.

With opportunity present the left began to take control. Other profesors were gentlemen and women and didn't believe in confrontation, they didn't see all activities as political, but the Marxists on the left see everything as political. There was little confrontation as the left began to control the Universities. They staffed the search committees, and started hiring more like minded professors. They started doling out money so it only rewarded radicals.

By the late 1960's most of the political science, humanities, and sociology departments were dominated by leftists. There still were a few conservatives but they had no power. Incomming students first classroom experience is taught by....liberals. The authors of the text books are....liberal professors. The journalism classes are taught by....liberals. The left has infiltrated, twisted the education procedure and now controls our youth with their propaganda. When your textbooks and teachers say the same message from day one, how could you dissern anything else?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Monday, June 28, 2010

Van Buren's Revenge

In the 1820's, as a result of the Missouri Compromise, Martin Van Buren founded a political party. The sole goal of this political party was to gain and hold power. It wasn't interested in any principles.

Van Buren's focus for this political party was to avert a civil war, an altruistic motive. Get this, the party's purpose was to not talk about slavery, so we wouldn't have a war. In essence if we ignored the problem it would go away. That party was going to reward candidates who would run for office, secure that office, and not make slavery a talking point. Basically ideas don't count, slavery didn't matter, ideology had no place in their politics, only money was the driving factor.

Guess what narrow minded, racist, money focused party this was.......

Wait for it.....

The democrat party!

They went on to found dozens and dozens of newspapers for the specific purpose of getting it's candidates elected. This might be the only time the were honest, they named those papers title's like, The Arkansas Democrat, or The Richmond Whig. Those papers only carried news about their own candidates and weren't interested at all in objective news. Their purpose was to strictly advance the parties propaganda. Stop me if any of this is sounding familiar in the modern day scenario.

So I'm curious, by a show of hands, how many of you were taught about this in your school's history class? Grade school, high school, college, advanced degree studies? I didn't think so. How many minorities would change their party position if they understood what the democrat party stood for and it's position on slavery? How many working class Americans would reconsider their affiliation with a party who's beginnings were not rooted in the middle class working man as propagandized, but in fact was founded by money and power hungry politicians? Is it any wonder why this little ditty of history has been recycled?

I don't know about you but I found myself angry my heritage has been rewritten to make it more palatable. Tomorrow I'll begin the process of exposing how and when this process began. We've been indoctrinated by people with an agenda since youth, not unlike the process Hitler or other dictators used to control their domain.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Capt. Bill....Unplugged!

I heard a great story the other day about a couple who were sitting in their living room discussing their mortality. It seems one of their closest friends was in an automobile accident, and was surviving by mechanical means. He was dependant upon a respirator to continue his breathing process. It was a sad but sobering occasion, and it caused the husband to reflect. Having deep concerns for his family, he wanted his wishes understood should they ever face this conflict. So he sat his wife down and told her in no uncertain terms, should he ever need a machine to survive she was to pull the plug. The wife looked at him sternly and questioned his sincerity. He once again made it clear, in no uncertain terms, he didn't want to be dependent upon a machine to exist. The wife promptly got up and unplugged the TV set. The date and time of the services are yet to be announced.

Now funny as that story is, it's also a sad statement to how we spend a great deal of our free time. It's almost as if there is an umbilical cord from the TV to the viewer. People are addicted to television series. How many friends do you have that are enthralled by American Idol, episodes of True Blood, or Survivor? Then talk to those same people and they don't have a clue about the incredible story of how our country was founded. What incredible drama has been stolen from us by the revision of history. Did you know the first freedom fighter to die in the American Revolution was of African American descent? Five Colonists died and six were wounded in the first confrontation. While Sam Adams stoked the ire of the Colonists against the British soldiers who were responsible, John Adams was responsible for their defense in court, and his skillful legal prowess got them off on lesser charges. Bet that information wasn't on the tip of your tongue, yet most know what contestants are left this week on survivor.

David Barton runs a web site called Wall builders, and houses the largest collection of original documents that pertain to American history. I invite you to visit and learn, there is so much there we've not been taught. Don't let our heritage be lost, forgotten ,or subject to someone's agenda. The truth lies in the original artifacts, and the spin has found it's way into our history books.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Education First!

Hats off to the liberal democrat county supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee, who embarrassed the Wisconsin voting process when she publicly stated that Arizona isn't a border state with Mexico, while trying to support a boycott. Beautiful! What a testament to whatever school system she attended! Let's not also forget the informed electorate who opted for this geographic genius as a representative who votes on education policy. Perhaps this and the very telling incident in South Carolina will awaken voters to their responsibility to be informed when they go to the polls. Let's hope this is used as a learning tool!

Let's put aside the geographic illiterate with no vocal restraints, and ask....Why is a school board meeting in Wisconsin considering a boycott on Arizona? Isn't that just a little outside of their circle of concern? Wouldn't it be more prudent to have them focus on the curriculum? Maybe with some emphasis on our nation's geography? Then might I suggest they teach the Constitution, highlighting the oath of office where our nation's elected officials swear to defend our country from enemies both foreign and domestic. You know like people penetrating our borders bringing in illegal drugs, guns, and aliens sidestepping the immigration process.

Okay, now that I've vented let's use this as a learning tool. While leadership is the influence of people in a hopefully positive direction, there is also focus on your job description. A school board meeting in Wisconsin should be focused on their mission statement first, then if everything is in order you can reach out and influence the world. Does the school system have a balanced budget, with every school's needs attended to? Is the drop out rate zero? Teenage pregnancy rate at nil? Gang violence eliminated? Every student is getting an "A" rated report card, and being moved into further education opportunities? Is every school as modern and up to date as can be, with the curriculum at an advanced level? I'm thinking they had some other priorities to address before they jumped state borders and tried to influence Arizona's policy.

I'm sure Arizona's policy is very troubling to Ms. West, but there is an issue of doing the job you were elected to do first. It's called responsibility. Breaking that down, it's your response to what your able to do. Arizona has a problem, as a leader is boycotting their attempt to solve it, helping the issue, or just another obstacle to solving it? A real leader knows the difference.

Any leader who has a foundation based upon principles has no problem answering that question. Remember, a leader guided by principle will choose the proper method to address any issue. When you allow an issue to drive your response you get exactly the result cited above. There are always many options to use to respond to everyday challenges, use the one that reflects your character, your morals, and your values, and your reaction will never be called into question. But should it ever be, you have a ready answer to defend your method.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Media War!

This is a reoccurring theme with me, but it absolutely drives me nuts! You cannot get a straight news report about just about darn near anything. How does one go from calling a General... Be-trayed-us, to the new savior of the war on terror? How do you overlook the personality behind the climate change movement is heavily invested in the climate exchange, where carbon credits will be traded involving massive amounts of income, and yet focus on his alleged inappropriate behavior with a masseuse? What drives our media?

