Monday, August 31, 2009

Brotherly Love!

Time for a break from all the doom and gloom and remind everyone there are some great stories if you look for them. Lucky me I didn't have to look too far. There are few I've met that don't know how proud I am of my boys, here is just another example why.....

My oldest Jeremy is deployed in Afghanistan at FOB Fenty till somewhere around May. Just prior to his departure my youngest Stephen and I got to share some time with him. The timing was great as Stephen happened to be off from football and home on break from school. We had a great time and Jeremy passed on some mementos to Stephen to keep while he was overseas. Jeremy had some old army gear he purchased at the PX and Stephen has excited to receive an official camo backpack and bandana. He told his brother many at college had camo backpacks but not official army issue gear, especially one with his last name on it. He wears it proudly at school daily to carry his books and papers, and tells everyone who asks about it about his brother's service!

The kicker came this past weekend when the University of Charleston played their first game of the season. Stephen #21 ran onto the field clutching the camo headband. He wore it throughout the game in dedication to his brother's service protecting our country. He announced he would dedicate this season to his brother, and was going to pick off the quarterback for an interception. They are close and train together in the off season encouraging each other to be all they can be. When Jeremy isn't protecting the country he is a certified personal trainer, so Stephen is one of his best customers in the off season, and is quite a tribute to his ability.

Stephen played the game like he was possessed. His promise of an interception came to fruition on the first drive, when he stopped the nationally ranked Tusculum College offense with a diving pick off. University of Charleston won the game 31 to 14. Stephen looked to me from the sidelines after the turnover and pointed to the headband, mouthing the words that's for Jeremy!

Examples of brotherly love seem to few and far between in this busy world. With all that's going on and all the negative, it's heartwarming to hear a story like this, let alone be apart of it. I'm proud of both of them, they are incredible young men. I thought it would be inspiring to share this story to start the week. Show someone some much needed love today. Pay it forward, and smile, God loves you!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Community Organizer Vs Community Builder

Today I thought I'd visit the community organizer issue. It seems our elected and appointed officials have felt the need to describe themselves as community organizers, wearing it as a badge of honor. From Obama on down to his appointee’s, (Van Jones for one) this new wave of self proclaimed leadership is now all the rage. Me, being a community builder, well I thought I'd take the time to point out the difference!

Community organizers assemble groups of people for one time events usually to promote a cause. So a more succinct definition would be a promoter, not unlike the people who organize a rock concert. Which is all well and good for a musical event, but if you intend to affect change, not so much! You see the communities they organize are usually incentive led by an offering of a box lunch, a bus ticket, and sometimes a promise of minimum wage. The loyalty to the cause ends when the bus stops or the check is cashed. Excellent examples of this are the SEIU union events or ACORN, both work hand in hand. They are fond of using the mobs they collect to pressure the cause de jour. Problem is when a new cause arises they have to collect a new mob. Loyalty is suspect when bought and paid for. I find this a poor method of “Leadership”. In most cases it’s one step from inciting a riot. Isn't it funny those in power today use this as an accolade? It just points out to me how far off base they really are!

Developing communities is what I do as a member of TEAM. Note the philosophy difference… We develop communities by developing leaders who develop leaders, who develop leaders. TEAM uses a system of education and mentoring, then applies all that structure to a cause. We gather to learn and inspire, and when we part , we are better for it. TEAM itself is a acronym for: Together Everyone Achieves More. When a community is developed for the good of everyone within the community, loyalty is created and thrives. No one is paid, fed, or threatened, and we all still show up. When we make a difference it’s life changing, not temporary like the bus ride. The attitude is smiles and selfless service, as opposed to greed, hate, and anger!

The critical difference between the two is; TEAM focuses on the individual, where community organizers promote what's good for the masses, not unlike the teachings of Stalin. We promote personal growth, and unselfish service. Community organizers depend on," What's in it for me?" mantra. The victim mentality is promoted to the "communities" they organize. Truth be told they are just mobs motivated by anger, and commonly misinformation. They foster the attitude, the mob is owed something. We in turn inspire leaders to personal achievement. Becoming the best you, you can be!

I felt the need to discern the difference between the two. I get quizzical looks lately when I tell folks I develop communities. Once I explain, they understand. What Obama and his cronies don't get is that to inspire change you have to in fact, change. Promoting the victim mentality and inciting anger over what the system owes you is frankly another version of the definition of insanity.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, August 28, 2009

Take a Hint From the Past

If history has taught us anything it should be that we need a strong CIA. During the Clinton administration the CIA was neutered not unlike what the Obama administration is doing today. The stretch between the end of the Cold War and the Sept. 11 attacks was supposed to be a shiny new era of globalized peace and prosperity, to which an intelligence service was considered quaintly irrelevant. Sound familiar?

The Clinton administration was basically uninterested in intelligence. Tenet (head of the CIA at that time) notes that the intelligence community lost 25 percent of its personnel in the 1990s and “tens of billions of dollars in investment compared with the 1990 baseline.” He implored the administration for funding increases in 1998 and 1999, but had to go “outside established channels to work with then-Speaker Gingrich to obtain a $1.2 billion budgetary supplemental.”

Who was in charge of the budget during those years in the White House? It’s a name that might be more familiar than you think: Leon Panetta, Current Obama appointee heading the CIA.

In the years of the Clinton administration, Panetta served as Clinton’s budget director and then Clinton’s chief of staff a year later. This means that the man responsible for hobbling the CIA's job of gathering intelligence in the years before Sept. 11 is the same man now being placed in charge of the agency. But just to make sure our intelligence was being placed in capable hands, Obama picked a man who has literally zero experience with intelligence or the bureaucracy surrounding it.

If that wasn't enough now Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general, has decided to investigate the conduct of the CIA while interrogating suspected terrorists. The whole organization is going to lawyer up and fear to use the means necessary to protect or country. They are being held accountable for interrogation techniques ordered by the previous administration and approved by the former attorney-general and his legal staff.The kicker is this was already hashed over by career prosecuting attorneys who decided there wasn't anything here of concern.

History has a habit of repeating itself. Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. These officials take an oath to protect our country from enemies foreign or domestic. I know I'd feel less concerned if our leaders focus was applied to matters actually demanded of them by the Constitution, not the expansion of powers they assume by putting a spin on the terminology. Failure to defend our country is an act of treason. You can paint this conduct with whatever brush you wish but should the outcome be as disastrous as Clinton's neutering of the CIA, I'd insist the whole left wing, secular movement be tried for dereliction of duty and treason. They need to be held accountable for this witch hunt!

God Bless
Capt. Bill


It's been a long and news filled week with plenty to discuss. I thought I'd take pause today an remind everyone how important it is to maintain your EQ while participating in any discussion. What is EQ? Emotional quotient.....

Emotional Intelligence (EI) describes the ability, capacity, skill or, in the case of the trait EI model, a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.[1] Different models have been proposed for the definition of EI and disagreement exists as to how the term should be used.[2] Despite these disagreements, which are often highly technical, the ability EI and trait EI models (but not the mixed models) enjoy support in the literature and have successful applications in different domains.

I like the term emotional intelligence, because when you lose it, your lack of it is apparent. Anytime a discussion elevates to the point where one party loses their temper that person has lost their ability to communicate. At that point you've lost the discussion. You can be right as rain, but if you can't keep your emotions in check long enough to communicate your thoughts, it doesn't matter. In his book, Love and Respect, author Emerson Eggerichs tells us," You can be right, but at the top of your voice, your still wrong!" Powerful words!

So let's remember in these trying times to curb our tempers and communicate effectively. Don't let the message be lost in volume or a tirade. Effective communication begins by holding the attention of the person your talking to! I'm sure you can relate that when your screamed the point becomes moot. It doesn't matter how emotional the topic gets, remain calm and use reason to bring your issue to attention.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Brave New World!

Have you ever taken the time to imagine the utopia that liberals strive for? Let's sit back for a moment and envision the world through the progressive's eyes...

First and foremost the country is a level playing field. There is no competition, pay rates are equal for men, women, race, and job description. The owner makes the same as the employees from the maintenance man, or woman on up. Actually it doesn't even matter because your paycheck would go directly to the government for taxes and to be meted out for your care. We all know they spend your money the best! The legislators decide your food intake (to keep you healthy), your energy use (to keep the world green), the car you drive (so everyone has a job), and your health and well being. You have no need for money because the government provides everything for your care.

Government will dictate how many children you have and if you can have them. It's important they control the population keeping the earth in balance. Those children will be schooled by the system and taught what and how they see fit, for their own good. There will be no competition as they've eliminated the need for that by leveling the playing field for all.

You'll have no need for religion as the gods on capitol hill provide for all of your needs. Besides a higher power would be contradictory to worshiping the legislators who control your life. We won't need charities as the Washington deity will provide for all. A level playing field eliminates the needy. You can turn your love and adoration to those in power.

News media will be erased as you'll have no need to be informed. Big Brother is watching and controlling every aspect of your welfare. News reports will just cause stress and we all know that isn't healthy!

Children, or young adults, will be required to enlist in either the defense of our country or a community service group after graduating the federal controlled university. There is no greater calling than to serve the nation for the good of all.

Our nation's defense will have a very strong team schooled in giving any enemies a stern talking to. We'll be the best at being concerned and taking situations under advisement. No one will have greater compassion for those who oppose us. They should be very few as the world will love our brave new world. Should we be threatened we'll insist the offenders be called in front of the United Nations for debate.

