Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just The Facts Madam!

Is anyone else in awe of the amount of people bamboozled by the rhetoric of the current administration, enhanced by the propaganda of the union shills? You could almost feel sorry for the sheep they've misled that inhabit the "occupy Wall Street" protest. The twisted message they present is very convincing until you unravel the facts. For instance they have introduced billboards with a message that's bound to convince everyone we should tax the rich more. Pictured is a sweaty filthy fireman who has apparently just gotten done quelling a blaze. The caption reads, "When others ran out he rushed in. When rich guys got a tax cut he got laid off." Here's the problem...the federal government doesn't pay his salary, nor does it control who gets to work and who gets laid off. It's a local taxation issue!

Now critics of my analysis will say that federal stimulus money handed down to the states could insure he has a job. Correct! For one year, then the ball is back in the local budget and his salary rightfully becomes the responsibility of the community. If that man is laid off, it's a property tax issue, not a federal government responsibility. Yet those in Washington who seek to punish the wealthy for becoming successful and creating a between the classes struggle driven by envy, (one of the seven deadly sins I might add), want you to believe that handing the federal government more of your hard earned income will fix this. If the means they are using to accomplish their goal is one of the seven deadly sins, who's agenda are they promoting? The same tactic is being used with teachers and police officers as the poster children for increased taxation. What do they all share in common? They are all union represented government employees.

When your property tax bill comes, there is a section for fire, police and school district. This is where the funding for your community services come from, not Washington. Just like you don't want to pay for another state to have a bridge to nowhere, I'm certain residence in other states don't want to chip in for your local union salaries.That is your community's issue!

So is it a surprise that those protesting are duped by this rhetoric? Not at all...Did you see any taxpayers there? The majority were college students with no income or clue as to who pays for what. In one breath they are supporting higher taxes for the wealthy so these services can continue, and the next breath they are cursing the police for brutality. Are they confused? Very! They lack the complete picture because the information has been withheld from them. They were fed just enough to get angry and not enough to understand why. Wouldn't it be interesting if someone would take this opportunity to inform them while they are all gathered together? A mass intervention of truth! Now that's the way to fix what ails America!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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