Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Popular Opinion!

Everyday we are bombarded by polls. The media tries to convince the American citizen that public opinion is the only test of truth, virtue and prosperity, as if John Q. Public has no psychological resources to resist. I have to admit I believe our education system is compliant in this endeavor. How many graduates can say they have been taught how to think in contrast to what to think? It's far from uncommon to have the loudest voice sway the mob, as if joining in a choir trying to harmonize the opinion of all.

Here's the truth...

If thousands of people are convinced that something is the right thing to do, it's still a meaningless test of the truth.

For instance....

If I took a random poll of thousands of people asking if being sloth and not going to work to provide for my financial needs, combined with and existence of drunkenness and lewd sexual behavior, was acceptable because it gratified my selfish short term needs. If they all saw it as okay because I wasn't hurting anyone but myself, does that deem it to be socially prudent? While the mob might be able to forgive my transgressions, it's still morally unacceptable. It's in direct violation of Biblical teachings and being absolved by the mob isn't going to get me eternal grace.

Like Mom always said, "if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow?"

This is the democracy the media, government, and those who wish to destroy our country as we know it are trying to convince us our forefathers bequeathed to us. We don't live in a country that was founded on democracy, we were bequeathed a republic. A system of checks and balances designed to protect the populace from the influence of the mob. You know, that morally bankrupt crowd that judges everything you do with the lens of indifference toward your spiritual well being.

Here's the answer to the contingency of morality called,"they.".....

What allows liberty and equality to coexist in America is the fact that the conception of liberty the Puritans brought with them to America was a distinctively Christian conception, not a mere "let alone" nor a liberty that might turn into license, but a capacity to conduct ourselves by a law we freely accept. Not bound by the throws of public opinion, the confines of what's popular.

Leadership is never a popularity contest! It the ability to do what's not popular as needed. Stop the mob from defining who stands in government and what legislation they choose to abide by based upon popularity! Our decisions need to be based upon what is right, grounded in principle.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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