Our borders will be open and free for all to come and go as they see fit. The world should be free to enjoy the utopia we've created. Our services will be free to all who need them insuring, we remain the greatest nation on earth!

Sound absurd? I concur...So why do they strive for these goals? Does it appear progressive liberals begin their quest with the end in mind? I'm not seeing it. How about a vote for common sense?

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did You Ever Wonder???

One of the powers the Constitution does grant the Federal Government is to "make regular",or regulate interstate commerce. The power granted was designed to insure (word play) that there were no tariffs or taxes between the states, or to promote interstate trade. I find it hilarious that after they put a spin on this and abuse it every way possible yet the Federal Government has yet to use it properly. I.E. Promoting interstate health insurance to increase competition.

Critics might say that some states enjoy lower health costs because of demographics. Overpopulation by the two neediest insurance age groups could cause health care costs to be higher by state. Not so! Comparing state by state 60 to 63% of all states population fall outside of the highest demand categories, very young, and very old. They are all incredibly close, I was surprised! I was sure Florida and say Arizona would lead the packs, They were higher than some but only by a percentage point and the youth factor off set it. So age concerns are a moot point!

As it stands now insurance companies need to have a physical presence in the state and meet their standards for benefits to do business there. Hence the Blue Cross of (choose your state) business titles, and their lack of cooperation between each other. Also different states have benefit requirements, like your base policy has to cover say, aroma therapy, podiatry, and perhaps acupuncture. Driving up the cost of a policy. Take the most stringent state guidelines and if a company meets them allow interstate competition. Why keep an insurance company state specific? Seems like a no brainer here, and one of the simplest fixes for lowering the cost of health care in our nation....The Federal Government doing the job as specified by our forefathers!

Now here's the big question. Since every state enjoys a working age population of 60% to 63%, and the over 65 crowd,(retirement age) demographic varies between 11% to 16%. Why is Social Security in the red? The income earning social security tax paying group is 5 times greater than those eligible to draw on the system. It should be self supporting! Even taking into account the unemployment rate of 9.5%, contributors still outweigh check receivers 5 to 1.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Round and Round the Numbers Go!

I was directed to this web site yesterday, it's not for people with a weak stomach. If you get motion sickness please take a Dramamine or Bonine before visiting.

I'll summarize... Our nation debt is $11,731,926,112,709, by the time I typed it, it's increased $3,000,000. Everyone of us currently owes $38,182.

Our current tax revenue is just over 1.3 trillion/ year, but we are spending 2.5 trillion/ year. Note: These figures are moving quickly, they were current when I typed them, but already out of date.

The unfunded liabilities are the biggie. They are what we are going to owe for promised pay outs to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare entitlements. $58 trillion and rising so fast I cannot type the numbers quick enough. Each citizen currently owes $191,840

The next time someone suggests we fund another entitlement program, I suggest we tell them...
Your already $230,000.00 in the hole. As soon as you make good on "your" debt we can consider your proposal, as you've already "maxed out" your credit limit. We are fast and loose while spending future generation's money.

I think this illustrates why the Federal Government feels health care needs reform. $39 billion is the number they put on medicare fraud alone for this year. That's a great place to start! If you want to reign in this debt, let's start with the fraud and waste. Spending $100 billion a year for 10 years will accomplish nothing but another trillion in debt and more unfunded liabilities.

Creating a health care program and spending $100 billion/year is like buying a vending machine to dispense soda in your home for a fee trying to save money. You collect the price of the soda yet have invested money in the machine and the electricity to run it at no profit, and the money going in is already yours. We need to stop the people taking the soda for free! Take away the keys to the machine!

Ditch the bill. Address fraud and waste. I agree the entitlement programs former administrations have illegally put into place to win votes are our biggest threat. The only answer is to eliminate them, or make them cost effective. There isn't a politician born that has the spine to eliminate them, so we have to run them efficiently!

While entitlements are deemed as a "moral" obligation, the government has no authority to dictate morals. Isn't it funny the legislators who abhor the melding of religion and government are the quickest to point out what is morally right? It's always the politicians with the loosest morals dictating our moral compass! Distribution of money for moral causes is the responsibility of charity's, and church.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, August 24, 2009

Church and State!

Well, I listened to the pundits ramble on about the health care reform this week while I was off on other topics. The outstanding theme now is it's the republican's fault. I'm sure they'd be happy to take credit for it but truth be told it's a democratic revolt causing the holdup. Democrats never asked for the republicans opinion on this issue! It wasn't until the blue dog democrats saw the liberals running amok, that the republicans were even engaged. The telling part of this whole situation is it wasn't because the premise of health care reform is wrong, not power granted by the constitution, but that the blue dogs knew it was unpopular and they might be voted out!

President Obama appealed to influential religious leaders to help promote his health care agenda. Does anyone lese find it amusing that a ACLU loving, card carrying secular progressive, who believes strongly in separation of church and state, would use a religious platform to achieve his initiative? I've have to credit Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward for pointing out in their book Leadership and Liberty that there is no actual wording calling for separation of church and state.It was taken from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson and his opinion on the amendment.

The modern concept often credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke, the phrase separation of church and state is generally traced to the letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1802 to the Danbury Baptists, in which he referred to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as creating a "wall of separation" between church and state. [3] The phrase was then quoted by the United States Supreme Court first in 1878,[4] and then in a series of cases starting in 1948.[5] This led to increased popular and political discussion of the concept

The actual amendment says this....
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The concept was that the Government couldn't create a federal religion,nor restrict the practice of religion, not that religion has no place in Government. Interpretation of the wording is what led to the ACLU's constant cry for separation of church and state. Now I wasn't aware of that. How about you? See how our ignorance of history promotes assumptions that just aren't true? As you can see the Supreme Court has overstepped it's bounds creating a legal interpretation that has been assumed into law, and we all know what ass/u/me means!

God Bless
Capt. Bill
P.S. Thanks Chris and Orrin, always the teachers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Carpe Deim

I had the occasion the other day to involve myself in a conversation that in retrospect reveals a poison attitude in today's society. The UPS delivery driver stopped by the estate to drop off the monthly auto ship of Mona Vie. He mentioned how his delivery of the products have dramatically increased recently. I replied it's likely the introduction of the new energy drink and how it's really taken off. He was quick to point out one of his fellow UPS'ers was involved in the Mona Vie opportunity. I queried to see if he was referring to Steve Hill, and he assured me he was! I brought up last I'd heard from Steve he had become successful enough to consider shortly retiring from UPS service. The comment that followed floored me. The driver replied "He was smart enough to get in at the beginning!"

While I find Steve to be an intelligent guy who seized an opportunity when it presented itself, I also was amazed the effort he had put into building a successful business was downgraded by being in the right place at the right time. Opportunity is always disguised as work, nothing ever comes to those who sit back and wait for something to fall into their lap. McDonald's franchise owners realize at least a 7 figure income if they buy the franchise today or back in the 50's when it was established. The TEAM/Mona Vie offers the same opportunity, more so now than ever before. They both rely on a foolproof system designed by those successful in the business to roadmap your way to wealth. Luck has little to do with opportunity, success comes to those who act. Carpe diem...seize the day!

Personally I felt that driver was offering me an excuse for his normalcy. Me being, well, me, didn't accept it. I explained while McDonalds was still a viable opportunity for those who wanted to invest and work, so too is TEAM/Mona Vie. If he was looking for a financial boost centered on the booming health and wellness industry that he see Steve and ask him to show him his success principles. You get invaluable advice from people who have the fruit on the tree.

As he drove away I couldn't help but wonder if my success would be written off to my environment, or chance. Why is it success is excused by society as luck and not hard work applied? Have we become conditioned to accept mediocrity and not strive for greatness? It's easy to make excuses and become comfortable with our situation. Those who succeed step outside their comfort zone as often as possible. Challenge the status quo with effort and set the bar higher.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poor Me..........

The liberal left, (progressive), movement in our government, relies on seven base groups for support. Voters in these demographic are the easiest lured toward entitlements. They are.....

Voters of retirement age
The black community
The youth
The Latino community
The poor
The gay community

The Union support is simply a pay to play relationship. Unions are looking to buy a political edge and favoritism. Campaign contributions from the unions and it's individual members buy the support of the elected official. Union leadership is also riddled with left wing radicals who would love a political career but their questionable backgrounds remove them from consideration for public service. Elected union officials aren't as scrutinized as a government official. Nominee's love the political support of the union base as it represents a large block of voters who vote for politicians the union brass support almost without question. It's what's best for the union and they are loyal to the union because it insures their bread has the butter. As I've pointed out before they sacrifice some freedom for security, and that is paid for by voting blindly for a candidate they might not necessarily approve of, because it's what's good for the union.

The poor, black, gay, and latino communities share a commonality when it comes to choosing their elected officials. Liberals are quick to point out they are oppressed and the rich conservatives are the cause. Liberals use the victim mentality, and promises of entitlements to win their support. I'm all about improving your status in life, but painting yourself as a victim is not the way to do it. Entitlements are handouts, while a hand up is what is required here.

Seniors are pandered to through social security, medicare and medicaid. Promise them increases and you'll encounter little resistance at the ballot box. Challenge those entitlements and you'll find yourself on the outside looking in.

The youth are looking for a better world. They want what they are bequeathed to be peaceful, lucrative, and pollution free. With all those angles handled life would be a breeze,no? Who could blame them for seeking utopia? Look sharp and promise them a better world with a couple of entitlement perks and your the man/woman, they support. Nobody likes the old guy with the money/power, who appears to be dictating what's best for the country.