I have yet a better question. How do you expect our youth to respond when everything they see on the 'boob tube" is deceit? There is hardly a subject presented that doesn't have some kind of "spin" applied. How can we demand integrity and character from anyone subjected to this propaganda? The message they send is, if you don't like the tone, just tweak it a little so it fits your needs.

Television watchers are being led around by the nose! America's most trusted news source, can't be trusted! The word in print is an absolute farce! It's like bizarro world, our most reliable new source to date is the National Inquirer... A tabloid known for taking liberties with the truth for entertainment purposes, but this is the driving force behind exposing corruption in politics. Amazing!

Journalists used to ask..who, what, when, where, and why, now they simply plagiarize spoon fed press releases. The only light in this very dark tunnel seems to be Fox News, at least they present both sides of the issue and allow the viewer to make a decision. I'm not trying to be a shill for them, but the rest of the news reports are bordering on absurd. All the while their numbers are fading, and newsprint sources are facing declining readership, and bankruptcy. Here's a thought to increase revenue, try reporting the flipping truth. Then research the stories and ask those five questions and report your findings without bias. Do your stinking job!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Been a Year!

Today marks my 365 TH post, one full year of thoughts and ideas. I've been so amazed and humbled by the growth of the readership, it's almost overwhelming! We've confronted so many wrongs and shared some great ideas, but our work is far from done.

Last evening I joined with some old friends and took Stanley's ashes out to sea, you may remember I did a post about Stanley,(See Ode to Stanley). I've have to tell you, it's not likely you'll find a more diverse crowd, but they all did agree on some common themes.

The leadership in Washington is like watching a clown show.
This country has strayed from it's morals and values.
The economy and their work situation is declining before their eyes at an extremely rapid pace.
They are all visibly worried.

Now this is a group you'd have a hard time getting to agree on anything. You couldn't get them all to go to the same restaurant to eat, let alone agree on political issues. The only thing they have in common is they all loved Stanley, and they are all vocal people. I have to say I was taken aback by the common theme as I reacquainted myself with my past. It was like I'd entered bizarro world. So with that information under my belt, I'm re-inspired...My work here is not done!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Only The "Experienced" Need Apply!

I found myself involved in a debate the other day and the other side of the issue decided it was important to reinforce their position by informing me they were almost forty years old. Now I've always said there is no substitute for experience, but...exactly what has that experience been? You see many people have one year of experience forty times. Example...

Many times when I used to operate a party fishing boat,(some of you might call it a head boat), my mates would be young. Often times they would suggest some fishing tips to some of the patrons with the intent of improving their catch only to get abused with," I'm (insert age here) and been fishing longer than you've been on this planet. Now mind you if that patron fished twenty times a year in their advance age they'd hardly have experienced what my mates have in just a year, working everyday. Yet their pride wouldn't allow them to take advice from someone who was younger but more experienced. Who was the loser in that conversation?

Time served on this planet doesn't qualify as experience. As I said above most people have a years worth of experience forty times. To become learned and considered an expert at something it has been written you need to invest 10,000 hours. How diverse are your experiences? Are you a homebody or a world traveler? All these issues qualify you as "experienced."

There is also the application of knowledge. Knowledge isn't power as sometimes suggested. Knowledge applied is power! Understanding theory doesn't qualify you as experienced. I understand how to do heart surgery but I'm sure none of you would volunteer for me to perform it. I've removed quite a few hearts,(easy now I'm talking about gutting fish), but I've never reinstalled them and seen if they work. So in that case a little knowledge could be dangerous, as it was for the person I was debating.

Knowledgeable people never have to inform other of their wisdom, it leaves clues! Should you find yourself suggesting the latter, you might want to review and check to see if your suffering from an inferiority complex. Finally, grab all the life experiences you can! They are invaluable................

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PC Baby!

An old school mate of mine recently posted a quote on Face book I have to pass on. "I'd rather be correct than politically correct." (Mike Kane) The more I think about that one, the more it shines as the key to the attitudes America has presented the past few decades. The sad thing is it's getting worse. How sad is it we try to avoid the problem by referring to people who've entered this country by breaking the law, " undocumented workers", rather than identifying the issue and naming them what they are, "illegal aliens?"

We've stopped fighting "the war on terror", and now we are proceeding with an "overseas contingency effort." The list is endless, and shameless. Exactly when did we trade in our combat boots for glass slippers? Mike and I had a nun way back in eighth grade that used to go on a tirade everyday and tell us how mollycoddled we were, she must be spinning in her grave watching this nation rename everything so no one gets hurt feelings. I'm certain she'd tell us to pull our zippers around to the front and own our problems.

One of the keys to solving any problem is to first recognize you actually have one. Isn't sugarcoating a problem by renaming it to something more palatable denying there is an issue? It's the mantra of any addict, to fail to admit they have a problem. So let's insist we address these and any other issues head on. I propose that from now on we rename PC from the current politically correct to........poignantly cognizant.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dream On!

One of America's greatest talents is in jeopardy of being lost, forgotten by the drudgery of a rut we self inflicted upon ourselves. Way to many of our citizens are caught up in the home to work, work to home, home to work, work to home weekly cycle. That forty to eighty hour responsibility has become our focus and we've forgotten how to dream. When we do dream it's focused upon our upcoming day off or the way too short holiday weekend. It's like we're wearing out the tracks between the stations we serve, with an occasional side trip to the depot for a slight change of pace, and oh how we treasure that leisure time!

To combat this drudgery we only need look back as far as our youth. Ask any young and upcoming princess what her Prince Charming looks like and she'll describe him down to a tee. How tall he is, the color of his hair, his manner of dress, yet some of those same budding princesses later in life are often at a loss when looking for Mr. Right. I'll betcha if they took the time to dream and define Mr. Right, he'd probably come into focus. It's difficult to discover when you don't know what your looking for.

How many young men wanted to be a fireman, president, a policeman, or a super hero? While some do find that adventure, most settle for a paycheck. Think about the dream car that was posted in your locker at school, or in your room....Was that the mini-van your driving now, or was it something a little less practical? Your dreams were put aside for a more practical solution.

Innovation that drives American ingenuity begins with a dream. We couldn't have pressed on toward a moonwalk, without first a dream. Flip style cell phones were inspired by the communicators used in the TV epic, Star Trek, that was another dream realized. Our motto is, "Living the American dream"....Are you?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Family Man!

Father's day 2010, a moment in time set aside to honor the sire of the family. He's the man, the provider, head of household, leader of the family. Did that sound a little chauvinistic? Well when abused it is, but the premise is someone has to ultimately be responsible for the families well being. The Bible appointed the male, and sometimes that is improperly used. You see the male has a responsibility to the female to do what's best for the family unit. A wise family leader would weigh his spouse's input heavily prior to a decision, because when Momma isn't happy, there is no peace. Being a leader of chaos isn't very flattering, in fact it's down right embarrassing. So a wise father gives mother equal input.

