Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Solution!

I re-listened to a talk the other day by economist Paul Zane Pilzner, that reminded me just where we are in today's world, both politically and economically. The main point he brought to light, is we focus on a economic theory of scarcity. Basically that we maintain the earth's resources are limited and finite, and if we abuse them, we'll run out. This opens the door for economic gain to step in. Orrin read me a passage out of a book he was reading the other day, that said, "Inflation has only two sources, the first is a scarcity of supply,(The demand exceeds the supply), or the government has played with the money supply." Our spending power is at the mercy of those in control of the money supply. Here's why....

While we do have limited resources, we control our use of those resources through our advancements in technology. To use one of Pilzner's examples, back in the 1970's we were faced with a world oil shortage, and prices and demand skyrocketed, causing lines at the pumps and panic ensued. The government was forced (by means of an artificial crisis) to step in and "regulate." Anyone ever wonder where that crisis went? Did we run out of oil as predicted and no one told us? Nope! Demand forced new technology, cars were made more efficient and used 1/2 the gas as the older models, with the invention of fuel injection and electronic ignition. There was new oil exploration and we found unknown deposits of oil in Alaska, which led to the construction of the Alaskan Pipeline.

Here's the point....Government intervention has never solved anything. Demand creates innovation, and that drives our creative juices to flow. The answer to all our problems lie within our own minds. Taxation, regulation, and government controls, are economic tools to feed the hungry Washington machine. They don't increase the supply, they simply put constraints on demand by making your needs less attainable. Ingenuity is the answer, it drives innovation, and innovation provides solutions. Isn't a solution what we all desire?

Next time someone says we need a candidate/president/politician/government official to solve our problems, we need to answer with. " I used to feel that way too, until I got more information!" Then turn briskly and walk away!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Blast From The Past!

The other day I was reminded of the contrasts between my generation and the youth of today. Terrible as this is I remember my parents telling me similar analogies. So I guess it's true, we do eventually turn into our parents. Although I've yet to yell, "turn that music down," I have thought it. So here we go......

This is addressed to all the American children who've survived their upbringing born in the 1930' through the 1970's. You know those of us who were born to mothers who smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol while they were pregnant.

It wasn't uncommon for them to take aspirin, eat blue cheese, or make tuna sandwiches from a can. None of them got tested for diabetes, or as they called it ,"The sugar!"

We, as infants, slept on our stomachs, in cribs painted with lead based paint. There were no childproof lids on the stuff in the medicine cabinet, our parents never locked the doors to our house, or gun cabinets. I rode a bicycle with a baseball hat on my head not a helmet, and padding was for organized football and hockey. When we played it on our own we were pad free.

My parents car had no airbags, and you sat in a baby seat only as long as it could contain you. I don't remember seat belts being worn either, sudden stops were combated by an arm across the chest to keep you from slamming into the metal dashboard. It was a treat to ride in the bed of a pickup truck, on the way to the store to get ice cream.

I drank water from every hose in the neighborhood as a child, they would have laughed at a bottle of water. All my friends shared one bottle of soda through straws, when we were blessed enough to be treated to one. We ate cupcakes and homemade cookies, washed it down with kool-aid sweetened with real white sugar. I didn't have any overweight friends, we were outside playing too much. We'd leave home first thing in the morning, not return till lunch, then disappear till it was dinner time. If you were late your name rung through the neighborhood at the top of Mom's voice, a sign you were in trouble, especially if she used your given name. We had no cell phones, Internet or video games. If you tired to hang around the house you were asked to go outside and play!

We made go carts of scraps found in the junk pile, then rode them down hills, only to find out we forgot to design a brake system. Another lesson learned! We fell out of trees, got cut, lost teeth, burnt from firecrackers and not a lawsuit was filed. We got spanked by our parents and the neighbors if we misbehaved, and no one called children's services.

We survived fishing worms and mud pies. We played in the rain without our coats on and came home soaked much to Mom's dismay. We swam in the river and the pond unsupervised, and still here we are today.

Little league had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Some how the one's that didn't survived the embarrassment. In fact, they either strove to get better or actually went and found an activity suited for them. When those contests were played, we actually kept score, and there were winners and losers. Only the best got the recognition of a trophy, so it meant something to the recipient. There was no recognition for participation.

Our generation didn't turn out so bad. We put a man on the moon, invented the Internet, cell phones, video games, plastic, and a host of other achievements. Fifty years of innovation and new ideas. We survived failure, success, responsibility , and freedom.

Oh, and I went to church every Sunday, confessed my sins every Saturday. Maybe that's what helped me survive!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, March 29, 2010

More Ammo For Your Pouch!

Through life's course we are bound to encounter people who just don't share the same political philosophy as we do, and yet they insist upon trying to sway you toward their side of the fence. Inevitably it's usually an overbearing relative, who is armed to the teeth with left wing rhetoric, just the kind of thing you want to avoid at a family outing. Some how they fail to realize your a free thinking American and your entitled to your opinion, and if you really thought theirs had any merit, you'd gleefully adopt it.

So how does one discontinue their assault upon your beliefs? I have a fool proof method to deflect and quiet the Saul Alinsky trained left wing political advocate. It works every time and more often than not they'll never engage you in a political discussion again. I call it, Capt. Bill's golden rule of political philosophy. Here's how it works......

When the misguided political advocate tries to corner you and impose their overbearing opinions into your head, you let them first make their opening statement. Like say they open with, "I'm so glad the healthcare bill has finally passed.", just as an example. You immediately counter with a very strongly worded,"Oh really, why is that?" They will then proceed to lay out their argument supporting their position in detail, trying to leave no stone unturned, hoping to convince you to agree with them. After they've bloviated and relieved themselves of their political constipation, you simply smile and reply in a loud but firm voice, "I used to feel that way too, until I got more information!" then turn briskly and walk away. It works every time.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

Today I have to bow to the master, Orrin's post the other day inspired some replies I just have to bring to light. I make available to my readers links to both Chris Brady, and Orrin Woodward's post over on the right>>>>>. Please take advantage and read them as they are both ranked in the top 20 worldwide as leadership guru's. Their teachings inspire international comments like I've posted below. From Orrin's post 3/25 titled; America We Lost- Dr. Mario Pei