Liberals promote the wrong assumptions to these groups. Once your beliefs are rooted in misguided assumptions it's extremely hard to come to the proper conclusions. Each of these groups share the same assumption, (What benefits us), not what's best for the country. The left panders to this selfishness. It's extremely difficult to have a rational discussion opposing their beliefs after you've reinforced the ignorance that led them there.

The democrats recently found that out when they challenged seniors and threatened their health care. Fist waving retirees flocked to town hall meetings to give them what for! Isn't it ironic the entitlement programs the progressive left introduced returns to haunt them today? Yet they still plow on ready to pass out more!

Democrats are always looking to expand their support. They can't make you gay, they can't make you black, they can't make you old nor can they make you latino. They can't make you the naive youth of yesteryear, but...... They can make you join the union and they can make you poor. I submit to you that is their agenda. Look for clues!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where's the Security?

The United States of America was founded on one base principle, freedom. We were tired of tyranny, over taxation, and having no input, sound familiar? Isn't that exactly what Capitol Hill is doing to, We the People, now? Every time one of our representatives has a brain storm and contrives some sort of legislation for consideration we need to ask ourselves; Does make us more or less free? Are we giving up some of our freedom for security? Do we have more or less choice with this legislation enacted? If it doesn't pass this litmus test then thanks, but no thanks.

America was based on as little government as possible. We tried Anarchy,(no government),but no one could leave his property. You'd return to find someone had commandeered your stuff! So to allow you the freedom to leave your property and have something left when you returned we had to enact some type of rule. Our fore fathers insisted it be minimal, today's politicians seemed to have forgotten that.

I've lived through....

And now Obama. Never, until now, have I lay awake at night wondering what's happening to our freedom. In less than nine months that has all changed. Why are there professed communists (Van Jones) advising our nations leader? Why are there so many secular progressives in Capitol Hill? Why is a health care reform no one wants being forced upon us? What happened to no taxation without representation? Who are those people in Washington representing? It doesn't appear to be the people who sent them there. There is no comfort to the obvious answers to these questions.

I fear we've done a horrible job selecting the people who represent us. We've not been demanding consumers and asked for the best. Voters have settled, and it's showing. Jefferson, Paine, Burr, and the rest would have run these people out of the country or challenged them to a duel, for the treason they are committing against our Republic.They designed us a masterpiece and we are looking at a run down garbage dump, full of special interest, pork projects, and entitlement programs. The very issues they risked their lives to overthrow.

The straw that breaks the camel's back was committed by Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and his cronies. They've sent a letter to 50 plus health insurance companies demanding open financial books, names of employees who make over 500k/yr, meetings held off site of company property, and a host of queries into private business information. They wonder why protesters paint them as Hitler like after these types of gestapo tactics. Every state has an Insurance Commissioner to oversee all of these issues and I believe the financial information they are entitled to is available through IRS corporate tax returns. Insurance companies are not required to answer to the God's on Capitol Hill, it's "PRIVATE" enterprise!

This erosion of privacy and freedom will have a trickle down effect if permitted to continue. We step closer to tyranny everyday. Sleep well my pretties!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

America we've been fed this line, "If we don't do something about health care now our economy will be ruined." That's the same rhetoric Bill and Hilary Clinton used in 1993 to promote their health care initiative. What followed was the greatest economic boom in our nation's history. It's simply a scare tactic to move their agenda forward.

Truth be told Washington has the power to reform health care without legislation. Show me you can run existing programs without fraud and waste.



Social Security-bankrupt

Post Office-bankrupt


Medicare and Medicaid were created in 1965 and signed into law by President LB Johnson. One has to wonder how we survived the birth of a nation, civil war, two world wars, several conflicts, and 149 years without these entitlement programs. How did we exist? These programs have been in existence for forty four years and are the single biggest threat to our nation and our economy we've ever faced, (According to our democratic politicians). Yet Washington's cure is more of the same. Who's buying this bill of goods?

Politicians are like a herd of spoiled brats that didn't learn the lessons of childhood. How often were we told to take care of what we had, or there will be no more? Medicare and medicaid fraud and waste have been present since the programs began. I'm not ready to pile another program on top of this mismanaged mess, are you? A realistic and achievable solution is right in the grasp of these legislators, yet their option is to hand more bureaucracy on the taxpayer.

Don't come to us and complain that entitlement programs government created are soon to be the downfall of our economy. Nothing in the Constitution suggests this is the responsibility or the job description of elected officials. Isn't it telling the founding fathers made no provisions for entitlement programs to be gifted to our citizens? They fore saw this mess, that's why the power to do it wasn't written into the founding documents.

If you can't eliminate the fraud and waste in the existing programs, abolish them. Don't come to the table for seconds when your plate is already full!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mom, Everyone Else Is Doing It!

Part of defending your opinion is basing your statements on facts, as I noted in yesterday's blog. My fuse is lit now and I'm pretty sure I can't be stopped. Let me help you defend the absurd excuses, (Yes I said excuses not reasons) used to promote universal health care.

My personal favorite is, "We are the only industrialized nation without a national health care policy."


We are also the only "Republic" in existence. We have the longest standing form of government, bar none. All those other industrialized nations have gone through different forms of rule. I submit the two go hand in hand. We are free, and the lack of entitlement programs keep us that way. We keep government out of our lives and are independent. The others, not so much! They depend on handouts from the ruling body. To be independent and free, by definition, you need to not be dependent on anyone or any thing. Our stability lies in the fact that we don't rely on government handouts.

A Republic, (for which we stand), is defined on a set of values and principles, not majority rule. A democracy,(which we are not),leads to the masses voting for government entitlement programs so they can be "taken care of." Fifty one percent mob rule is what I just described. That's not what our founding fathers bequeathed us. Defend your legacy and protect your freedoms. I think this is a great time to remind us all what every mom has told their offspring since the dawn of time.....

If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow?

Don't buy the "Everyone else is doing it" defense of socialized health care. It didn't work when they used it on mom, and it doesn't wash now!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Word of Thanks to You!

It's almost impossible to know what's going to come from these fingers each morning as I sit at the keyboard. Somehow a coherent product ends up on the blog. Today I'd like to take my time to thank you, we started with nothing and now we've grown. It's impressive how quickly the word gets around to like minded people.From a simple venting of opinion grew a network of information, fueled and supplied many times by you the reader. There is always something timely and informative in my e-mail everyday supplied by the watchdogs who read this commentary. Thank you for those contributions!

There is no shortage of questionable topics to discuss recently. It's vital we stay informed, and even more important we check our sources, twice. Nothing discredits a cause, like spreading misinformation, just look at Washington! Show both sides accurately, people are able to make up their own minds when presented with a clear set of facts. Know what you believe and why you believe it. This will require you stay informed and read. Opposing opinion likes to discredit you with confusion, so stay on topic and know it inside and out. Knowledge applied is power. Never back down on your principles.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but get involved! It's not just Washington that is out of control, there are issues right outside your front door in local government. Apathy is a major cause of the mess in DC right now, many of those politicians began at the local level. Hold those people accountable and stop this cancer where it is born. First you get yourself right, then your family, then your neighborhood, then your state, then your country, then the world. It all begins with you.One person can make a difference.

We have affected change,(I've grown to dislike that word), our voices joined together have made a difference. The public option for health care is all but scrapped. The "rat out your neighbor" web site has been dismantled. John Q Public needs to stay involved, stay vocal and continue the pressure and the momentum created in the "one voice" of disapproval we've raised in the town hall meetings. The administration has tried to dismiss us, yet we were heard. Soon the "Tea Party" dissent will be realized by our elected officials. We are "mad as hell" and want our liberty back!

I'm proud of each and everyone of you! Thanks for fighting for our freedom. I want my America back!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, August 17, 2009

Spammed by our Government!

You might have heard the Whitehouse has started a propaganda campaign where they invade your personal e-mail and spam you. Now I had this forwarded to me by a reader who has never contacted the government for anything.( I have a great network of investigators). So that begs the question...How did they get his e-mail address? Is Al Gore supplying names from Google? This is not just wrong on so many levels, it's illegal for the Whitehouse to lobby for votes on issues. I love section four in the last part where the 46 million who are without healthcare are joined by 50 million in the heartland who have challenges getting health care, we have a whole new problem created out of thin air. Read for yourself!

Dear Friend,

This is probably one of the longest emails I’ve ever sent, but it could be the most important.

Across the country we are seeing vigorous debate about health insurance reform. Unfortunately, some of the old tactics we know so well are back — even the viral emails that fly unchecked and under the radar, spreading all sorts of lies and distortions.

As President Obama said at the town hall in New Hampshire, “where we do disagree, let's disagree over things that are real, not these wild misrepresentations that bear no resemblance to anything that's actually been proposed.”

So let’s start a chain email of our own. At the end of my email, you’ll find a lot of information about health insurance reform, distilled into 8 ways reform provides security and stability to those with or without coverage, 8 common myths about reform and 8 reasons we need health insura nce reform now.

Right now, someone you know probably has a question about reform that could be answered by what’s below. So what are you waiting for? Forward this email.