In today's society there are males and there are men. Being male is a gender, being a man is a responsibility. It takes courage and commitment to be a man, it's simply a right of birth to be male. Fatherhood is about those guys who pulled the zipper around to the front and assumed responsibility and held themselves accountable to their wives and children. Today we honor those individuals.

A responsible family leader bases his decisions on principles and faith. He influences the family unit by his actions. So if you want the end product to be lemonade you best start the process with lemons. Or in simpler terms, if you want a family others admire and don't run from, start with yourself, they are watching every move. What you sow, so shall you reap, don't plant weeds and look to harvest tomatoes.

Too many families suffer from a lack of male leadership. Those males shirk their responsibility and hand it off to others. Information and role models are acquired from the TV and from the street. When was the last time you saw a show on the boob tube that honored the family unit, specifically dad or mom? They make great ratings mocking fathers and pointing out dysfunction in the family unit.

So today we celebrate those who don't follow the herd. The exception, the leader, the man of the house, dear old dad. He'll get showered in ties, cologne, after shave, and cards for his efforts. They are all cherished and appreciated, keep them coming!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For Those Who Just Don't Understand!

Yesterday I alerted readers to how influential the ideology of tyranny are in this society. It was a reminder that freedom has to be guarded and fought for everyday. The majority of the population has never seen actual Communism in action, nor the horror and atrocities it's inflicted. The only lingering remnants of an actual Communist regime is Cuba and North Korea, and since they "control the media", Internet access included, your not getting a real picture of conditions inside. There are a great deal of people starving to death in North Korea. Cuba and North Korea both live in extreme poverty, and it's because the ideology of Communism doesn't work. It sounds great on the surface, everyone having equal, but what if the level of equal sucks? While this works out perfectly for the ruling class, as they "control" everything, it's not so good for the common man.

Back to my point, anyone not born in the late fifties hasn't had even a taste of Communism. It's hardly taught in depth in our school system, so there are generations who lack the information. They never did drills in school where you marched orderly to the basement bomb shelter of the school, training for a Communist nuclear attack. Never where they taught to stop in the middle of class and assume the position under the desk, for fear they might bomb the building. They never experienced a family bomb shelter stocked with can goods and other supplies, because Communism was a real and viable enemy. How many have met a Jewish survivor tattooed with a serial number, and seen the vacant look in their eyes the experience left behind?

I was blessed to be allowed to accompany my family to Veterans Hospitals as a youth to participate in fairs for the patients. It was a sobering experience to see the physical damage to those men who fought to keep Communism from spreading to our shores. I'll have to say the greatest impact was the mental and emotional damage I witnessed. Many times you'd see a fellow sneaking around like he was still on the battle field. He'd clear a spot on the grass and huddle up. He's reach into his pocket and procure a cigarette, skillfully he'd cup his hands and light it, covering the glow so an enemy sniper wouldn't have a target. A quick puff would ensue, then the butt would be extinguished, so the smell and the cloud of smoke didn't give away his position. The remainder of the cigarette would be stowed for future enjoyment. This whole process was an act of survival, twenty years removed from the horror, and accented by his ever vigilant scanning to be aware of the enemy position. He was still living the horror, and all I could do is offer him a hotdog and a thank you for his service. That's what we did at those fairs, distribute hot dogs. The hardest thing was some of those veterans were on dietary restrictions, and couldn't have our gift. I don't think much has ever left an impression as having to deny those brave souls who gave it all for my freedom a simple hot dog. One of the scattered orderlies would come to assist and try to explain to a pleading hero, that the treat he was seeking a doctor necessarily denied him, so he could live a better life? It was heartbreaking, but part of my education. This was how I learned to appreciate my freedom, and the sacrifice others made for it.

Now I didn't live in Germany, I didn't have to cower in an attic fearing my discovery and the death camps that ensued. I was fortunate enough to meet those who had and hear that epic struggle. I can only imagine having to live it. I was slightly removed from that horror, the next generation a bit more and then some more and now, I'm not so sure we fully appreciate the horror compromising our freedom could lead to. Without the experience the passion dies.If your not a witness, you might question the validity of the event. This leads to the complacency that allows us to take the freedom fought for as everlasting.

This is a viable threat! As I pointed out yesterday there are people deeply imbedded in our society who foster the belief system that led to these atrocities. Be ever vigilant of new legislation, find out the source of the message, and remember the sacrifice others made so you can enjoy your freedom to do that today. Passionatly guard your freedom, it's a gift from your past.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Friday, June 18, 2010

Internet and Marxism!

I've got a burr in my britches and I have to get this exposed. I've been involved in an ongoing discussion about a video supporting net neutrality. For reference here's the link....

Now this video uses the youth of this nation,(the ones most addicted to the Internet), to promote legislation that they say will keep the Internet free. They infer the corporations that bring us this luxury are trying to slow down your connection, charge more for faster speeds, and censor the content. The solution suggested by the makers of this video is to place control of the Internet in the hands of the government., allowing the FCC to "keep things on a level playing field."

As you might imagine it has users of the web up in arms, but then it was designed to do that. How dare the evil corporations mess with the freedom I'm used to when searching the web! They're trying to profit from something I consider a basic right! I should be allowed to watch videos of kitties doing silly things when ever I please, not slowed down by their connection speed control. And how dare they try to charge me extra for this service. All very compelling arguments, but all so very flawed.

First, of all if the government gets it's paws on your Internet, you'll see censorship. The FCC currently controls the television industry, I think we can all agree the content on TV is monitored and censored. You cannot watch what you want when you want, as suggested by the makers of this video.

Secondly, the FCC controls the way TV is delivered to your home. You have the option of an air signal, cable, or satellite. I think we can all agree there is not much difference in programming or pricing.

Third, this is about choices, or further defined...freedom. Right now you have options, you can search the web via dial-up, cable, DSL, satellite, or with your mobile carrier. You have options and a menu of pricing and speeds available to you. The free market principles demand diversity because if another company offers you better value, everyone will switch to it. I'll use the I-phone as an example here. Apple's innovation became all the rage and the standard of the cell phone industry, they charge more for their product, and there is a waiting list, because consumers want what they have to offer. It's better than anyone else. If you'll notice there is no stand out in TV providers. There used to be when satellite was free to all who paid for a dish, but then the government regulated it, (that would be the FCC, the same entity who'll be in charge of overseeing the Internet). Not so much now.

Fourth. when has government involvement in anything improved it? Great examples of their prowess brings to mind, the post office, Amtrak, the oil spill, social security, medicaid, medicare, wars, the DMV, and anything you can find in your life to complain about, I'll bet the government has it's hands into.