Congratulations to another fantastic blog. I think I lot of people who came to America from Eastern Europe or from other countries for freedom know exactly what your blog is about. It is unfortunate that not enough people have noticed the scary trend. Fortunately there are people like you and others who did notice the change and bring it to people's attention. I was glad to read an interesting article today about how Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin pushed the Internet giant to take the risky step of abandoning its China-based search engine as that country’s efforts to censor the Web and suppress dissidents smacked of the “totalitarianism” of his youth in the Soviet Union."
The entire article is available at this website:

I really liked the last sentence of the "Childhood in the Soviet Union" section listed in Sergey's Wikipedia profile
"At an interview in October, 2000, Brin said, "I know the hard times that my parents went through there, and am very thankful that I was brought to the States." A decade earlier, in the summer of 1990, a few weeks before his 17th birthday, his father led a group of gifted high school math students, including Sergey, on a two-week exchange program to the Soviet Union. "As Sergey recalls, the trip awakened his childhood fear of authority" and he remembers that his first "impulse on confronting Soviet oppression had been to throw pebbles at a police car." Malseed adds, "On the second day of the trip, while the group toured a sanitarium in the countryside near Moscow, Sergey took his father aside, looked him in the eye and said, 'Thank you for taking us all out of Russia.'"

I am really glad to see that successful people like Sergey can appreciate how much different his future could have been had his father not taken the huge step of leaving everything behind a taking his family to a new country for freedom.
Gyorgy Veszpremi

And then it was followed by this reminder......

Well said Orrin and Dr. Pei. However I must point out that merely being foreign born resident is not enough as you will see below. Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Nigeria, I migrated to Canada as a teenager in 1988 along with my parents and siblings. At the time and well into the early 2000's I was naive enough to think that we lived in the free world. I was thankful for democracy and all the things the Canadian government was doing for its citizens. In my mind there was not a better place to be than in Canada. We had this view only because, on the surface, things were so much better in Canada than in Nigeria or Sri Lanka AND we were not sharp enough to observe, study and find out what was truly taking place. As my wife recently commented, we were at peace only because we were like the characters in Animal Farm by George Orwell….blindly following the story told by the pigs in charge. Yes how naive we were. Once we slapped our selves silly, read some books and looked around at some of the ridiculous things that were happening then we could see and understand how Canada was no different than Nigeria or Sri Lanka - subjects of the British Empire. I must point out that it was then that I understood that the United States of America is, dare I say was, the only remaining free country. I have since come to have a deep appreciation for the American people and their country. In conclusion, foreign-born or not, critical thinking and a questioning mind are essential in keeping America free from the British (Global) Empire.


It's easy to see why Orrin's in the top 10 and won international fame. He sure leads people to thought! What a great reminder to not take our freedom for granted! If you've not read the post please take the time to absorb the ideas!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I'm going to borrow a story from Terri Brady to illustrate my point. Terri is one of my favorite teachers, and uses stories of her children to highlight her message. Some background on the characters involved....
Terri's daughter is the cutest little thing with eyes as big as planets. She is the attention of every room she enters as her personality just shines through.

As Terri tells it, and all parents know, potty training can be a challenging time. Mistakes are made, and lessons are learned, Terri's daughter was no exception! A mother's keen senses can smell a soiled diaper rooms away and Terri had picked up the scent of an accident. Upon questioning her daughter, her bubbly personality came shining through as she admitted the accident, but seemed unphased as she attempted to turn a negative into a positive. While she explained to her mother how she had gone #2 in her britches, she batted those big eyes and invited her mother to join her in going #2 in her pants as well. Apparently it would make her feel more comfortable if others would join her in her situation, as unappealing as it was. A toddler's peer pressure! As tempting as the invitation was, Terri passed!

Terri's point was that we are often tempted to join in what we know is wrong by the pressure and influence of our peers. They can make it seem, oh so inviting, even though it's against our principles and everything we believe in. They can make it seem to be the right thing to do, because everyone is doing it, or the popular people are. Don't you want to go #2 in your pants too?

In a totally unrelated story, Fidel Castro, the United Nations , and the president of the World Health Organization have united in their praise of President Obama's healthcare victory. They were all so pleased to see he joined them in going #2 in his pants as well, and moved us all one step closer to the socialist model they all endorse.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Friday, March 26, 2010


It's funny how times have changed. When I was a teen we fought for the legal age to be lowered to 18. The rational behind our thinking was if we were old enough to go off to war and serve our country, we were old enough to vote and consume alcohol. We, of course, won our independence and were granted being considered responsible adults once we achieved the ripe old age of 18. Personally I was out of my parents house like I was shot out of a gun, eager to make my way in the world and be independent. I loved my freedom!

There were regrets, but I grew up quickly. I learned I had responsibilities, and needs. I had to work to keep a roof over my head and beer and food in the fridge. I grew fond of indoor plumbing, electricity, and running water,(probably my parents fault for mollycoddling me), so it was necessary to make enough money to keep those turned on as well. Soon I added a girlfriend to the mix and darn if she didn't have needs as well. Not only needs but expectations! She had plans and dreams, those included me, and me being a better provider yet! I wasn't yet 21 and I was up to my neck in responsibilities, and I liked to think, all grown up. As grown up as that seemed, it didn't hold a candle to the 18 year olds who had went off to war and served their country. I always admired the discipline they had achieved so early in life.

So I hold that in contrast to today. The legal age to consume alcohol has been raised to 21, I guess the powers to be decided 18 wasn't responsible enough. And the latest development has the federal government allowing parents to keep their offspring on their insurance till they reach 26. I think I would have gone crazy watching my freedom held off for eight more years. Where did the age of 26 come from? Four years of college would put you at 22 and ready to make your way in the world. Is every child expected to stay under mommy and daddy's wing, and go to eight years of post high school education, before putting their toes in the water of personal responsibility? Insurance companies did provide coverage for college children under their parents policies as long as they attended school already.

So, are we enabling a new society of 26 year old thumb suckers? Man, if I was a teen I'd be screaming for freedom, not asking for my parents to have more control over my life. But, that's just me....What do you think?

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be?

I'm not a big TV guy, but I was noticing that the History Channel isn't part of a basic package with my service provider, yet MTV is. Why is that? Why do we have to opt to pay extra to learn about history, yet we can watch "Cribs" for free? Wouldn't MTV be a draw to entice you to purchase an upgrade? It is extremely popular, and could be an incredible revenue generator, where the History Channel, not so much. So from where I'm sitting, the people who control your media input, hold meaningful history for ransom, yet they'll pollute your mind with meaningless dribble for free. Ask yourself, to whose advantage does that play into?