David Axelrod
Senior Adviser to the President

P.S. We launched this week to knock down the rumors and lies that are floating around the internet. You can find the information below, and much more, there. For example, we've just added a video of Nancy-Ann DeParle from our Health Reform Office tackling a viral email head on. Check it out:

8 ways reform provides security and stability to those with or without coverage

Ends Discrimination for Pre-Existing Conditions: Insurance companies will be prohibited from refusing you coverage because of your medical history.
Ends Exorbitant Out-of-Pocket Expenses, Deductibles or Co-Pays: Insurance companies will have to abide by yearly caps on how much they can charge for out-of-pocket expenses.
Ends Cost-Sharing for Preventive Care: Insurance companies must fully cover, without charge, regular checkups and tests that help you prevent illness, such as mammograms or eye and foot exams for diabetics.
Ends Dropping of Coverage for Seriously Ill: Insurance companies will be prohibited from dropping or watering down insurance coverage for those who become seriously ill.
Ends Gender Discrimination: Insurance companies will be prohibited from charging you more because of your gender.
Ends Annual or Lifetime Caps on Coverage: Insurance companies will be prevented from placing annual or lifetime caps on the coverage you receive.
Extends Coverage for Young Adults: Children would continue to be eligible for family coverage through the age of 26.
Guarantees Insurance Renewal: Insurance companies will be required to renew any policy as long as the policyholder pays their premium in full. Insurance companies won't be allowed to refuse renewal because someone became sick.
Learn more and get details:

8 common myths about health insurance reform
Reform will stop "rationing" - not increase it: It’s a myth that reform will mean a "government takeover" of health care or lead to "rationing." To th e contrary, reform will forbid many forms of rationing that are currently being used by insurance companies.
We can’t afford reform: It's the status quo we can't afford. It’s a myth that reform will bust the budget. To the contrary, the President has identified ways to pay for the vast majority of the up-front costs by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse within existing government health programs; ending big subsidies to insurance companies; and increasing efficiency with such steps as coordinating care and streamlining paperwork. In the long term, reform can help bring down costs that will otherwise lead to a fiscal crisis.
Reform would encourage "euthanasia": It does not. It’s a malicious myth that reform would encourage or even require euthanasia for seniors. For seniors who want to consult with their family and physicians about end-of life decisions, reform will help to cover these voluntary, private consultations for those who want help with these personal and difficult family decisions.
Vets' health care is safe and sound: It’s a myth that health insurance reform will affect veterans' access to the care they get now. To the contrary, the President's budget significantly expands coverage under the VA, extending care to 500,000 more veterans who were previously excluded. The VA Healthcare system will continue to be available for all eligible veterans.
Reform will benefit small business - not burden it: It’s a myth that health insur ance reform will hurt small businesses. To the contrary, reform will ease the burdens on small businesses, provide tax credits to help them pay for employee coverage and help level the playing field with big firms who pay much less to cover their employees on average.
Your Medicare is safe, and stronger with reform: It’s myth that Health Insurance Reform would be financed by cutting Medicare benefits. To the contrary, reform will improve the long-term financial health of Medicare, ensure better coordination, eliminate waste and unnecessary subsidies to insurance companies, and help to close the Medicare "doughnut" hole to make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors.
You can keep your own insurance: It’s myth that reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors. To the contrary, reform will expand your choices, not eliminate them.
No, government will not do anything with your bank account: It is an absurd myth that government will be in charge of your bank accounts. Health insurance reform will simplify administration, making it easier and more convenient for you to pay bills in a method that you choose. Just like paying a phone bill or a utility bill, you can pay by traditional check, or by a direct electronic payment. And forms will be standardized so they will be easier to understand. The choice is up to you – and the same rules of privacy will apply as they do for all other electro nic payments that people make.
Learn more and get details:

8 Reasons We Need Health Insurance Reform Now

Coverage Denied to Millions: A recent national survey estimated that 12.6 million non-elderly adults – 36 percent of those who tried to purchase health insurance directly from an insurance company in the individual insurance market – were in fact discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition in the previous three years or dropped from coverage when they became seriously ill. Learn more:
Less Care for More Costs: With each passing year, Americans are paying more for health care coverage. Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums have nearly doubled since 2000, a rate three times faster than wages. In 2008, the average premium for a family plan purchased through an employer was $12,680, nearly the annual earnings of a full-time minimum wage job. Americans pay more=2 0than ever for health insurance, but get less coverage. Learn more:
Roadblocks to Care for Women: Women’s reproductive health requires more regular contact with health care providers, including yearly pap smears, mammograms, and obstetric care. Women are also more likely to report fair or poor health than men (9.5% versus 9.0%). While rates of chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are similar to men, women are twice as likely to suffer from headaches and are more likely to experience joint, back or neck pain. These chronic conditions often require regular and frequent treatment and follow-up care. Learn more:
Hard Times in the Heartland: Throughout rural America, there are nearly 50 million people who face challenges in accessing health care. The past several decades have consistently shown higher rates of poverty, mortality, uninsurance, and limited access to a primary health care provider in rural areas. With the recent economic downturn, there is potential for an increase in many of the health disparities and access concerns that are already elevated in rural communities. Learn more:
Small Businesses Struggle to Provide Health Coverage: Nearly one-third of the uninsured – 13 million people – are employees of firms with less than 100 workers. From 2000 to 2007, the proportion of non-elderly Americans covered by employer-based health insurance fell from 66% to 61%. Much of this decline stems from small business. The percentage of small businesses offering coverage dropped from 68% to 59%, while large firms held stable at 99%. About a third of such workers in firms with fewer than 50 employees obtain insurance through a spouse. Learn more:
The Tragedies are Personal: Half of all personal bankruptcies are at least partly the result of medical expenses. The typical elderly couple may have to save nearly $300,000 to pay for health costs not covered by Medicare alone. Learn more:
Diminishing Access to Care: From 2000 to 2007, the proportion of non-elderly Americans covered by employer-based health insurance fell from 66% to 61%. An estimated 87 million people - one in every three Americans under the age of 65 - were uninsured at some point in 2007 and 2008. More than 80% of the uninsured are in working families. Learn more:
The Trends are Troubling: Without reform, health care costs will continue to skyrocket unabated, putting unbearable strain on families, businesses, and state and federal government budgets. Perhaps the most visible sign of the need for health care reform is the 46 million Americans currently without health insurance - projections suggest that this number will rise to about 72 million in 2040 in the absence of reform. Learn more:

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Lil Lizard Has Overstepped His Bounds

AOL/ Walletpop is running a story today about television and radio talk show host Glenn Beck. It seems a left wing Internet site, color of change, has accused Mr. Beck of calling President Obama a racist. They have convinced Progressive Insurance, and GEICO to drop their advertising of his programs. Mind you he has one of the highest rated five PM viewing audiences on television pretty much slaughtering all other competition, so finding replacements isn't going to be an issue. Now that's no call to use your programming irresponsibly but if you examine the tape, his remarks are taken out of context. Let's take a peek at who's doing the name calling.......

Color of change is a secular progressive Internet left wing smear site run by James Ruckner formerly of the crew, also a left wing organization. It's funded by billionaire radical George Soros, and deeply rooted with ACORN and SEIU, all organizations with a secular progressive agenda. Their other claim to fame is a former member Van Jones who is now Obama's green jobs czar.His resume is as follows.......

Speaking to the East Bay Express, Jones said he first became radicalized in the wake of the 1992 Rodney King riots."I met all these young radical people of color -- I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, 'This is what I need to be a part of.' I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary. I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th. By August, I was a communist."

In the late 90s, Van Jones was involved in Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), a multi-racial activist collective with Marxist influences.

Sounds like a communist to me! I wonder how the the color of change organization would fare under Castro, Hitler or Kim Jong il? Perhaps they should revisit the type of government they endorse!

This makes my little piece on the secular progressive movement last week all the more pertinent,no? I'd like to take the time to remind you that the "Progressive" Insurance Co. is run by a billionaire cohort of George Soros with the same secular progressive agenda.

Glenn Beck can take care of himself, he'll expose this for what it is. It's timing is incredible, he just signed off to go on vacation from both broadcasts.

As a business decision by GEICO and Progressive I don't see it as very smart. Trying to take on the conservative movement could be fatal. After all by definition conservatives are exactly that, and that includes their spending. Who better to target for insurance than a group with money looking for a deal? There aren't a large number of ACORN activist who drive, they are all bussed to sponsored events, and given a lunch to participate. Do they really want to associate themselves with a movement that has communist undertones?

Color of change is promoting the victim attitude that retards race relations. They have a secular progressive agenda and communist undertones by association with Van Jones and George Soros. Their attempt to quash freedom of speech and citizens expressing their opinions freely speak volumes toward their goal. I know this isn't going to make me any friends on the left but this is a media war. Correct facts are the only weapons to fight propaganda. You decide......

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Call Me!

Town hall meetings seem to be all the rage of late and a plethora of news stories are generated at each and every one. I've found a couple of those meetings to be particularly telling, let's take a look.....

Sheila Jackson Lee, democratic representative from the 18th district of Texas to the House of Representatives held a series of these meetings designed to inform her constituents, and get their input. In the middle of a question from a cancer survivor, Ms. Lee rudely answered a cell phone call, ignoring etiquette and the people who put her in office. I've found it a common, and universally understood courtesy to shut off cell phones while attending meetings in the audience, I can't even fathom the speaker ignoring this rule. It speaks volumes to me about the attitude towards the voters in this country who employ these people. She was interviewed by a television personality and questioned about the incident, the tirade that followed was inexcusable. The reporter ended the interview with a comment that just told all, as she had to speak over Ms. Lee. "The main compliant from your constituents has been your inability to listen to the voters, your response during this interview speaks well to that." But wait....There's more.....