Now these all exceptional examples of why not to let the government be involved with this process, but here's the clincher. I had a problem with the way this message was delivered, it just bothered me and I knew something was wrong. It reeked of misinformation, and used the naive and vulnerable youth to deliver it. What kind of organization would stoop to these tactics? I'm glad you asked that question! This video was produced by Free press, a sister organization to Media matters. They are both the dream children of one Robert Mc Chesney.

"Free Press is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to reform the media. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, quality journalism, and universal access to communications. Free Press was launched in late 2002 by media scholar Robert W. McChesney, journalist John Nichols and Josh Silver, our executive director."

Robert W. McChesney is a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he teaches in the Department of Communication. McChesney also hosts the “Media Matters” weekly radio on WILL-AM radio. Chensey, former editor of the socialist & Marxist Monthly Review, now is director of the foundation that operates the magazine. He is also an activist who speaks out against the free market in the media industry with such statements as this taken from an interview he gave for the Socialist Project in August 2009,

"Instead of waiting for the revolution to happen, we learned that unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution. While the media is not the single most important issue in the world, it is one of the core issues that any successful Left project needs to integrate into its strategic program."

However, with Robert McChesney it does not stop there. Free Press co-authored a 2007 report with the FCC's "Chief Diversity Czar" Mark Lloyd entitled, "The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio, " where they suggest the listening trends of people preferring "Conservative & Christian" programs as a 'free market' problem they wish to solve. One solution from the report states that the FCC should, "restore local and national caps on the ownership of commercial radio stations," which would in turn limit the very voice they are trying to allow to become more diverse. Mark Lloyd & Free Press have many views in which they share and I strongly suggest you learn for yourself many of their views. McChesney goes on about the Media and states in his article, "The U.S. Media Reform Movement: Going Forward," from the Monthly Review:
"The media system reflected the nature of the U.S. political economy, and any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist political economy."

"These gains will only be made through an enormous class struggle from below. If won, they will not, we underscore, eliminate the evils of capitalism, or the dangers it poses for the world and its people. In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles

Now that's just a sample of the opinions of the revolutionary Marxist who is delivering this propaganda to our youth. He also has on the board of directors self proclaimed Marxist Mr. Van Jones, you might remember him as the fellow who left the Obama administration in the middle of the night once he was exposed as a revolutionary Marxist. So it's not a coincidence they target this propaganda toward our youth, nor is it unusual they seek control of the media. Does anything Karl Marx teach follow the ideals of a free society? He has nothing to offer me. How about you?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Words To Live By!

Let's review...

I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

I-The person who greets you in the mirror each and every morning!

Pledge- To take an oath, in this case orally!

Allegiance- Loyalty, unity

To the flag- That red white and blue symbol of our nation representing the original 13 colonies and the 50 states.

Of The United States of America- The country we are citizens of, live in, and abide by it's laws.

And to the Republic- That's a representative republic, not a democracy as our students are led to believe in school. Where we have a system of checks and balances, not the popular vote or mob rule as a democracy is defined.

For which it stands- The flag is a symbol of our freedom, the struggle and victory of our forefathers. It's an icon to all those worldwide that live in oppression and tyranny. A symbol of hope and prosperity!

One nation- A collection of states acting in concert to make the beautiful music of liberty!

Under God- Built under the umbrella of the moral Judeo-Christian principles. The foundation of our nation.

Indivisible- Incapable of undergoing division. Solid!

With liberty- The ability to have choices available!

And justice- Justice applied equally, not defined by the color of your skin, your religion, or your social status.

For all- Bar none, if your a legal citizen, your entitled to all of the above.

I just woke up this morning and felt the need to clarify this. Children are taught the words,and rattle them off, but I'm not so certain they are taught the meaning. We should never take this for granted.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've been disturbed about the education process for quite a while. Comments from Mr Human ape just cemented my dismay. The phrase he used, "basic biology", still concerns me. Those responsible for educating our youth have decided to pervert the lesson. My greatest issue is children are being taught what to think, not how to think. Had Mr.Ape said after weighing the facts he'd decided the theory of evolution made more sense to him, then I would have felt comfortable all his options were explained to him and he'd made a choice. His statements lead me to believe he'd been indoctrinated.

I used to subscribe to the theory, you can't teach common sense, but you can. First you have to teach the ability to think for yourself. Lay all the options on the table and offer a choice. How can one use their freedom of choice, if no other possibilities are presented? I do subscribe to the theory, people when are given all the options, without bias, they will make the right decision. I think that's part of the whole freedom gig our forefathers fought for. The God given right to choose, we were gifted at birth.

Common sense is rooted in experience. There are two types of experience, personal, and what we've learned from the action of others. The latter being preferred. It's far more painless to learn that the stove is hot by watching your little brother touch it, rather than having that experience for yourself. This is why we read the books of great men and women. Why not allow history to teach us the roots of common sense, rather than make the mistakes again?

People who've been taught what to think never learn this concept. I'll bet if you the research, they never stray far from the institution, or a population center of like minded people, after graduation. The security of having their opinion maker handy is important to them. The truly independent thinkers are those who use their common sense to survive, be it in a rural setting or trying to circumnavigate the world at sixteen. A farmer without common sense would likely end up in a emergency room, not only quick, but often. In fact a free thinker almost mandates they exercise their independence for survival. Convenience is for those who forfeit the independence to provide for themselves. They understand exceptionalism is just the other side of inconvenience, cloaked in hard work and perseverance.

The punctuation on this thought is when a disaster strikes. Who turns to others or the government for help? Who faces the issues at hand and finds solutions? Talk and theory is cheap, action cures problems. So do we want a nation of self thinkers and problem solvers, or a nation of needy? I'm for the independent! Who's with me?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Compare And Contrast!

Yesterday's post sparked a spectacular exchange in the comments that followed. The purpose of this blog is to inspire you to think, and without a doubt we had some thoughts. I've always held to the belief that when opposing opinions were held side by side the comparison would show the truth. Yesterday was no exception, and I'd like to thank Mr Humanape and Lee Bowman for a fantastic dialog. Comparing the two you can make your own decision, I know I have!

It always stands true when people are confronted with the facts in any given situation, they will most certainly come to the right conclusion on their own, when the issues are compared side by side. I've also found it unwise to argue with whoever holds the microphone or the pen, as they always seem to have the last word, and that is almost impossible to overcome. I'll bring up the example here of the heckler and the comic, the heckler rarely comes out on the upside.

Back to the exchange! What a wonderful contrast of ideas! Mr Human ape was cloaked in anonymity, while Mr. Lee Bowman used his name and picture, powerful stuff! Mr. Bowman made his point concisely and laced with fact, Mr. Human ape chose to make his point by trying to pull apart my text in general terms. They both noted science as the fact of their argument but Mr Bowman used precise points, while Mr. Human ape highlighted the entire subject of basic biology as his talking point. It was apparent Mr. Bowman knows what he believes and why he believes it.(I found it enlightening to see an opinion not taken from a Michael Shermer video). It also appears Mr. Human ape was taught biology from a liberal point of view, highlighting evolution, not comparing the two. Not a surprise, as our learning institutions are strongly bias to the liberal end. I found Mr. Human ape's debate style very Saul Alinsky like, but then if your going to be taught liberal theory, you should also be taught to defend it in a liberal style.