I also got an e-mail the other day that informed me that Oklahoma is denying people who cannot read English the right to possess a driver's license. The qualifier is the road signs are all in English, so to not have a grasp on the language would put others at risk. Just like they won't give you a license to drive if your blind or deaf. So I began to think, why is it we push Americans to go bilingual and have to offer Spanish rather than teach English to those who don't understand it? Isn't it more cost effective to teach 11 million or so people to speak English than to teach 300 million to be fluent in Spanish? Why don't we give the same considerations to the French speaking population, or the German, or the Japanese, etc?

I was then led to the push for America to recognize ebonics as a language. We were asked to consider allowing street slang to be accepted as a form of communication as if it were the dialect of our nation. This outrageous proposal was thankfully shelved.

So you might be wondering what led me to ponder these unrelated subjects. Well, if you look at them they all have one thing in common. They all promote ignorance, the hand tool of the progressive agenda. How can you possibly know what's being proposed in Washington if you don't have a grasp of the language? How can you know if what they are doing is in line with the founding father's principles if you don't understand history? How do you even know who the founding fathers are if you don't understand our history? It's difficult enough for people who are fluent in English and a base knowledge of history to keep a handle on the controlled confusion promoted by our government. How would you expect someone who didn't understand the foundation of our government nor completely mastered our language to be a responsible voter? Is this agenda preconceived to enhance the progressive voter base? They give them entitlements, but keep them confused so they vote for the hand that feeds them.

How hard is it to dazzle the uninformed by offering them food stamps, welfare, immigration reform, and free healthcare, and all you ask for in return is to register to vote and cast that ballot for your benefactor? Why isn't it mandatory that entitlements come with strings attached like a drug test? As a ships master I have to submit to drug tests to continue earning a living, it's for the safety of all concerned. Isn't it a concern that our unemployed, needy citizens live a healthy drug free existence so the needs and welfare of their family be met?

What the progressive's fail to meet with their social justice agenda, is social justice. It's not fair to lower the bar, keeping people uneducated and poor. They enable this behavior to enrich their voter base, insuring strong election turn out by simply telling them their entitlements will be threatened if the other party comes to power. I submit to you the continuing decline of the inner cities, whose representation has been from the liberal left for decades as rock solid proof. It's documented, appalling, and contagious. Now they want to infect the rest of society with this disease, and why not? It's been effective for them to date, and it's attractive to the nar-do-wells, because it involves no effort at all!

I love the stories of people who rose out of poverty to become productive citizens. Show me one that did so without a struggle. Show me one who did it without education. Those who did it succeeded because they refused to accept the status quo. If they accepted entitlements it was to use them as a stepping stone till they educated themselves out of poverty. They had a dream, they had a struggle, then they had a victory!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

PS Happy Birthday to a great leader and friend. Thanks for your guidance and all you do Orrin!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Evolution Vs Revolution!

You say you want a revolution
Well you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be alright
Alright Alright

You say you got a real solution
Well you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well you know
We're doing what we can
But when you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you have to wait
Don't you know it's gonna be alright
Alright Alright

You say you'll change the constitution
Well you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well you know
You better free your mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don't you know know it's gonna be alright
Alright Alright

The Beatles/Revolution

Wow, with the exception of the last line; 'But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow." This is the progressive's theme song. Interesting lyrics, don't you think? They bring so many thoughts to mind. Like for instance how the current administration had a Christmas ornament of the fore mentioned Chairman Mao on the White House tree? Did they miss that verse? How about the White House communications director, Anita Dunn, who told a graduating high school class her two favorite philosophers are Mother Theresa and Chairman Mao.

While this was a popular song, back in the day, the progressive agenda doesn't enjoy the same popularity. Polls out yesterday place Nancy Pelosi at 11% approval rate and Harry Reid at 8%. That amuses me as the 45 million uninsured Americans they were trying to help with this healthcare legislation represent 15% of the 300 million in our population. Apparently some of them don't appreciate their efforts! Eight percent, holy cow, I'll bet Osama Bin Laden rivals that! Harry Reid is less popular than an ear infection, and 89% of Americans would rather have a toothache than Nancy Pelosi as a congresswoman. From those numbers it looks like even some of their family members polled against them. Geez, they made light of George Bush, he was more popular at his worse point than these two combined! I better make a point, I'm having way too much fun with this....

The song is totally true. The progressive's want to use evolution to morph us into a society that ignores the constitution, and we support everyone on a level playing field, redistribution of wealth. The song scolds them for aligning themselves with Mao, although it hints to his policies. Even the Beatles knew you shouldn't honor a mass murderer.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suck it up Cupcake!

Life has given me many opportunities, as a father, one of those was to coach my son's baseball and football teams. I was asked to run the summer baseball program in the off season for his high school team, an honor I'll always treasure. To bring those players to the next level we concentrated on drills and increasing speed. Colleges rate players on a timed 60 yard dash, so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to improve their 60 times, so some of them might get considered to go on to the next level.

It seems everything you do in life has a lesson if you look for it, and this was no exception. One of the things that stood out during these time trials was if you pit closely matched runners against each other, both of their times in the 60 improved. Something about reaching the finish line nose and nose pushes each of them to do their very best. Not so much if you matched a slower and a faster runner together.

I say all this to make this point. Competition brings out the best in people. The more evenly your matched the better each of you do. This my friends is where excellence is achieved. Recognition of excellence is what drives us to the finish line. America makes strides in innovation because of peer recognition. Examples like the Linus Pauling Award, given for achievement in the science community, puts the highlight on the person who gave that extra effort, and makes this world a better place for all of us. Accomplishment should be rewarded, and brought to light. Validation of achievment is the force behind the spirit of competition that has and will continue to make this country great!

There is a movement to level the playing field in our great nation. We are being asked to award and recognize participation. While the intentions of no hurt feeling are good, it promotes mediocrity. Awards for participation are little more than door prizes for attendance, and in some cases even that was less than a stellar effort. Competition is the heart beat of this economy, it provides innovation. Not everyone is good at everything, and everyone has their own individual talent. It's as important your a great oboe player as the other person is a great pitcher, they are both needed, and both should be recognized in their field of excellence.