Just one day later Ms.Lee held yet another town hall forum with even better results. A female in the front row stood to address Ms. Lee. The woman informed the audience she was a primary care physician with four years of experience, who backed the health care proposal. She relayed her personal challenges dealing with patients who need yet can't afford health care. It was a moving expose', and a tribute to the cause. Enter the truth, a nasty little set of details. The "physician" was not in fact a "physician", she holds no medical degree or license. The truth is she was a 2008 Obama delegate. I guess the front row thing should of alerted us, traditionally reserved for plants, I mean supporters. Did that sound cynical?

Now I'm just a simple man but I've found if someone has to lie to me to get their agenda accomplished, it deserves a closer look. Personally I feel Ms. Lee needs to be investigated, cause this isn't the first time.See below....

She spoke at the Michael Jackson memorial service on July 7, 2009 in which she introduced a House Resolution 600 for the 111th Congress. which would have honored him as a great humanitarian by the United States House of Representatives.[3] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declined to allow the resolution to come to the House floor for a full debate.[3]

When asked by reporter Joel Eisenbaum, "“Who paid for that trip for you to go to that memorial service?” Lee replied “Well, uh … that umm … those resources are resources that I have and, therefore, they are in a way that does not interfere with anything that has to do with serving the United States Congress" Eisenbaum then commented, "Understood, So, public funds?” Then Lee added, "“Those resources are resources that I have.” [4][5]

When the local NBC television affiliate, KPRC, "sent an open records request to the representative's Chief of Staff, asking for receipts and expense reports itemizing all travel expenses associated with Jackson Lee's trip and documents showing what funds were used to pay for it" The response from Lee's office came in minutes declaring the Texas Open Records Act ""does not apply ... to Congresswoman Jackson Lee's office." and that "Congress and its members" are also excluded from queries under the "Freedom of Information Act." 1

While all of the above points to Ms Lee being no rocket scientist there is supporting evidence......

Prior to the 110th Congress, Jackson-Lee served on the House Science Committee and on the Subcommittee that oversees space policy and NASA. She once asked, during a visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, whether the Mars Pathfinder had taken an image of the flag planted on Mars in 1969 by Neil Armstrong, failing to know the flag was in fact planted on the Moon. 2

Now I love all my friends in Texas. It's a state I admire, it stands for everything our nation was founded on, but I have to ask.... Is this the best choice to send to Washington to represent you? I hope their next election reflects a more competent decision.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

1.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ted Kennedy and Health Care

Today the hot topic seems to be health care. I've already weighed in on a plan that'll work and cover everyone but Congress has yet to call and ask for my input. I do want to remind everyone that this isn't the first time government has decided to meddle in health care coverage. Let me tickle your memories (For those of you who are old enough), and tell you a little story.

Back in 1978 I was blessed with the birth of my daughter. She had her share of medical problems but after three months in the hospital my wife and I we permitted to take her home. I went to the bill payment window and the charge was nada, zilch, zippo, gratis. My insurance covered the whole medical event. I received no additional billing from doctors, specialists, radiology, or any other services provided to my daughter after our return home. I have to say the comfort of knowing that type of medical challenge was completely covered by my insurance plan was welcome, and the definition of being insured. Little did I know this comfort was being assaulted by Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy and his need to meddle in the free market society.

Ted Kennedy introduced and passed legislation that remolded the face of insurance as we knew it. Enter the HMO! Now hospital visits have deductibles and co-pays. Your billed after the fact for services you never knew were performed, and the burden of payment of medical bills are shared by the premium payer (you). He pandered to the insurance companies lobby and today's insurance calamity are the direct result. Here is a little of the hypocrisy.......

Just five years after the HMO Act of 1973 was signed into law, the U.S. Senate Committee on Human Resources, Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, held a hearing to discuss amending the Act. Following are excerpts from Senator Ted Kennedy's opening statement at the March 3, 1978 hearing:

"Today the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research holds hearings on proposed amendments to federal statutes supporting the development of health maintenance organizations...These amendments would extend and strengthen current authorities supporting HMOs in this country....

"As the author of the first HMO bill ever to pass the Senate, I find this spreading support for HMOs truly gratifying. Just a few years ago, proponents of health maintenance organizations faced bitter opposition from organized medicine. And just a few years ago, congressional advocates of HMOs faced an administration which was long on HMO rhetoric, but very short on action.

"The current revival of the HMO movement should come as no surprise. HMOs have proven themselves again and again to be effective and efficient mechanisms for delivering health care of the highest quality. HMOs cut hospital utilization by an average of 20 to 25 percent compared to the fee-for-service sector. They cut the total cost of health care by anywhere from 10 to 30 percent. And they accomplish these savings without compromising the quality of care they provide their members.

"In fact, many medical experts argue that the peer review built into group practice in the HMO setting promotes a quality of care superior to that found in the traditional health care system.... "In our enthusiasm to see HMOs proliferate throughout this country we should not lose sight of the need to guarantee the quality and integrity of the prepaid plans we create."1

. . . and Now
On May 15, 2001, Senator Ted Kennedy released a statement regarding the need for an effective patients' bill of rights to end HMO abuse. Following are excerpts from that press release:

"Today, if your child has a rare congenital heart defect and no specialist in the plan is equipped to treat it, your [HMO] plan can condemn your child to second rate care from the doctor who happens to be on the plan's list....

"Today, if you have incurable cancer and your best hope of a cure is participation in a clinical trial, your [HMO] plan can deny you access to that trial....

"Today, your doctor can be financially coerced by your HMO into giving you less than optimal care....

"Today, if you need an expensive drug that is not on your plan's list, the [HMO] plan can make you pay for it yourself or go without....

"The list goes on and on....

"It is time to end the abuses of managed care that victimize thousands of patients each day. It is time for doctors and nurses and patients to make medical decisions again, not insurance company accountants. The American people deserve prompt action, and we intend to see that they get it."2


Isn't life funny? That same man is once again going to meddle in our insurance. He has co-written and sponsored yet another bill meddling in free market principles guiding our health care. Can you imagine the outcome this time? They wonder why seniors are angry, this is deja vu to them.

Here's another fun fact. Ticking off seniors is possibly the worse age group for this simple reason. They all grew up in the 1960's. That decade was the era when protesting was invented and perfected. They had love ins, sit ins, civil rights marches, and peace rallies. Grandma and grandpa were pretty radical back in the day, they are messing with the wrong generation. It doesn't surprise me a lick to see a huge presence at town hall meetings speaking their minds and not taking any rhetoric.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

PS Thanks to those who caught I mistakenly put RFK where I meant JFK, in yesterday's post!

U.S. Senate, Committee on Human Resources, Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, "Health Maintenance Organization Act Amendments of 1978," March 3, 1978 (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1978), pp. 1-3.

2Statement of Senator Edward M. Kennedy Regarding the Patients' Bill of Rights, May 15, 2001.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For the Good of Mankind!

I promised to get off the political rant, at least for today. It's no easy task though but I think this topic will be timely as well. I was asked to do a little expose on how head and throat cancer has affected my life for a fund raising event, and I thought I'd share some of my musings.

Cancer has affected us all, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who's not been touched by this terrible disease. My experience started early when my mother was afflicted with a inoperable brain tumor. She left behind five children twelve and younger and a husband whom for without a great family support system would of been overwhelmed.

Nearly four decades later my dad succumbed to throat cancer. They both fought a valiant battle against a ruthless opponent. Dad even left his body to science in the hope they could help others learning how they didn't help him.

What bothers me is between those two events we've had a great deal of technology and advancements. Shortly after my mother's death America answered John F. Kennedy's challenged and walked the first man on the moon. We won that race against Russia, a testament to American ingenuity. Pocket calculators became a household item, starting out expensive and now anyone could afford them.The Berlin wall was brought down. The Internet surfaced and changed the face of society. Everyone owns a personal computer, an Ipod, and a cell phone. We've entered the information age. Back in the 1960's you could buy a set of encyclopedias and they were current for decades, now they'd be obsolete before they were printed. Yet cancer is still an influence in our lives. Why?

Well I have to think we've not dedicated our resources to the problem. There is very little American ingenuity cannot solve when we take up the challenge. We can make things smaller, cheaper, faster, slimmer, and more user friendly whenever we are called to do so, and that's before we call on Japan's amazing technology! Worldwide cooperation would end this disease in 1/2 the time. How about we call on everyone to use our laser focus to eliminate this disease. Support your local cancer research facility!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And One Last Word!

A great big "Thank You" to authors Orrin Woodward, and Chris Brady for remembering me in their new book, Leadership and Liberty-Pieces of the Puzzle. You guys sure know how to make a guy blush! It's a spectacular read and destined to hit the top of the list like it's predecessor, Launching the Leadership Revolution. Keep them coming guys!

Man, if I ever go on another five day rant somebody stop me! This secular progressive subject has been beaten to death, so here is the final installment. We've looked at the money, the muscle, the media, the ideology, and now we pull it all together with the elected officials.