I love your input, keep it coming! We all learn from comparing your opinions. The nice thing about opinions is if someone likes yours they are free to adopt it. Yet in the same context, if they are more comfortable with their own, it belongs solely to them. Mr. Bowman, I'm proud to have your comments on this blog. Your articulate, knowledgeable, and a man of conviction. Welcome aboard! Mr. Human ape, best of luck to you and your theories. I pray they serve you well. I'll also welcome your aboard, we all don't think alike, and keeping our feet to the fire can serve to do nothing but improve our text. Kudos to you both, and thank you for your valuable input!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Monday, June 14, 2010

Intelligent Evolution?

I heard a great analogy the other day, the topic was evolution Vs intelligent design theory. Evolution being the theory that after two particles bumped into each other we've morphed out of some creatures who crawled out of the resulting slime and evolved into modern man. Intelligent design is based upon a faith that there is supreme being and the universe and life as we know it was on purpose.

I've listened to the two arguments and I have to say the evolution one has some serious flaws. Believers in the evolution theory are quick to point out they don't believe in the possibility of a deity and how unlikely and unbelievable that is. Basically it's because they cannot explain it away, it requires faith. Yet in the very next breath they will purpose that two particles randomly bumped into each other, there was a massive explosion, and the universe began. Then I ask....Where did the two particles come from? You see I need belief too.

While it is quite the miracle we exist, it's no accident. Think of the process in which animals hear. It's just too involved and duplicated to be a random event. The body works in concert. Our breathing transfers oxygen to our blood stream, which in turn feeds the brain, we exhale carbon dioxide, which plant matter uses to survive while converting it back into usable oxygen for us to survive. If that's not by design, it's one heck of an accident. Very similar to someone putting all the parts required to build a car into a garage, then there is a big explosion, and low and behold a Ferrari appears. And they say our belief is a stretch!

Let's say by chance I'm wrong in my belief, what's the consequences? If the evolution people are in error, their salvation is lost. Is it worth taking the chance? When you look at this whole proposal from a logical standpoint, intelligent design wins out. The funny part is evolutionist's argument is they can't find the logic in intelligent design........

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Prescription For Success!

The longer I live the more I realize there are three things you have to do daily. Without this daily ritual as the day goes on you begin to stink. The first is bathe, a critical part of anyone's day. It cleanses the body and gives you a fresh start.

The second is a piece of spiritual guidance, a good dose of scripture. Nothing sets the day off on the right foot like a reading from the bible. God is my highest priority so it only makes sense I include him in my daily startup. Without the biblical direction as the day goes on, I would begin to stink.

The third is motivation, like a bath and scripture we humans need motivation. It should be a part of everyone's day to face the world with a bit of positive input. As refreshing as the morning shower it washes away the negative and the nay sayers we face daily! Chasing the negative away avoids stinking thinking. Read a motivational message or listen to a motivating CD, it'll change your outlook on the whole day, and it becomes infectious. You'll begin to influence others in a positive manner.

The process of starting your day with the above prescription will undoubtedly shoot you out of the house with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Don't be surprised if others don't begin to wonder why your up to! They'll probably think you've been put on some type of medication, because highly motivated, good smelling, Christian people are the exception rather than the rule in this world. Why not be exceptional?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abby Sunderland

I've hammered all week on business and political issues, time for a break! Today we need to celebrate American exceptionalism, and to do that I'm calling attention to Abby Sutherland. Abby is a sixteen year old adventurer who set sail from California with the "big hairy audacious goal" to circumnavigate the world non-stop. You might have heard she ran afoul and was cut short by thirty foot waves breaking her mast, somewhere in the Indian Ocean. She and her parents have many critics, but I'm here to point out her accomplishments. How different would this world be if every sixteen year old shared her pluck?

Abby is home schooled, a tribute to the process. As a Ships Master I can appreciate the math, geography, and survival skills she had to learn to be equipped to take on this adventure. How many teens can say they've experienced geography first hand like this young woman? She had to have a grasp of meteorology, celestial navigation, and ocean currents. Her skills had to include electronics, use and repair, plumbing, and electrical systems. She had to conserve her resources to last the months this trip was planned to take. That's quite a level of maturity and knowledge.

Unfortunately I know very little about this young lady, but I'm sure of this....The one thing she has hasn't learned is the definition of the word, can't. I think one of the saddest things known to mankind is to set your goals low and achieve them, she'll never suffer from that affliction. While other kids her age are sitting on the couch, texting, and absorbed in Play Station 3, awaiting you to serve their next meal, she is dreaming of adventure. Setting goals and learning the skills necessary to achieve them.

Critics have leveled charges of child abuse toward her parents. Let's address that nonsense right now. Sixteen year olds have been called upon to fight in both the revolutionary and civil wars, have led countries as both kings and queens, represent their nations in the Olympics, and in colonial times been married, given birth and raised a family. Her vessel was equipped for emergency or she wouldn't have survived the adversity she faced, and it's also a testament to her seamanship that she's alive today. She financed, equipped, and executed her dream. That is American exceptionalism! She's cut from a different cloth, and her parents are mandated to point her toward greatness. How dare anyone suggest they hold her back. Man would never have learned to fly or walked on the moon with that attitude.

By definition to be exceptional you have to be different. While someone else's child may not exude the maturity and the knowledge to take on this adventure, that is not a standard to judge others. Was everything perfect in her quest, hardly. She would have made it if it was! But failure is a part of learning, and next time she'll likely succeed, and there will be a next time!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Fix

Stage five of this saga is where you turn the corner or your company or country dies. The number one thing to remember is to put all the problems aside and focus on cash. If your not solvent financially there is no point in continuing. It doesn't matter if you can start the engines on a boat if you can't stop it from sinking! The path to recovery lies first and foremost in returning to sound management principles and rigorous strategic thinking!

The absolute worse thing you can do is declare a crisis where none exists. This creates cynicism. It's hard to turn the corner with a crowd of cynics! You need all the cooperation you can muster. It's time to dig in and work hard, your effort is being watched by others.When Anne Mulcahy became chief executive of a faltering Xerox, miring in stage four decline, back in 2004, she didn't take a weekend off for two years. That was one of the factors in Xerox's recovery. Does the leadership of this country reflect that level of dedication? Has it fertilized cynicism? Is it leaning toward the founding principles that made this nation great in the first place?

The path out of darkness begins with those exasperatingly persistent individuals who are continually incapable of capitulation. Does the electorate in Washington currently reflect the above sentence? America was founded and prospered on the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom, it's time to get back to basics!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stage Four: Grasping For Salvation!