We need to learn to highlight our strengths and accentuate them. Competition is what inspires us to hone each individual talent to it's apex. It's how we survive in this world, so the earlier that lesson is taught, the faster it can be applied. It's time to keep score. It's time to spotlight achievement. It's time for America to take it's place as a world leader.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, March 22, 2010

With the Dawn Comes Hope!

Well, is spite of the decision to abandon the free market system to grant healthcare for all, I'm here to tell you the sun still rose this morning. With the dawn of a new day comes hope, and when we have hope, we will survive.

I was amazed at how well frustrated Americans took the loss of freedom. The protesters were well behaved, for the most part. There was a report of racial slurs being hurled at some of the left wing advocates, which is unacceptable. I'm a little doubtful it actually happened, those congress people were on camera 24/7, yet somehow the incident managed to slip under the radar. They have been known to play the part of the victim, especially when they are doing unpopular, and even scandalous legislation. Sympathy for them and their cause is always a prescribed treatment, the left loves martyrdom. I suspect this is closer to the truth than what was actually reported, but under the circumstances it is possible emotional maturity was lost.

I was asked, where do we go from here? Well, what happened is outside our circle of influence, but not outside our circle of concern. Whenever I'm frustrated I first turn to prayer, for the strength to do God's will. Then we should rely upon the character of our system. Our founding fathers took steps to insure our freedom could be defended when threatened. They, unlike the progressives, understood man is flawed, and man will make mistakes. Hold true to what you know is right. Remember the pain you felt as your freedom was taken from you, and hold that precious until it's time to vote your conscience. Then speak loudly and act in the voting booth. Support those who support freedom, and don't be misled by the temptation of entitlements. Just like your parents drilled into your head as a child, it's wrong to accept candy from strangers, the same principle applies. Short term pleasure, mandated for the good of the masses, is actually a recipe for the long term loss of freedom. Not unlike the evil element that lures children into captivity with the temptation of candy.

Freedom demands struggle. Freedom is never free, it comes at a cost. It'll test your character, and your where-with-all. We are facing that test today. I'm choosing to show the world I cannot be lured by the candy of socialism. I invite you to join me!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Choleric Moment!

Occasionally I like to wander into a known liberal web site and sharpen my wits by engaging in a discussion with bloggers of the opposite opinion. The responses are hilarious and I've got to share some of them with you. I open up the discussion by explaining to them how allowing the federal government to administer your healthcare you would be sacrificing your freedom by diminishing your choices. Here's how they handled that........

Future shock replied
"I suggest you look up terms like "herd immunity", "social diseases", and "epidemic".ONE IN SIX Americans has herpes, a social disease that can only be passed by very intimate contact (and whose spread can be nearly halted if everyone infected had access to Valtrex or similar antivirals - but it's not cheap and most don't)."

Saul Alinsky would be proud. He tells them to deflect the subject matter and take the person your arguing with to a place they are uncomfortable with. Well done, except I answered....

First of all we are discussing your freedom of choices when it pertains to healthcare, not social disease. Now about your desire to have free Valtrex for all herpes sufferers. Valtrex neither prevents the spread nor cures herpes. It merely treats the symptoms caused by the outbreaks. Read the label!

Then bonncarl defended the liberal view like this.....
"Uh, tell that to the millions of americans who lost jobs due to the crappy Bush 43 policies that put the economy into a tailspin in the first place."

Now I was taken aback with that kind of deep thinking. But I did manage to recover and reply....

I realize George Bush destroyed the universe as you know it. I can only hope someday you'll find it in your heart to move on and forgive as we are taught in the bible. With that being said the topic we are discussing is the government control of your healthcare. Could you please reply with something pertinent and timely so we can move this discussion forward? George Bush has been out of office for over 13 months now and currently we have different people in Washington. The purpose of this discussion is to give those people some guidance as to the mood of the nation, not to dwell in the past and assign blame. Progress is attained by looking forward.

Measure for measure also weighed in with this snippet.....
"Let's review. The plan cuts the deficit over 10 year and over 20 years. It has tough cost control measures, as deemed by those who have spent their life studying this issue. Sure, it could be improved upon. But the status quo is simply not sustainable. True budget hawks applaud this bill: phonies can only reach for hallucinatory rhetoric"

Finally someone who could stay on topic! Well sort of, we were discussing the intrusion of government into our choices as citizens when it comes to healthcare. None the less, I put on my party shoes and countered with this.....

"Speaking of rhetoric, is it the new math you use when you try to explain how your going to insure an additional 30 million people, pre-existing conditions and all for less money? But you are quite correct on one issue, "The status quo is not sustainable." That problem you point out is created by other government sponsored entitlements that went out of control. Medicaid, medicare, and social security. Thank you for making my point. This entitlement, just like those, will over run the proposed expense, just like the history of ever single government program ever created. That my friend will put the final nail in the coffin of our economy. The only true way to save our economy is to dismantle government run entitlements and restore the responsibility and accountability for healthcare and retirement back to the people. I know it's asking a great deal for individual citizens to accept responsibility, but true freedom has a price. For those who are less fortunate, we have charities. Well run organizations that offer the same entitlements as the government with no fraud or waste. The government needs to get out of the business of charity and the business of insurance, those are for the free market. Government is for governing. A truly free society looks to innovative free market solutions to solve needs.

Funny, none of them had replies! The liberal ideology has no merit when confronted with the facts. I'm sure they all mean well, their hearts seem to be in the right place, but they refuse to look beyond the immediacy of the problem to the root cause. Like removing weeds from your garden, to temporarily make it look good by just removing the tops isn't the answer. You have to extract the root.

God Bless
Capt, Bill

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And Justice for All!

Well, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the likes of the progressive movement are seeking to create history this weekend by passing the healthcare legislation. I'm thinking they are going to create history also, but not for the same reasons. Follow me on this little journey of logic......

Thirty eight states have proposed or passed legislation to exclude them from this debacle. The are claiming that this federal intrusion is a violation of state's rights as granted by the Constitution. Also granted in the Constitution is the power for the states to adopt or remove legislation if 2/3's of them agree to do so, nullifying both the Congress and the President. This will be a historical moment if the states ban together to exercise this power. The possibility is highly likely!