You have to start at the top, Mr. President. Has anyone else noticed since the election and the Reverend Wright incident President Obama hasn't seen the inside of a church? I find it funny that such a devout Christian would abandon his faith, well at least in public. I'm thinking he doesn't want to anger his secular progressive left wing supporters, who believe strongly in separation of church and state. Obama sat down with George Soros early in his bid for presidency and gained his financial support. Soros wasn't stupid he had two horses in the race, Hillary was on his plate as well. When it became clear Obama would win the nomination Soros pulled his strings activating his social network. Smear bloggers attacked Mc Cain, ACORN pounded the streets registering voters, (they have been charged with fraud for this and that investigation is far from over), SEIU and ACORN organized fund raisers and rallies, the media got on board, Hollywood used their fame to throw support to the Soros selection, and donations were funneled through small organizations to the campaign. Soros insisted his pride and joy David Axlerod manage the campaign and the ball was rolling. We have a secular progressive in the White House.His supporting cast is incredible Here's a list of standout SP's!

Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Henry Waxman, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Charley Rangel, Joe Biden, and Linda Douglass, Rob Emanuel, his brother Ezekiel Emanuel, David Axlerod, and every czar he's appointed. That's a powerful cast in the government, and I know I've missed some. That list isn't anywhere near complete. Four of the nine supreme court judges are of the SP belief. You'll notice the names listed are in the most powerful seats in congress overseeing almost every committee. Everyone of them have a following, I love to watch them walk around with their entourage in tow. The exception is Barney Frank, everyone seems to avoid him.He's a party of one, I can't help but wonder why?

What I love about this country is every voice can be heard, even the movements designed to limit or take away the freedoms we enjoy. My prayer is I've been able to convey we can't afford to ignore this philosophy anymore. Right now they enjoy move power and leverage than ever. If we don't wake up and realize the power has been handed to secular progressive politicians who core beliefs are directly opposite of the founding fathers, we could find our freedoms a memory.

Tomorrow we'll find a happier topic!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In The Trenches!

Well, if you've been following we've addressed the ideology behind the secular progressive movement, where the finance comes from, and the media usage to get their message out. You have to admire the thought that has gone into this, after today's information you'll have a grasp on the complexity and the organization of these people.

Hollywood has no shortage of SP's. George Clooney Sean Penn, and Susan Sarandon are diehard examples and use their fan base to promote the cause. Hollywood spokespeople use their influence to sway their faithful with flowery rhetoric drawing the uniformed to the SP cause. The SP actors guild is not limited to these three, they just standout as the most vocal and mobile for the cause. As you'll see below unions are heavily behind the SP movement and everyone in Hollywood is unionized, although not all are mesmerized by the propaganda.

Now we get to the complicated part, the foot soldiers. When the secular progressive cause has an issue they need manpower! This is supplied by two main entities, ACORN and SEIU. These groups organize unsuspecting protesters with the promise of a bus ticket, a box lunch, and a small financial endowment to protest and picket at the drop of a hat. They are both organizations that use intimidation as a leverage tool. You don't want to cooperate? We'll have hundreds of protesters at your business or home as quick as you can say boo! These were the people you saw on TV in front of AIG when the bonus fracas was brewing. They weren't well meaning upset citizens, they were organized union workers holding pre-made print shop signs intimidating executives to return the bonus money. Rep. Chuck Schumer a solid secular progressive stood in front of Congress and demanded a list of those paid bonuses so they could take the protests to their homes and neighborhoods. Service Employees International Union,(SEIU) and Association of Community Reform Now, (ACORN), are intertwined with hundreds of sub organizations that solicit government funds for non profit work then funnel them back and forth between over 280 organizations all listing 1024 Elysian fields, New Orleans, Louisiana as their address. These fronts receive over 40% of their funding from federal sources amounting to millions of dollars. George Soros and other SP billionaires finance the rest of the financial needs. After the government grant money is laundered back and forth by donation between the minor organizations, it is illegally used for campaign contributions. Wade Rathke, founder of the ACORN spider web is also the chief organizer of SEIU Local 100, and sits on the board of directors of the Tides Center and the Tides Foundation, also radical SP groups. I could write several books about this but it boils down to non profits using federal money to further political cause's illegally, voter fraud, and muscle for money scare tactics to influence SP critics.

The legal intimidation arm of the secular progressive movement is none other than the ACLU. American Civil Liberty Union, champion of the downtrodden. Horse fodder! While ACORN and SEIU are picketing at the front door the ACLU is pursuing a trumped up law suit at the backdoor. Diehard SP's they are also the beneficiaries of the Soros dependency. They don't even care if they win these legal actions as the cost of defending them is threat enough to make any party bow to their intimidation. Should they find a pocket deep enough they simply keep appealing till they find themselves in front of the 9th district court of appeals which is stacked with SP sympathizers. The targets of the ACLU find themselves either financially lightened or intimidated into concession as the ACLU has unlimited means to further their cause. The average Joe will avoid confrontation with this radical group at all costs (pun intended).

The above examples are terrible misuses of the system to promote the secular progressive's agenda. I've believe anyone who goes to this extreme to "control", (there's that word again), outcomes in their favor, couldn't possibly be looking out for anyone but themselves. The principles embodied in our nation are defied by the underhanded wrong doings of these organizations. We need to do everything in our power to eliminate these threats. Trust me I've just scratched the surface here in these few lines, there is so much more! Tomorrow we look at the political puppets of this movement. Your elected officials!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Media War!

The last two posts have laid the ground work for the secular progressive movement. You now have a grasp on the ideology and where the financing comes from. Every strong organization needs soldiers, the labor force, the people who get out and make it happen. This is not a complete list by any means, the movement is a detailed and complicated structure and they have every aspect covered!

Media...No cause flourishes without promotion. Soros funds a massive network of left wing Internet sites. His pride and joy and by far the standout of the group is These sites are used to communicate the message, and smear opposition. The presidential election was introduced to the power of the Internet as Soros and his network used it to promote Obama and seek donations for his candidacy. It was an incredible tool used to mobilize the younger generation and overwhelm the GOP. The effectiveness of his network speaks in the results. Rumors, true or false, are quickly spread through this medium, and a useful tool for anonymously causing an opponent grief. It was genius to organize them with donations! The smear attack on Sarah Palin was largely orchestrated through these sites.

The mother ship of media is television, the boob tube. Voters hang on every word broadcast and use it as a credible source of information. Jeffery Immelt, oversees the General Electric Corp., it's sister corporation, NBC TV, and the lesser cable news MSNBC. Immelt is a die hard secular progressive using his influence over the stations to promote his causes. It's been said NBC was a driving force behind Obama's election.CBS,ABC,CNN, and the rest have fallen right in step as the media are also drawn to the left wing cause. The exception is Fox, They try to produce a balanced broadcast tilted toward the conservative point of view.

Talk radio is basically conservative, with the exception being the Soros sponsored Air America. It never became very popular, overshadowed by conservative talk radio's strong base. Yet despite the competition it exists and has a following.

Print media is dominated by SP's. It starts at the New York Times and works it's way down to the New Orleans Picayune with everything in between. The left dominates this form of media and is overly sympathetic to the secular progressive's cause.

So you can see, short of carrier pigeons, the secular progressive movement has no issues promoting their cause and using the media to serve up retribution to those who oppose them.It's enviable how effectively they've dominated the information network. It reminds me of the communist controlled media and the propaganda they use to sway citizens toward their purpose.

Tomorrow we look to Hollywood's influence, community organizing, and the secular progressive's hold on the judicial branch.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hypocrisy Knows no Bounds

In the last two posts I tried to frame the left wing philosophy known as secular progressivism. Now it's time to begin to meet the players. I say begin because it's a tangled web and a great deal of them are cloaked and try to run under the radar. No ideology would get off the ground without a guiding philosopher. Communism had Karl Marks, American had Thomas Jefferson, and the modern day secular progressive guru is George Lakoff.

Laykoff is a professor at University of California, Irvine campus, where he teaches in Cognitive Science and Linguistics.
In recent years, Lakoff has become involved with a progressive think tank, the Rockridge Institute, an involvement that follows in part from his recommendations in Moral Politics. Among his activities with the Institute, which concentrates in part on helping liberal candidates and politicians with re-framing political metaphors, Lakoff has given numerous public lectures and written accounts of his message from Moral Politics. In 2008, Lakoff joined Fenton Communications, the nation's largest public interest communications firm, as a Senior Consultant.

One of his political works, Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate, self-labeled as "the Essential Guide for Progressives", was published in September 2004 and features a foreword by former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. Scary how close he came to the White House, huh?

In this book he defines his philosophy by stating if you work hard and play by the rules the nation OWES you a decent standard of living. He believes in a centralized government that decides what's in the public's best interest. Consider reading this book to understand the ideology America is fighting.

No movement would get anywhere without finances. Professor Lakoff would be a giant bag of wind without financial support, enter George Soros. George is one of the top 30 richest men in the world, estimated wealth about 8 billion dollars, and uses his wealth to finance the secular progressive movement. Born George Schwartz in Hungary, it's interesting he survived Nazi occupation then migrated here to promote the same cause reframed. He had a brief stopover in England to be educated at the London School of Economics, then became rich in America starting an investment fund that skyrocketed. He donates hundreds of millions of dollars to left wing Internet sites devoted to smear campaigns attacking conservative's. He spent 24 million dollars in 2004 attempting to stop George Bush from being reelected, and publicly announce if anyone could guarantee Bush's failure he would give them his fortune. Now that's scary!

