Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chaos 101!

Just the other day President Obama's chief campaign manager noted publicly that it's going to take a monumental effort to get this President elected to a second term. I believe this to be the turning point of our nation, it was the sign I was looking for of desperation. I know many of us were elated to know the end of this lack of leadership was upon the horizon, but it will and has had repercussions.

On the first day I noticed every conservative talk show host was barraged with an unusually high amount of phone calls from liberals challenging each and every word they said. While occasional dissent is usual, this was abnormally high. It's like those who send down marching orders were commanding the first wave of assaults. Not long after the protest marches began on Wall Street. Brought together to dissent the status quo but unclear about what their cause is, this semi organized attack by mindless participant was simply a test of the disruption the left is capable of. It's a sign they'll not cede power quietly. Perhaps intended to strike a note of fear into those who detest chaos.

Another phase to be aware of is the same antics this administration used after first taking office. Beware of the EPA, the FCC, and other facets of the government who wield power without check sneaking regulations in under the radar. While the public is distracted by, let's say, operation gun runner, those other arms of the government may continue the left's agenda planting little time bombs set to go off further down the road. Just like all those sub chapters included in the 2000 page plus healthcare bill that have nothing to do with healthcare.

The left will not go away quietly. They will, and are, causing distractions with the aid of unions and other left wing supporters. What they do not realize is this chaos reflects badly on the leadership ability of this progressive administration. They'll try to paint it with a different brush, like the country is in chaos because of George Bush, the Republican Congress, the Tea Party, or any other specific individual or group that stands between them and their agenda. Anything but accepting personal responsibility for the current state of affairs, manufactured to lead you to believe this country is in a state of disarray. One only the left can pacify. This is hardly leadership, actually it's a huge tantrum by inept and emotionally immature people who won a popularity contest. When leadership skills are absent, it stands out like a zit on a prom date. Prepare America, that zit is about to burst!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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