Stage four of the decline epidemic is defined as grasping for salvation. The acts of the desperate, which can take on many possible forms. Like betting a the recovery of a nation on unproven technology,(green energy?), pinning hopes on untested strategy, relying upon the success of a splashy new product, or seeking game changing policy. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. Seeking a savior CEO, expounding on the rhetoric of "revolution", or in the very late and desperate stages, seeking buyouts for financial rescue. Is anyone else finding this terminology familiar? It sounds like the liberal playbook to me. Truth be told, history has shown these attempts are more likely to perpetuate the Stage 4 decline, not reverse it.

Leadership insists the path to a healthy company or country demands you....Breath. Calm yourself. Think! Focus! Aim! Take one shot at a time, and follow the core values and principles that made you great in the first place.What we are trying to do now is like attempting to gain control of a boat that's going in circles, in a lake that's going dry! Our core values have eroded, that in turn has left us susceptible to infection. Boy are we infected! Let me use an example out of today's news to highlight exactly how unaware those in power are.......

Washington is calling for BP to not pay dividends to their shareholders in order to insure they have funds to finance the oil spill cleanup. Sounds okay on the surface, and almost makes sense, until you walk through the long term effects. BP shareholders rely upon those dividends as income, many pension funds, retirees, union employees, etc bank on that dividend to remain solvent. So should they fail to pay their promised earnings, the stock will be less desirable, possibly forcing the company into bankruptcy. Then the burden of the cleanup will fall back on those taxpayers, instead of a profitable dividend paying company. BP is already on the hook, don't throw a struggling company treading water an anchor. Let them recover and pay for the accident out of future profits. The same applies to the chastising of BP for trying to protect their image and reassure stockholders they will survive this with an ad campaign. It's best for everyone financially that BP survives this and holds up their end financially. While it makes for great sound bytes for future campaigns, it does nothing for America, and is politically self serving. Not a desired quality of leadership, corporate or political. Basically Washington is trying to remove the mop and bucket from the clean up crew.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Denial of Risk and Peril!

Phase three of our discussion of how big corporations and government fall Is centered upon the "denial of risk and peril." The act of burying your head in the sand like an ostrich leaving your backside exposed. So many instances of this apply to today's situation, the one that comes to mind immediately is how Washington handles job creation and economic reports. Instead of admitting the jobs were either temporary or government positions, they ignore the stagnation of the private sector job creations and blow their own horns. A typical reaction to a economic growth report is jubilation, ignoring that any growth was falsely created by auto or home buying credits and is soon to self correct. It's the assumption by those in office that John Q Public is stupid enough not to see the facts, that should alert us to impending trouble.

Removing our monetary system from the gold standard is another act of denial. We've placed our entire economic system on the support of a fiat money base. One that is vulnerable to the whims of other nations economic stability. We can no longer stand as independent as we've remove the insurance our dollar is worthy, so politicians can print any amount of cash needed to finance our needs. Instead of presenting the taxpayer with a tax increase, they back door the process and simply print more, devaluing our economy. Not only is this denial, but generational theft, as it has to be repaid somewhere down the road, or our economy will collapse.

Another current "denial of risk and peril" looms over our national defense. Renaming and softening the description of our enemies is risk denial. They won't stop because you closed Gitmo, nor because you've decided to not call them radical extremists. Not calling their attacks Jihad, nor confronting the nations that finance such activities, is classic denial. The Clinton administration tried this philosophy and it led to the loss of the twin towers, the destruction of the Pentagon, and a major loss of life. Current denial has allowed the underwear bomber, the shootout at Fort Hood, and the Times Square bombing attempt. Denial of risk at our national security level will be fatal.

It's obvious to me that our country suffers from a bout of all three of these cancerous infections. If we were a corporation we'd need to call for a emergency board meeting to reconsider policy, and restructuring of our management. So by allowing this to continue are we not also suffering from "denial of risk and peril?"

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stage Two of This Disease!

In continuation of yesterday's discussion, today we look at stage two of what topples government. Stage two of this disease is titled, "Undisciplined pursuit of more!" Applying that to today's government would suggest our current national debt. We've overreached our monetary supply by offering unsustainable entitlements to our citizens. On our current fiscal path we're posed to leverage our freedom as collateral to pay our debts. We've created this giant ponzi scheme and unless some strict financial discipline is applied quickly, this house of cards will tumble down.

This infection is caused by filling seats of influence with career politicians, void of fiscal restraint and business knowledge. They realize human nature lends itself to entitlements, people love something for nothing, and will vote to keep it. Imagine if you raised your children with no restraints on their wants; What do you suppose the outcome would be? I'm pretty sure the monster you'd create would look similar to those in America with their hands out, looking for what's owed them.

It's just common sense that business, government, and families, for that matter, live within their means. Yet we stand here today with a climbing debt that has just equaled our country's financial output. If you bought a car that's payment equaled your total income, how long would that scenario last? No money for food, gas, insurance, housing, or anything else, but you have a great looking car. The same logic applies to our current debt. The current logic applied by Ivy League degree holders. I've said it before, too bad they can't teach common sense in our learning institutions.....

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest of the founding fathers saw this country expanding and increasing not as an end goal, but as a residual result of an inevitable outcome, of pursuing the core purpose that this nation was founded upon. Later generations forgot this lesson. In fact we've perverted their ideals. We're a country that is likely to die of indigestion from too much entitlement rather than from too little. A great tell tale sign of trouble is when citizens confuse rights with responsibility. We have a responsibility to help our fellow man, but it's far from a right to expect it.

Our lack of leadership is to blame. Becoming a politician has evolved into a career, not a service to the public. We need representatives from the private sector who serve their term then return to private life, just like George Washington. The wrong leaders allowed to usurp their power, can most certainly do our country harm, Choose wisely!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm reading an awesome book about the titan corporations of our time and what mistakes led to their downfall. It draws the contrasts and comparisons to what they did to rise, and what convoluted thinking brought their decline. What really is holding my attention is the comparisons apply to government as well. Because what is government but a poorly run corporation? History shows repeatedly, that the mighty fall. The Egyptian Old Kingdom, the Minoans of Crete, the Chou Dynasty, the Hittite Empire, the Mayan Civilization, Athens and Rome-all fell!

This book points out the five stages of decline. Let's see if anything sounds familiar!

Stage one kicks in when people become arrogant, regard success as a basic entitlement, and they lose sight of what created their success in the first place.

Wow! What a mouthful! When we say arrogant, does anyone come to mind? Isn't it true we are also trying to entitle others who are less productive to equal success? Haven't we lost sight of the principles this great nation was founded upon? Sounds to me like America has all three symptoms of stage one decline cancer.

I'm going to break this into several parts because there is so much to absorb. Think about those three symptoms described above, ask the bold questions of how they apply to our government today. There is a message we need to hear in those words....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Contrast and Compare!