Author, talk show host and constitutional scholar, Mark Levin is drafting a law suit to be filed upon the passing of this legislation deeming it unconstitutional as well. Not only is the process the federal powers used improper, but it forces the American people to purchase a good or service,( health insurance), again not a power granted to the government in the constitution.

I'm also under the impression that the republican part will file suit to overthrow this power grab as they also feel the constitution has been ignored.

Here's my point. The elected officials when sworn in take this oath....

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God

I do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent on me, according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably to the Constitution, and laws of the United States. So help me God.

You'll notice they all require the oath taker to uphold and defend the Constitution of the Untied States. If this legislation or the process used to pass it is deemed by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, that suggests to me anyone who's name is affixed to that process has violated their oath of office. This is historical folks, they've committed treason. They've conspired against the Constitution of the United States and failed to execute the duties of their office. In the early days of our country, these violators would have been challenged to a duel. I'll settle for impeachment and prosecution. If I remember correctly treason carries a possible death sentence. Perhaps that will nudge those who tread all over the founding principles of our great nation to reconsider the process and substance of proposed legislation.

They'll create history all right!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Pull Those Weeds!

Many of us are up in arms over the proposed government takeover of healthcare, but it's just one in a string of many entitlement programs that are just plain wrong. Legislators are convincing us to put a band aid on what amounts to a severed artery. The entitlements they offer are not cures, but simply enable bad thinking and behavior. They just are not the answer for the problems, any of them.

Let's go to the root of the problem, the irreducible minimum if you will. A lack of healthcare insurance is a lack of responsibility. A lack of employment is a lack of responsibility, A lack of food for your family is a lack of responsibility. Does supplying healthcare to anyone repair stinking thinking? How about unemployment insurance? What about food stamps? The same applies for every entitlement program the government offers us Is social security a repair for bad financial planning or simply another band aid? Substitute any program, welfare, medicaid, medicare, they all fit in the sentence.


If you lacked food to feed your family, and had no government program, no family to help you, no neighbors to lean on, where would you turn? Personally I'd be where charity is the mission statement, church. With their kindness and charity would come some counseling, as the church wants you back on your feet, and serving others. The government doesn't offer that. Here's your food stamps, see you next month, is their mantra. Where as the church will help you overcome the personal problems that keep you from holding a job and being responsible. They redeem you and set you back on the right path. They don't enable you to continue bad behavior. This and this alone is reason enough for the government not to be involved in charity, or the redistribution of wealth.

The church realizes the root of the problem is you. The government thinks the problem is society. The church fixes the problem one soul at a time, the government looks at the problem as a whole.

Unemployment benefits insure unemployment. I can't tell you how many people have told me they didn't take employment because it did pay as well as their benefit. They also say without those benefit checks, they would have been back to work ASAP. Do you know New Jersey is paying as high as $600.00 / week to remain unemployed? How about the states that give you 99 weeks of benefits? That's just five weeks short of a two year vacation! A private charity would have you employed or doing chores about the grounds to rebuild your work ethic, they correct stinking thinking and insist you become a productive member of society. Otherwise, like the government has found out, there is a never ending supply of needy folks with their hands out. It's amazing how resilient and resourceful Americans can be when backed in a corner.

Okay so there are people who will forever need assistance. Granted, but which is more effective and efficient, medicaid or St. Jude's Children's hospital? Both provide free care, one is fraud free and operates within it's budget, the other sucks your tax money. Which works better, the Salvation Army, or the food stamp program? I'll bet the farm the Salvation Army has more success stories. How about the Social Security Administration taking 15% of your life's earnings and returning less than $2000.00/ month to live on, verses, you being fiscally responsible and saving 15% of your income? Want to bet me which will give you a better standard of living when you retire? Who would you rather trust your package to....the post office, or UPS?

The government does some things better than anyone. They have the greatest armed forces in the world. They are spectacular at printing our currency. But them charities don't compete with the government on those levels, so why should the government compete with charity?

Psssst, the answer is.......There is money involved. Without an economic reason, there would be no government involvement. Government's job is to govern....Charity's job is to give and rehab.

Now that I've made you all late to work, this is a little long winded. I say all of this to get this point across....There are people who work tirelessly to separate church and state, yet the government insists upon interfering with the church's mission statement, charity. Government throwing money at these problems, will not solve them. Faith, and the principles attached will rebuild the recipient, and aid him to serve his creator and fellow humans. So to address these problems you have to go to the base. You can't remove weeds by pulling the tops off, you must extract the root. Faith is the round-up of stinking thinking!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Intelligent Design!

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank everyone for all the encouraging input yesterday, apparently that observation was a thought provoker! So how do I top that? That's a challenge I face every morning, so let's see if I'm up to the task today!

Over on Orrin's blog>>> is a documentary hosted by Ben Stein titled, "Expelled." It exposes the bias in academia over the topic of Creationism vs Evolution. I'd encourage you to check it out as I was amazed at the narrow minded prejudice between peers.

Here's what I found disturbing, these professors teach their beliefs to our children, and will likely fail them in the course if they choose to have a different opinion. Now I realize there are holes in both theories of how man came to exist, but to dismiss either, in my eyes, is simply uninformed. I was also cognizant of the attitude of the Darwinism believers. If you had a different point of view they dismiss your opinion as stupid, and verbally express that. Name calling is never an option in debate. Anyone who lowers themselves to that,is not armed with enough facts to intelligently express their point.

Now here is my view. Even if there is truth to Darwinism being a correct theory, wouldn't it be safer to hold the possibility of a Intelligent Design Theory as well? After all if Creationism is true, to dismiss it would sentence your soul to eternal damnation. I'll stay on the safe side of that one.

Here's the funny part. Darwinism believers think it's stupid to think life on earth was created by a higher power. Yet they are convinced man has evolved through a process of lining up a series of proteins in an exact order then duplicating that process flawlessly over and over again, until we crawled out of a puddle of slime. So my question is, where did the puddle of slime come from? How was the earth created? Where did the universe come from? You might get a response about the "Big Bang Theory", which is the belief that two particles crashed and exploded into the universe. So where did the two particles come from?

While they find it easy to dismiss the possibility of a Intelligent Design by a higher power, there are just as many holes in the Darwinism theory. It's impossible to explain how something was created from nothing, period. When challenged the Darwinism fanatics will retreat till finally they will concede earth might have been seeded by an alien presence. Isn't that Intelligent Design? Let me ask you the bigger question....Where did those aliens come from?