His hypocrisy knows no bounds! While insisting the wealthy provide through taxation- government entitlements to citizens, to make society financially equal. He maintains his Quantum Investment Fund from the Dutch Island of Curasal where his profits are untaxable by the nation that provides him the opportunity to be wealthy. He also hides his income from a lucrative real estate investment operation in Bermuda, again untaxable. He's been convicted and fined for insider trading, and his business dealings are described as toying on the edge of legal.

He uses his influence to attract other wealth to his cause. The most notable is billionaire Peter Lewis, (get this), who is the chairman of ....The PROGRESSIVE Insurance Company. Interesting name huh? I'm glad my money goes to State Farm and I hope it's not being funneled to undermine our nation's principles!

How does this all tie into our government? Oh, there is plenty more to follow! Stay tuned as I untangle this web of corruption and deceit.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yesterday we dipped our toe into the world of secular progressivism. I defined progressivism but neglected to introduce you to the secular part. See below...

Secularism is the state of being separate from religion.[1] Despite occasional confusion, secularism is not necessarily synonymous with atheism nor agnosticism, it is instead the belief that religion and authority should be separate.[citation needed]
For instance, eating and bathing may be regarded as examples of secular activities, because there may not be anything inherently religious about them. Nevertheless, both eating and bathing are regarded as sacraments in some religious traditions, and therefore would be religious activities in those worldviews. Saying a prayer derived from religious text or doctrine, worshipping through the context of a religion, and attending a religious school are examples of religious (non-secular) activities. Prayer and meditation are not necessarily non-secular, since the concept of spirituality and higher consciousness are not married solely to any religion but are practiced and arose independently across a continuum of cultures, however it may be argued that these practices have arisen as a result of religious (non-secular) influence.

SP's, as we nicked named secular progressives in yesterday's blog, seek the total exclusion of religion in our government. Despite the founding fathers framing our entire infrastructure on the basis of a Judeo-Christian philosophy. Religion is a major stumbling block to their agenda, it defines moral absolutes and a conduct of behavior. This is like the bucket of water to the wicked witch of the west in The Wizard of Oz. Sp's insist on self expression void of guidelines.

Sp's are quick to point out when a conservative or opposing view point fails to live up to the code of morals defined by every religion. Yet they are mired with corruption, incest, and every questionable act known to man. Sp's are well versed in holding the opposition accountable to the standards the set. To adapt religion would restrain their self expression and require them to have guidelines. Sp's dance outside moral restraints to further their agenda, after all it's for the cause, principles be damned. They are masters of the means justifies the ends theory.

So basically our internal terrorists are a ruthless bunch with no morals or scruples. The war we fight to maintain our liberties has enemies with no code of conduct. The alarming part is the number of them who have infiltrated public office, including the nation's highest position!

A select few are realizing the compromised position we've place ourselves into. You see them at town hall meeting's, standing up and waving their fists. When was the last time you saw grandma so angry? Secular Progressive's prey on the elderly, the poor, and the youth. They are the most vulnerable and open to entitlements. SP's made a grievous mistake when they attempted to mess with grandma's healthcare. Especially when she spent a lifetime paying hard earned dollars into the Medicaid/Medicare fund. They might have well as taken Jr.'s Xbox. The positive is, it woke a sleeping giant. We now know our freedom is threatened and it's time for action.

The next few posts will define the enemy, who the players are, what to look for, and what their motives are. My prayer is that I can do this justice and grease the wheels that will crush this Obamination.<- Now that's funny!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Call to Arms!

My apologies to the followers who use facebook and twitter as the link to the blog. They were both hacked yesterday and down during the time I was trying to provide the link. Welcome back!

I never intended this to be a political blog. My goal was to have a good mix of politics, leadership, personal growth, and religion, everything that is taboo to talk about at a party. Alas, the times have dictated and dominated a political discussion. America's voters are beginning to realize we are in a fight for the freedom we've taken for granted. Our last voting cycle was riddled with ignorance and apathy, voters weren't informed and some just didn't care. Now we have a 20 ring circus in Washington trying to extract the freedom our forefathers gave to us as an inheritance. They say second and third generation rule and wealth usually ruin the institutions bequeathed to them. History has proven that time and time again. It's now our fight to prove that theory wrong and show we value the gift of freedom.

It's imperative we understand the foe, I've been guilty of calling them democrats, liberals, or the left. They need to be redefined, the term for the movement is secular progressive's or SP's. They inhabit our political system and our news media. They are led and funded by billionaire media mogul George Soros, defended by the ACLU, and muscle is supplied by ACORN and SEIU. Secular progressive's have infiltrated the justice system controlling the ninth district court of appeals. They have many in political office starting with President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a host of others, including Barney Frank, and Henry Waxman. All powerful political leaders. They all exude an arrogance, portraying they know what's best for us and the hell with our opinions, their agenda overrides our feelings.

Wikipedia defines Progressivism as...
Progressivism is a political and social term that refers to ideologies and movements favoring or advocating changes or reform, usually in a statist or egalitarian direction for economic policies (government management) and liberal direction for social policies (personal choice). Progressivism is often viewed in opposition to conservative ideologies.

In the United States, the term progressivism emerged in the late 19th century into the 20th century in reference to a more general response to the vast changes brought by industrialization: an alternative to both the traditional conservative response to social and economic issues and to the various more radical streams of socialism and anarchism which opposed them. Political parties, such as the Progressive Party, organized at the start of the 20th century, and progressivism made great strides under American presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson.[1]

Notice the terms anarchism and socialism. Don't be confused, these people want a communist like government because progressivism knows what's best for you. I'm going to break down my blog into segments explaining the movement in detail so we can grasp how dire this situation is. It's imperative we understand their game plan and their motives. I'm convinced this is a home grown terrorist attack and the most serious threat to our freedom we've ever faced. I just pray my series of future blogs does this threat justice.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've have to start by offering my congratulations to my mentor and friend Orrin Woodward for his recognition as one of the top 25 leaders in the world!

Orrin and fellow author Chris Brady have also announced their latest book release. Leadership and Liberty is the title. What a timely topic! Their last book Launching the Leadership Revolution was #1 on the Wall Street Journal best seller business list for weeks. See for more information.

Things in Washington are getting screwy. I can't remember a more challenging time in our history. Our freedom and liberty are being threatened by out of control government. The White House has even begun a web site to report suspicious e-mails, anything anti-health reform! We move closer to the big brother government of communism everyday. I'm going to pass on some great reading I recommend so you are armed with information to protect your freedom!

Tyranny and Liberty-Mark Levin

An Inconvenient Truth- Glenn Beck

Culture of Corruption-Michelle Malkin

Common Sense- Glenn Beck

The 5000 Year Leap- Cleon Skousen

Liberal Fascism- Jonah Goldberg

All eye opening reading, most of them have had a spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Information applied is power. Please invest in your future and understand what we all need to know! Then apply the information. If there is a town hall meeting in your area, take the time to make your voice heard. If your shy just agree with any points made with a- here, here. Or express your disgust with a boo, you don't have to get up and speak, just be in attendance and support what you believe in!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Want to Know Why!

Recently I've seen several democratic legislators trying to defend their inability to read the bills presented to them for passage. Does anyone else find this absurd? How can you stand in front of the country and ask for sympathy for a situation you create? Man, talk about a lack of accountability! This whole scenario brings to mind some troubling questions......

First, who's authoring these bills? Shouldn't the representatives sponsoring this legislation have a clue as to what's in it? I suspect these 1000 page behemoths are written for them by special interest groups. One former lawyer turned elected official said it would take days and a lawyer to understand the jargon. If your last calling was the legal field and you don't comprehend the wording doesn't this send up a red flag?

Second, the voting timetable is yours to set. If a bill hasn't been properly debated and understood don't call for a vote. They aren't acts of war! These edicts affect people's lives. This just reeks with irresponsibility! We
the People, ( I got that from the Constitution), pay you a six figure salary and give you benefits for life. Would it be too troublesome to be responsible enough to actually do your job and understand the consequences of the paperwork your producing? I'm thinking if it is, then it's really time for change! The idea of term limits keeps becoming more and more attractive!

Last, keep up the heat people! If we keep publicly embarrassing these politicians in town halls maybe they'll get the message. They are here to serve and answer to us! Let's hold them accountable. Write, call or show up to one of these forums. Ask them the questions above and all the ones that are bothering you. Demand answers, they work for us. The inept arrogance of these employees needs to be nipped in the bud. In all of my years I've not seen an angrier nation. Even the Vietnam war didn't stir this type of passion and disdain for our public servants. It's having a snowball effect and the momentum is impressive!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just some Thoughts

I have to tell you, nothing bolstered my faith in the American people as the sights I saw on my boob tube last evening. It did my heart good to see example after example of citizens standing up in town halls across the nation and giving their representatives what for! They were shown in no uncertain terms that their constituents want nothing to do with health care reform, and cap and trade legislation. They were "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!"

The most gratifying one had to be the Philadelphia town hall. Senator Arlen Spector, who just flipped to the Democratic ticket from the Republican party, stood with Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius and took it on the chin. They were told in no uncertain terms that not reading legislation before it was voted on was unacceptable, no excuses. The crowd expressed their distrust having health care in the hands of government, and finally the disguised tax, cap and trade, wasn't something they'd stand for. This is the second time in as many weeks Ms. Sebelius has faced an angry mob resembling a deer in headlights, taking the anger of the American voter right on the chin. Apparently America is refusing to accept these policies. I wonder if Ms. Sebelius is getting the message and if she can relay the voter's disdain?