I got curious the other day so I went on a mission. Has anyone else noticed the headline news always has the same states as offenders? When was the last time you heard about a political scandal, a major disaster, or even a peep out of say, Idaho? Wyoming? North Dakota? Montana? South Dakota? Kansas? I don't recall anything at all, how about you? So I checked some of their local newspapers to see if they were just covering up, nada, zip, negative.

It seems everyday we get headlines from California, Chicago, New York, Louisiana, Florida, you know all the "usual" players. So I went on a hunt to find out why, here's what I found.......

Red States
Utah (R + 30.768)
Idaho (R + 27.018)
Wyoming (R + 26.132)
Nebraska (R + 22.606)
Alaska (R + 20.946)
Oklahoma (R + 20.152)
Kansas (R + 16.892)
North Dakota (R + 16.484)
Alabama (R + 15.162)
Texas (R + 12.872)
Mississippi (R + 12.766)
South Dakota (R + 11.920)
South Carolina (R + 11.230)
Montana (R + 9.668)
Kentucky (R + 9.408)
Indiana (R + 9.398)
Georgia (R + 6.814)
North Carolina (R + 6.086)
Tennessee (R + 5.228)
This is like a who's who of states without constant issues. So let's look at the flip side of the coin.....

Blue States
Massachusetts (D + 26.032)
Rhode Island (D + 25.708)
New York (D+ 22.966)
Hawaii (D + 21.806)
Vermont (D + 21.006)
Maryland (D + 16.996)
Illinois (D + 15.844)
Connecticut (D + 14.954)
California (D + 14.414)
Delaware (D + 13.814)
Maine (D + 12.136)
New Jersey (D + 11.656)
Washington (D + 10.774)
Michigan (D + 9.120)
Minnesota (D + 8.860)
Oregon (D + 7.798)
Pennsylvania (D + 7.040)
New Mexico (D + 6.056)
Wisconsin (D + 5.838)
Iowa (D + 5.110)

Hmmmm, with few exceptions, these seem to be the constant offenders. I wonder if it has anything to do with their political views? This sure is an interesting parallel. Let's examine the "swing" states.......

Purple States
Arizona (R + 4.990)
Louisiana (R + 4.824)
Virginia (R + 3.252)
West Virginia (R + 0.902)
Colorado (D + 0.238)
Arkansas (R + 0.080)
Florida (D + 0.320)
Missouri (D + 1.156)
Ohio (D + 1.432)
Nevada (D + 2.004)
New Hampshire (D + 4.176)

Interesting, seems like a 50/50 split! It sure looks like holding to true conservative values keeps you off the radar and out of the national news. It also appears the more "liberal' you are the more the media has to present to the public, and the middle of the road states get attention when they make a move to the left. I can't help but wonder how their state budgets match up. I also wonder why the liberal media doesn't being this to our attention.......

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It Didn't Happen!

I had the occasion the other day to meet an extraordinary person. I'd like to say he was one of a kind, but like the 650 dues paying members of the Flat Earth Society, he was far from unique, but just as out there. I liken his kind to a rare and expensive Ming vase, few and far between. It's a rare occasion to run into a member of this cult, but well worth the time to unravel the twisted thought process they possess. This man my friends, was a member of those who are convinced, that man has never walked on the moon. The sect that believes it was all staged.

Now one thing I've noticed about most of these people, and I hate to generalize, but I've yet to meet one that was born and old enough to remember 1969. The second thing they all share in common is the have extremely liberal beliefs. I take it as my personal responsibility to enlighten them and continue their education when it comes to history.

Now I vividly remember 1969, I was just about to become a teenager, so it was a special and memorable time. The two most outstanding events of that year were the Woodstock concert, and man's first step on the moon, fulfilling JFK's challenge made less than a decade earlier. They happened within a couple of weeks of each other. One was a gathering of spoiled rotten brats, protesting everything they could imagine, while reinforcing the notion they were immature and irresponsible by abusing drugs. It was quite a statement of hypocrisy, but I did like the music. (Just a side note here, most of our aging members of Washington were of that generation). The moonwalk, on the other hand, was a celebration of our technological advancements, and our response to a challenge, proving a free capitalistic society could out produce the tyranny of a communist Soviet Union, by being the first on the moon. It was quite a contrast.

But let's get back to our nonbeliever! Did I mention above he wasn't but a gleam in his parents Woodstock attending eye when this all happened? So he didn't have a grasp on what the technology was way back in 1969. I had to enlighten him, as most of this cult are certain it was all staged on a movie set. So first thing I do is point out the incredible movie technology in 1969. You see they all believe the same Spielberg animation existed back then that does today, hardly. The movies in the theaters in 1969 were as follows...
Easy Rider
True Grit
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
And The Wild Bunch
Now if you've had the pleasure to view any of these classics, your well aware Hollywood didn't have the technology to support his argument. In fact society was quite different then, so I enlightened him. You'd be amazed to know what he didn't realize. There was no satellite or cable TV, we had no microwaves, no cell phones, no computers, cars didn't even have electronic ignition. There were no I-pods, no I-pads, no CD's, nor cassettes. Cars were made of metal, and anything made from plastic was considered cheap. We considered Tang, an innovation. That's why the moonwalk was such a special event, it inspired the technology that created most of the items I listed above.

So I invited Mr. non believer to rent a couple of those classics, or catch them on the History Channel, to make my point. I'm not sure I changed his point of view, but I am sure he has a different perspective!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Friday, June 4, 2010


This morning I took a minuet to reflect on the state of the union. Unemployment is through the roof, the national debt is out of control, we have an oil spill threatening the southern states, the economy is so fragile if anyone makes a move it fluctuates wildly, North Korea has sunk a South Korea ship and they are on the brink of war, North Korea has nuclear capabilities and is testing long range missiles, Iran has enough enriched uranium to build two nuclear warheads, there is war in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight, Israel is about to have to defend it's borders, and the Greek economy has collapsed putting the entire European Union is a state of unstability. Sorry about the run on sentence!

Are we better off than we were before this administration took office? If you were a stock holder in this company, with all these disasters looming, how long would you hold the stock? Can you sleep peacefully at night with the thought of all these pending disasters coming to a head all at once? Is the management up to the task, or inept and bumbling? Is the phrase, "I've inherited," solving anything at this point, or just a lame excuse?

Meanwhile the upper level management of this corporation is out playing golf and basketball, attending sporting events and barbecues. Their focus is on creating "green" jobs, which is a program that has already failed in Spain. Terrorist activity is at an all time high yet the borders are wide open and the person responsible for all of this is attending an award ceremony for a music icon, who can't help but take a shot at America in his acceptance speech.