As you can see, Darwinism has many holes that are unexplainable. So to dismiss others beliefs isn't very academic like. I'm a simple man, I believe in God. While I also believe man and other creatures are capable of, and have, evolved to suit their environment, science cannot explain life or creation. So I'll hold true to my theory it's a combination of the two. It's not fair to deny tenure or dismiss a professor because he disagrees with your theory. It's also not fair to prejudice your grading of students because they don't fit within your narrow belief corridor. That my friends speaks volumes! Perhaps a little of the creationist application of the "Golden Rule" is required here!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

PS The job of a professor is to teach you how to think, not what to think!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes, Master!

Isn't it interesting how a country once plagued by the ugliness of slavery is reverting right back to the principles we abhor? I'll bet that made your eyes wide open this morning!

Way back when this country was first founded, it was common practice for the big estate owners to maintain a contingency of slave labor. In return for their work for the master, they got fed, clothed, and had their medical issues treated as the owner saw fit. Basically they had cradle to grave entitlements. The only rules were, you bowed to the will of the master, worked like a dog, and didn't run away. You possessed very little personally, and your contribution went toward the good of the plantation.

This was how we treated minorities, and it was soon abolished, because it was deemed inhumane. Does anyone else see the parallel here? Now we are asking the government to be our master, supply us his idea of education, income, healthcare, a place to live, or in a nutshell cradle to grave entitlements. Once upon a time it was deemed inhumane, now we're being fed propaganda that these are our rights!

Do you think Harriet Tubman would have would have risked her life running an underground railroad, to help people escape from slavery, if she knew they'd revert right back to the plantation? When Washington,(the plantation), is empowered to supply you entitlements, you sacrifice your freedom, till the last choice has disappeared. Then finally, without choices, your a slave.

Slavery doesn't discriminate skin color, it thrives on ignorance. All it needs is for you to believe someone else can supply your needs better than you can yourself, and finally, you have to be comfortable with that! Isn't also odd this is coming from a big white house?
So by a raise of hands, who wants to move on to the plantation of entitlements? Better yet, who's making it look inviting to go there? Who has their heels dug in fighting for your freedoms? Now you know who the villain is...................

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It Don't Matter to The Sun.......

We face emotional challenges everyday. Sometimes it seems the good Lord puts people here to test our resolve, and emotional maturity. You know those little blessings sent to us to see just what it takes to push us over the edge. They are, in fact, a great chance to examine just how far we've come in our leadership journey.

Your only as big as the smallest thing that gets under your skin. Reflecting upon that statement made me realize I wasn't standing tall. Besides raising my blood pressure unnecessarily, those challenges were reflecting just how emotionally mature I really was. After I started to focus on this it was easy to see how little it takes to send people into a tizzy. How many times have you seen people in airports, lose it, because of a plane malfunction? Just exactly what do they expect, the airline to place them on an unsafe plane? The reactions have become a source of entertainment for me!

Maybe it's a loved one who tosses you an emotional challenge. Our closest relationships know from our past behavior what it takes to push our buttons. It's not hard for them to light our fuse and send us off like a skyrocket. Can you imagine their surprise when that test is handled with a calm cool response? You send them away in amazement when you battle adversity with a smile, and a limited response.

Take a look at the bigger picture. There isn't a situation we encounter that will stop the sun from rising, so there is always a new day. With a new day comes renewed hope. I always ask myself, is the situation worth handing over control of my emotions to the instigator? Once you grant them control, your no longer in charge of yourself. They own you! With that in mind it's amazing how levelheaded I become.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, March 15, 2010


There are three levels of emotional maturity I was reading about the other day. I thought I'd share some insight to how to evaluate where your at, and hopefully aid you to reach level three, the mind set of the successful!

Level one is called dependence, and it is exactly as described. The level one example thinks in terms of, "me." What can you do for me? How does that help me? Personally I think this level is more of an infection, that spreads through our society, uninhibited. It's the lowest form of emotional maturity for obvious reasons, it's totally selfish. Just the thought of spending anytime trapped in this level makes my skin crawl, but then that's part of my personality. Dependence is like bondage to me, I abhor the loss of freedom it demands to grant control of your life to someone else's whim.

Level two is branded, independent. Your beholding to no one. You think in terms of, "I". "I" will do this. "I" can fix this. "I" am the only one "I" can count on. It's a choleric's dream state, and most people reach some level of this, and stop. While it's a mountain top above the state of dependence, we can do better!

Level three, the utopia of emotional maturity, is interdependence. You think in terms of "We". What can "we" do to improve this situation? How can "we" work together to resolve this issue? It actually takes two independent people to cooperate to reach this level. A dependent and an independent can never achieve a state of interdependence as the dependent needs to evolve to independence to contribute equally!

The synergy created by a team of like minded individuals is a multiplying force that works exponentially. If you join two independent people without the synergy of interdependence you have a one plus one equals two formula. When you have two people working interdependently you use the power of multiplication, exponentially. That one plus one becomes two to the power of an unlimited factor! "We" are only limited by the power of our vision, when interdependent

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a Matter of Priorities!

I was rereading one of the top five books in our system yesterday when I had an epiphany. The question the author raised was what were your priorities, so I answered with my usual faith, family, friends, and work. Then the author got me, he asked to confirm the order; ask yourself, if you had to eliminate one, what would it be? So naturally I started on the bottom, after all, how hard would it be to justify to myself living without work? A job is simply a means to an ends, I need income to live the lifestyle I choose. Truth be told, I have the means to survive without an income. The level will dip, I've become kind of fond of indoor plumbing, refrigeration, and buying meals rather than killing and gathering them. But I can survive without a job!

So I move on to friends. Can I live without friends? It's hardly desirable, but in a pinch, I believe I can. I was a little upset about how quickly I can remove the priorities. I took the author as asking if it was a life or death situation though, so I was handling this exercise seriously.

Now I was down to two, family and faith, it was getting tough to answer quickly. I put lots of thought into this, you don't dismiss either lightly. Did I have the order correct? I reviewed my life, my children, my sisters, and my relatives, how could I answer this one? Well reflection paid off. There are times in my life I'm not particularly proud of, I was hard headed and independent, a survivor. I have lived without contact from my family, so I'm no stranger to the loneliness it brings. Thankfully I've repaired those relationships, but it was because of my faith. Therein lies the answer. Faith came first, because without it, I might not have repaired those relationships.

