Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are You Ready For Some.......?

Since 1989, Hank Williams' song "Are Your Ready For Some Football" has been a staple of Monday Night Football..until last night. Did you miss the song? ESPN pulled the opening song after Williams made some controversial comments about President Obama. If you don't think the media has a strong influence in controlling people's opinions, then your either under their spell, or your smart enough to find other means of entertaining yourself.

One of the most blatant fouls by television media is the indoctrination of who has a chance to win an election. The bias shown at debates and the pundits dismissing a candidates chances are both tools used by media to sway your vote. Tools that aren't always accurate as shown by Herman Cain's "surprise" win in the recent polls after being pushed to the side by the media know-it-alls.

:Personally I'd like to see some unbiased, fact based reporting so those mesmerized by the blue hue can reach their own conclusion. Politics isn't the only place this takes place, the media influences our morals as well. "I saw it on TV it must be acceptable then." Hardly! Maybe it's time America unplugged their umbilical cords and found other sources of information and entertainment. I know they would if they understood they were being led like a herd of sheep.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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