If this was a corporation responsible to stock holders, how long would this present management be employed? We are but one incident from this whole thing collapsing. This is a house of cards and it's top-heavy. Louisiana has just gotten a dose of how effective Washington currently responds to a crisis, can you imagine two crisis or three at once? We lack leadership. We have voted into office an excuse machine, that is inept at problem solving. It's time for change at all levels of government.

I suggest you follow the newly elected governor of New Jersey, that's a leader and a problem solver. Governor Christy should be the role model of all future politicians. He stands up to the critics and has a get it done attitude. I'm thinking a great running mate might be the governor of Arizona, Governor Brewer seems to have the pluck it takes to be a leader and a solution finder. The one thing they both share is a willingness to take charge and own a problem, then act! I don't see that at any level of the current crop of politicians in Washington today!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm having a bit of trouble with the "new world order", and it stems from the recent incident in the news involving Israel. I've listened to the pundits and the politicians blither their drivel, but one thing stands out above the din. In recent memory an independent panel has uncovered that North Korea, without provocation, torpedoed and killed 46 sailors aboard a South Korean ship. Where is the outrage? Where is the international condemnation? Where is the UN emergency meeting of the security council? Why is Israel being lambasted by the international community for boarding a ship suspected of carrying terrorist supplies and terrorists themselves in international waters? Why does America stand silent while the world accuses Israel wrongly, when they support us unconditionally in every vote in the United Nations?

This is the same standoffish attitude applied by the Clinton administration. The same indifference to the immoral activities led to a breech of security and the eventual attack of 9/11. How soon we forget that ignoring this problem doesn't make it go away. Hamas and all the other terrorist groups have this in their mission statement. Destroy both the big and little Satan. In case your unaware Israel is the little Satan, and the USA is the big Satan. Can we afford the loss of life and the economic strife of yet another attack on our own soil encouraged by our indifference? Would Reagan, Washington, Eisenhower, or JFK walk around with blinders on, like this administration? This is just more of the Clinton calamity brewing against our national defense.

Let's take a quick look at how effective our new foreign policy has been since this new administration's policies have taken affect. Iran has enough nuclear fuel to make two, not one atomic warheads. This is a country described as part of the "Axis of Evil" by the former president, comforting! North Korea has been testing long range missiles to deliver a nuclear weapon, and has decided it was a neighborly idea to torpedo a South Korean ship, wonderful. We've enjoyed three attempted or completed jihad attacks on our own soil, another testament to the failure of our policies. The southern border is left wide open for any terrorist to waltz in here and annihilate as many American citizens as their imagination can muster the destructive devise to do so, outstanding! I know I feel safer.

It's time to take our defense as seriously as Israel does. It's time to support our allies initiative to fight terrorism. We are heading down the path to another catastrophe, be on your toes America, the life you save might well be your own!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Let's take a walk out to your back yard, imagine you have a pair of apple trees. One tree is healthy and produces lots of fruit, the other lags behind quite a bit and just has a meager supply of apples. They both live in a similar environment, getting equal amounts of sunshine and water, yet one does remarkably better than the other. As a homeowner who love apples, apple sauce, apple juice and apple pie, would you take steps to get the tree that isn't doing as well to produce more fruit, or retard the growth and production of the tree that shines as an apple producer?

Suppose your a teacher, and in your classroom you have a few students who shine and produce A+ work, while there are some who attend your class whose grades border on failing. Would it reflect better on you to encourage the students to shine to learn at an aggressive pace independently, so you could spend additional time to raise the others up those who need extra attention grades, or would it be wise to take your shining stars and hold them back so the borderline students weren't such a contrast?

As an employer would you stunt your best workers production, so the slackers could compete on a level playing field and the output would be similar, or would it be prudent to allow your best producers to soar to new heights and help the company grow?

As the leader of a country is it advisable to redistribute the wealth of the productive part of your society, bringing down their standard of living, so you can raise the standard the slackers live at? Or would it be smarter to encourage the less productive to become educated and contribute more, allowing everyone to flourish at a higher level?

This last example is how the liberal left views life and the obligations of society. Put into context it seems foolish,no? They'd rather punish the productive and bring them down a notch or two rather than encourage the less fortunate to succeed. This is why the poverty in the inner cities never improves. This is why the drop out rate in inner city high schools soars. This is why the teenage pregnancy rate is out of control. It's easier to lower the standard, than to educate and encourage. It's a twisted version of life and at it's best absurd, and a perversion of productivity. Yet we're sold this program by politicians everyday. What clear thinking individual buys into this?

Social justice and the leveling of the playing field to find parity in society is an assault on our freedom, and a cancer that eats at our country. It begins early in life, seemingly innocent. Trophies for all, not keeping score, all star teams that include everyone. This is the beginning of the tumor that'll choke the life out of a productive and powerful America. Competition and the desire to excel is the motivation that drives entrepreneur's endeavors, the spirit that drive innovation. Stop it at it source. Call out the politicians who speak this nonsense. When put into context it doesn't make a bit of sense!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Retard Society!

I was enjoying a book the other day on financial health and it hit me out of the blue. The "fundamental change" our current administration is advertising is actually a plan to retard prosperity! It's 180 degrees the opposite of encouraging people to rise out of poverty and be successful. The mantra they keep repeating over and over is to tax the wealthy and lower their standard of living, rather than institute programs that encourage those in poverty to rise to a better standard of living. Basically they are trying to handcuff a powerful swimmer and throw them in the deep end of the pool, then ask them to save those who don't swim as well.

Many in today's society believe that government is like a fairy godmother, that mythical creature that just waves her magic wand and everyone's problems will disappear. This is encouraged by politicians as they assume fairytale hero status and encourage voters to continue the fable. This is not a sign of a mature society, and reeks of pending doom. To quote financial wizard Warren Buffet, " It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked." Anyone want to bet me those who lack the security of clothing are imbedded in our own government?

Here's the naked truth, if you love someone, or really care about their welfare, it does them no good to give them something they are not entitled to. Just look at the bankruptcy statistics of those who win the lottery, or investigate those who have been given inherited wealth. Something Warren Buffet calls, "food stamps for the rich." The success rate of those individuals is abysmal. Are there not generations of families who've enjoyed the largess of the government welfare system? What is the ratio of those who rise out of poverty against those who remained while being enabled by our government? I'll bet the farm a man who has no unemployment insurance finds a job much quicker than one who enjoys the security of a guaranteed income without working. People have just become fond of indoor plumbing, electricity, and a consistent meal program, and will seek to keep it if threatened by no paaycheck.

I propose we reevaluate our entitlement program to educate and employ those who lack, and raise their standard of living. Attempting to lower the standard the successful enjoy, to raise the standard of the less fortunate, is counter intuitive to a productive society. It simply encourages wallowing around in the same septic tank environment, while success and salvation is readily available. Look at the statistics, what the liberals have instituted has failed miserably, over and over and over again. How man generations of failures do we have to support before we educate and improve? Take a hard look at the current results, and ask yourself, why?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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