The author's challenge made me reflect on my priorities, and why I believe what I believe. I challenge you to do the same soul searching. There are no correct answers, but it will reinforce your priorities so you can defend them if ever questioned. I eagerly await hearing your outcomes!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, March 13, 2010


One of the most prolific statements I've ever heard is, Information, applied is power. You can work your way through just about any situation, dilemma, or crisis with proper information. Knowledge applied will lead you to solutions.

In this day and age of the Internet, information is rampant. With just the click of a mouse you can have your hands full of input. Some good, some bad. How do we discern the difference? That's a great question! Personally, I consider the source. Does the author or advisor have the fruit on the tree? For instance, is your broke brother-in-law advising you on finance? Is the marriage counselor happily married with years of experience, or five times divorced? Is the well meaning friend telling you how to raise your children a parent with well balanced, successful offspring, or a train wreck emotionally with their kids? I like to follow in the footsteps of those who are successful, not theorists.

Once you decide the input your getting is coming from a quality source, the next step is action! Applying what you've learned is the key! How many PHD's are under employed, or out of work all together? Stacked full of information, yet not applying what they know? Action cures fears! Take that step, ask that question, apply the knowledge you've gained.

Now on to the most important step, feedback. Is the action you've taken yielding the results you desire? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results",(Albert Einstein). My mentor, (Top 10 leadership guru Orrin Woodward) has a process he calls PDCA. Plan, (seek knowledge), Do,(take action), Check, (get feedback), and Adjust, (course correct). Not every plan is fool proof, that's why you check and adjust to achieve the desired results! I love PDCA, I use it in everything I do!

It's also key to insure your action will have a direct affect on your goal. Keep the main thing, the main thing. Don't be distracted by shiny objects. When an obstacle presents itself, ask if it has anything to do with achieving the final result you desire. If it doesn't pass it by.

Sometimes it takes compromise to arrive at your destination. A great quote to live by is,"Win, win or no deal." (Stephen Covey). This is a real art, and your PDCA will really come in handy here. It's a fine balance to find the great, and not settle for the good. As Jim Collins tells us, "Good is the enemy of great." Look for a balance of great for all parties involved when solution seeking.

Now your armed with great information! Go attack that problem! Remember action cures fears, and brings results to PDCA! You can't steer a parked car!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, March 12, 2010


It's often said adversity reveals character, or lack of it! I've found when adversity comes knocking at the door it offers us an opportunity to make a decision. We are then defined by the choice we make. When times get tough will we take the high road, or allow pressure to make a less than desirable choice? In other words, Do we allow adversity to control us, or do we maintain control of ourselves? The choice is simple, it's a matter of self discipline. Personally I refuse to grant control over any situation to anything or anyone else. Once you've made the choice, your no longer in control. You've passed those decisions off to others, thereby forfeiting freedom.

Remember our heritage, we fight for freedom. Face adversity with an attitude that says,"This will not beat us." Adversity is just another bump in the road, run it over!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Every once in awhile it's a good idea to sit and reflect where you are in life. In fact it's not a bad idea to make it a yearly event, something you put a date on, like a birthday or the start of a new year. Tomorrow's not guaranteed for anyone, so it's important to self reflect and see if you've accomplished everything you want in your journey, and where the holes exist, waiting for you to fill.

I like to break that little self analysis down into priorities. Starting with faith, then moving to family, relationships, and finally work. It might be your list has a different order, but that's okay! As long as we know where we are in the journey, we can see what's left to do. I don't plan on leaving this earth until my work is done, so should my time abruptly end, I'd like to know I've got my relationships etc, in order so there are no regrets.

We get busy dealing with life, and it's easy to let things, important things, go unsaid. The kids need to know what an incredible miracle they've been in your life. Your spouse needs to understand that your union is a bond that makes two as one. Your parents need to be thanked for the gift of life and guidance they've given you. And your friends need to know the value you place on their love. Have you held the ones you love lately? Does everyone that's of value in your life know what a blessing they are?

Garth Brooks sang, "Should tomorrow never come, will she know how much I love her?" I like to say, will they know how much I love them, then insure they do. No better gift has a man or woman than the gift of love. Be a giver!

God Bless
Capt, Bill

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And to The Republic!

A discussion I had with my son the other day, led me to the conclusion that our school system is woefully failing our youth. He was describing a conversation he was having in class with one of his professors. The professor asked him what form of government America is? He replied, as most people do, it's a democracy! The professor had him recite the "Pledge of Allegiance". So he began.....

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands"; STOP, he yelled. "Now what form of government are we?" "Point taken," my son said.

Now why did it take being at a college level before this was driven home? Because we are wrongly taught that America is a democracy . If America was truly a democracy, every vote would count. We wouldn't have a representative form of government. While they are similar, a democracy and a republic, there are subtle differences.

The "majority rule" is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy. Some people call it mob rule. American's love the principles of democracy, and will defend them, equality, and freedom.

A republic is a form of government in which the citizens choose their leaders, and the people (or at least a part of its people), have an impact on its government. Which is why we are having an unpopular healthcare bill even considered. James Madison defined republic in terms of representative democracy as opposed to direct democracy.

While this may sound like nitpicking, it's important we understand the difference because there are forms of democracy we don't want to morph into. Most of the European Union is considered a socialist democracy, and there are people in this country trying to push us toward that model. There biggest weapon is ignorance of the subtle differences, and using them to reconfigure what our government's design originally was.Be proud and tell people your part of a republic, spread the word! We are the original model of freedom. Let's not let our unique design be herded under the umbrella of a democracy, and be subject to the variations that'll water down the founding father's vision.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your Our Next Winner!

I find myself blessed in so many ways, but yesterday sealed the deal. I'm just so giddy, I can't help but share this e-mail I received.....

Compliment of the day to you.
Due to natural disasters happening recently around the world, for example the earthquake in Haiti and Chile, leading to loss of lives and properties thereby resulting in poor standard of living, the WORLD FOR WORLD ORGANIZATION (WFWO) a non-governmental organization working for a better world fighting hunger and poverty worldwide has lunched a Secured Future Program (SFP) in which you were selected as one of the beneficiaries to be awarded a grand sum of one million dollars to improve your standard of living and of the people around you. For more information and claims contact and our officials will get back to you.
Christine Parkes,
Grant Announcer.