Alas no good deed goes unpunished, for all the great reporting about the town hall revolts there had to be a fly in the ointment. Daniel Weiss, a self proclaimed expert from the Center for American Progress, a liberal left wing think tank. Graced the media with his opinions of the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Here's his resume'.

Daniel J. Weiss is a Senior Fellow and the Director of Climate Strategy at American Progress, where he leads the Center's clean energy and climate advocacy campaign. Before coming to American Progress, he spent 25 years working with environmental advocacy organizations and political campaigns. Weiss is an expert in energy and environmental policy; legislative strategy and tactics; and advocacy communications. Most recently, he was a senior vice president with M+R Strategic Services, where he oversaw collaborative campaign efforts by 15 major national environmental organizations working to oppose anti-environmental legislation. This included field organizers, grassroots mobilization, earned and paid media, and opinion research.

Prior to M+R Strategic Services, Weiss served for 16 years at the Sierra Club, first as a Washington representative, then as director of the Environmental Quality Program, and for the final eight years as political director. He was chief strategist and lobbyist for legislative campaigns around the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Food Security Act, and budget bills. Weiss also designed and managed the Sierra Club's political action committee, endorsements, and $9 million Environmental Voter Education Campaign in 2000.

A graduate of the University of Michigan with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Policy degrees, Weiss has been involved with presidential, Senate, and House campaigns across the country since he was old enough to vote. In the 1990s, Roll Call named him one of the “Fabulous 50 Political People” and Regardie’s magazine listed him in the "Power 100: 100 Most Influential People in Private Washington."

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I see an environmental lobbyist, no? Nothing in his background qualifies him as a "expert on climate" as advertised. Anyway let me get to my problem with Mr. Weiss. He was interviewed and offered his opinion on the "Cash for Clunkers Program". Somehow he gained expertise in this field as well. His inputs were as follows........

"The program was beneficial because, it has saved a million barrels of oil." Where does that figure come from? Did he attend the Joe Biden School of Instant Statistics? We spent $1,000,000,000 to save 1,000,000 barrels of oil, that's $1,000.00 per barrel. How long does it take to make that financially feasible? Current price of a barrel of oil, $70.80. He beamed this was a win, win, win for the country as it was for the social good. WHOA! Isn't that a direct quote from "The Communist Manifesto"? Karl Marx would be proud! Once again left wingers are promoting the rights of the masses instead of focusing on individual rights.

I have a quick story related to the flawed economic theory of the "Cash for Clunkers" program. As a young man I worked at a service station on an island. It was a wealthy tourist destination and visitors were paying big money to stay there. Car trouble was nothing but an inconvenience. Because we were a remote destination parts weren't readily available, so we stocked a good sized inventory of popular items to provide quick service. The owner felt one day we needed some fresh blood and replaced the manager. The new fellow practiced the same type of economic logic as our recent trade in program. He didn't replace the inventory we sold as needed. End of the month came the profit margin was awesome! The owner was pleased, but it was short lived. The next month came and we had no parts in stock to service needy vehicles. Orders took overnight to fill so timely repair was out of the question. Come the end of the month repair income was 1/3 of the norm. Needless to say the same ecstatic owner was not quite as enthusiastic. The new manager was replaced as was the stock. One month of artificially inflated economic numbers might mislead the public short term but in the long run it's never a good idea to rob Peter to pay Paul, the result is a sore Peter.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Taxing Situation!

I was channel surfing the other night and ran across this. I just had to share,

Federal income tax began in 1913. Up until that time our country was funded without a direct payroll tax. Fun fact; Initially the income tax rate was 1%, with the top tax bracket 7%. Americans were promised that was the ceiling! During World War 1 it soared to 75%, World War II and the Depression accounted for 77% share for top income earners, soaring to 94% to pay the war bill. You can imagine the war wasn't very popular with tax payers. It remained there until 1964, that had to be an incredible relief to the top 1%!

Partial History of
U.S. Federal Marginal Income Tax Rates
Since 1913
Year Income
brackets First
bracket Top
bracket Source
1913-1915 - 1% 7% IRS
1916 - 2% 15% IRS
1917 - 2% 67% IRS
1918 - 6% 73% IRS
1919-1920 - 4% 73% IRS
1921 - 4% 73% IRS
1922 - 4% 56% IRS
1923 - 3% 56% IRS
1924 - 1.5% 46% IRS
1925-1928 - 1.5% 25% IRS
1929 - 0.375% 24% IRS
1930-1931 - 1.125% 25% IRS
1932-1933 - 4% 63% IRS
1934-1935 - 4% 63% IRS
1936-1939 - 4% 79% IRS
1940 - 4.4% 81.1% IRS
1941 - 10% 81% IRS
1942-1943 - 19% 88% IRS
1944-1945 - 23% 94% IRS
1946-1947 - 19% 86.45% IRS
1948-1949 - 16.6% 82.13% IRS
1950 - 17.4% 84.36% IRS
1951 - 20.4% 91% IRS
1952-1953 - 22.2% 92% IRS
1954-1963 - 20% 91% IRS
1964 - 16% 77% IRS
1965-1967 - 14% 70% IRS
1968 - 14% 75.25% IRS
1969 - 14% 77% IRS
1970 - 14% 71.75% IRS
1971-1981 15 brackets 14% 70% IRS
1982-1986 12 brackets 12% 50% IRS
1987 5 brackets 11% 33% IRS
1988-1990 3 brackets 15% 28% IRS
1991-1992 3 brackets 15% 31% IRS
1993-2000 5 brackets 15% 39.6% IRS
2001 5 brackets 15% 39.1% IRS
2002 6 brackets 10% 38.6% IRS
2003-2009 6 brackets 10% 35% Tax Foundation

Quite a discrepancy, it puts a whole new light on being wealthy! If history is a guide it would appear we are headed for the 70% zone again.Here's how it currently looks.....

Marginal Tax Rate[1] Single Married Filing Jointly or Qualified Widow(er) Married Filing Separately Head of Household
10% $0 – $8,350 $0 – $16,700 $0 – $8,350 $0 – $11,950
15% $8,351– $33,950 $16,701 – $67,900 $8,351 – $33,950 $11,951 – $45,500
25% $33,951 – $82,250 $67,901 – $137,050 $33,951 – $68,525 $45,501 – $117,450
28% $82,251 – $171,550 $137,051 – $208,850 $68,525 – $104,425 $117,451 – $190,200
33% $171,551 – $372,950 $208,851 – $372,950 $104,426 – $186,475 $190,201 - $372,950
35% $372,951+ $372,951+ $186,476+ $372,951+

Just doing my part to keep you informed!
God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dependent or Independent?

Yesterday's post wandered into the world of the left wing liberal. I may have given the impression they are evil and dastardly, no so. In most cases they have nothing but the best of intentions, their methods are questionable because liberals have things a bit confused. Example.....

The phrase in the Declaration of Independence, "All men are created equal", is twisted in the liberal's mind to, "All men deserve equal". Our founding fathers never intended a distribution of resources. They defined equality as equal opportunity. Because one rises above the pack doesn't call for him or her to be penalized. Citizens of every background are given a level playing field from birth. We are all offered an education, what we choose to do with it determines our outcome in life. All men are not equal, but they are to be treated equally when it comes to opportunity. You can see their confusion!

With that fundamental confusion liberals are convinced that it's vital to give a handout to the less fortunate. While that's a short term solution, it doesn't solve anything, in fact it makes the needy dependant on your generosity. If they redefined their giving spirit to lending a hand up, these less fortunate would begin to grow and prosper, no longer being dependants. The entitlements passed out by the well meaning liberals will be the downfall of our nation and the economy. The looming threats to the future downfall of our economy is Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. All designed with good intentions but all destined to fail because entitlements are never sustainable, they invite dependency.

Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor....Words chiseled on Lady Liberty as she guards our harbor. In the liberal view that invites uncontrolled illegal immigration. Unless we are pure blood American Indian our descendants had to immigrate here. They all had to go through the process to become citizens. Liberals are like a well meaning buddy after you hit the jackpot, reaching into your pocket to share the good fortune and keep the party alive. Come on in, we'll give you clothing, food, education, and money! Great intentions, not great for our nation. We need to enforce the immigration laws on the books. Immigrants are welcome here, just go through the process of doing it legally. Just some pesky little details the left minded liberals choose to overlook, creating a massive problem for our infrastructure.

What the well intended liberal believes in is just a short step from correct. Their mantra is; "For the good of the people." Words right out of The Communist Manifesto! It sounds great, but it's not what our forefathers intended. The founders believed in the rights of the individual. If you concentrate on the individual, the good of the people will be met. We were bequeathed a Republic, not a Democracy, often confused especially by the left. A Democracy is 51% mob rule, a Republic is based on a set of never bending principles. In a Democracy if the majority vote to say, sterilize the handicapped for the good of the people, it could be so. A Republic realizes no matter what the popular opinion is, that idea is fundamentally wrong and should never be considered. The liberal considers the Constitution a fluid or adaptable document. While in fact it's an incredible design still pertinent in today's time, over 200 years after it's inception. Like the Ten Commandments it should be considered written in stone, and adhered to. The founders even saw this coming, they wrote in the Declaration of Independence.... "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes." Now that's long term vision! Our founding documents are riddled with this foresight, yet liberals still choose to interpret them to fit the will of the people. Wonderful intentions, terrible results!

'The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.' - Ronald Reagan

God Bless!
Capt. Bill