Now I've always wanted to be a philanthropist, and now I have the means! What kind of incredible luck have I been blessed with? I can't wait to run down to my bank and wire this Christine Parkes whatever funds she needs to expedite this so I can begin the process of improving the standard of living for the people around me. You might begin yourself writing detailed descriptions of your needs and forwarding them to me, so I may address them when my million dollars arrives! Oh, happy day!

Some immediate thoughts came to me when I opened this e-mail.....
I was born at night, just not last night.
I run the boat, I didn't just fall off of it.
You truly can insure 30 million additional people through the government without raising taxes and lowering the national debt.
My momma did raise a dummy, but that's another sibling.
I can't wait to meet Santa.
The Easter bunny is a friend of mine.
Charlie Rangel had no idea that trip to the Caribbean was paid for by lobbyists looking for favors.
Bill and Monica had a strictly professional relationship.
Leprechauns really do have a pot of gold.

You get the idea! I hope this gave you a laugh, it sure did me. It doesn't hurt to dream about who you could help with this kind of windfall. But the real value comes in time spent, so give others the gift of yourself!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, March 8, 2010

When First We Practice to Deceive............

I'll never cease to be amazed at the rhetoric that flows from our capital. I was kind of hanging back on this plan to use the nuclear option to amend the healthcare bill currently under consideration in the House of Representatives, but today I feel the need to weigh in. The first thing that strikes me is the left's defense of the improper use of this procedure. It was designed to sidestep the rules of the Senate to insure passage of necessary budget legislation, period. Now, not to say it hasn't been abused before, it has, and by both parties. But to defend it's improper use by claiming the republican's have abused it before, so that makes it okay for the democrats to follow suit, is just stinking thinking. Two wrongs don't make a right, and isn't absurd to justify bad behavior of others to rationalize you doing it? At what point does one exude character and take the high road?

I can't help but wonder, how bitter is this medicine they are trying to force us to swallow? If you have to resort to underhanded politics, doesn't that speak volumes to the credibility of the legislation?

When someone impeaches their character by questionable tactics, I'm a bit leery. Since they are advertising to anyone that'll listen their plan to amend this bill using an improper means, doesn't it call into question the integrity of the plan. Suppose they never take steps to add the amendments in the Senate and this is all a ruse to get the votes needed to pass this legislation? Representatives have no guarantee they aren't just saying this to win their votes, now do they? Their current behavior dictates they will say anything to get their agenda accomplished.

So now, this is the character of the people who represent you in Washington. They are walking, talking examples of what we approve of. Is anyone else embarrassed? Here's more food for thought....They take this show on the road too, and send this same message overseas. Isn't that comforting? We were told others hated Americans before....Wait till they get a hold of this pack of deceivers.

There is never a good excuse for bad behavior.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vetted Out?

I was thinking, and some of you know what a challenge that can be, about how we, as humans, treat the animal population. As compassionate beings, whenever a pet or even a wild animal gets injured or sick, we end their suffering by euthanasia. It just seems justified to us to terminate the suffering quickly. Then somehow we justify the same process for overpopulation, or unwanted pets. Shelters put countless animals to sleep, (a term we use to soften death), simply because we have no place for them, or their allotted time for adoption has expired. Isn't it interesting how we rationalize moving from death to end suffering, to death to end overpopulation. Somewhere we got anointed responsible for mandating when one of God's creatures became useless or a burden. Then most municipalities have a government run department who's job it is to pick up these strays and carry out the sentence, (the animal "control" division).

I was just pondering how thankful I am we've not applied that to fellow humans as well. It's great we don't have any agencies that mandate when you've outlived your usefulness, especially one funded by the government. Presently we have no oversight on how our quality of life is affecting or contributing to the welfare of our planet. I'm thankful there are no doctors or veterinarians assigned to," put us to sleep", because no one wants us, or we've surpassed our allotted time here on earth.

So what separates us from having the same fate as our pets? A few simple laws and the morality of man. Are we in jeopardy of being dealt with in a similar fashion? Well that's a great question! Aren't those animals rounded up by the "dogcatcher" subject to government run healthcare? And isn't their execution decided upon not only budgetary concerns but usefulness to society?

So, is this line of thought a leap from the possible? Lord, I hope so. We've already set an example as to how we deal with unwanted pets, I hope it's not an indicator of the mentality brought on by government control. History doesn't have any examples of the human race committing genocide on unwanted men or women; or does it? Maybe we should take a closer look at what the government controls, and what the possibilities of unchecked power grants. Are we really sure of the agenda of our elected officials? After all we've never voted for change and gotten something we never expected or bargained for, have we?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Friday, March 5, 2010


You maybe asking yourself after yesterday's post; "How do I find my dream?" So many people find themselves in a daily rut, void of hope and abandoning their dreams. Truth be told they are just waiting for life to end, a routine has taken over and inspiration for more is lost. So how do you learn to live again? What does it take to relight that fire?

Well, first you have to stop pouring water on the logs. When was the last time you did something for Association is the gasoline that'll spark that blaze. Suppose you always wanted a new boat. Go to the boat dealer, and sit in one. Feel the seat wrap around your body, inhale the fresh air. Imagine yourself cruising the waterways. Read articles on new boats, become an expert on the dream. You can do this with a car, a motor coach, a new designer home, an island vacation, the possibilities are limitless.

Maybe your dream is to give back to the community. Find the need that makes your heart cry out and spend time there. As you familiarize yourself with the cause, the vision of where you fit in will surface.

Nothing is sadder than a life without purpose. Home to work, home to work, isn't a purpose, it's a sentence. Your not going to look back on your life when the time is near and wish you'd spent more time at work. While a job is a necessary evil for most of us, it doesn't have to define our life. Spend the time to define what you'd like to be, do, have, or see. Then seek association with that purpose. You can be really bold and put a date on the fruition of that dream. That'll define it as a goal, and remember goals are written down, then broken down into a series of smaller goals to bring you to that end.

Need more help out of that rut? Read, The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz PHD.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dream On!

Inspiration + Perspiration= Validation. This is the formula for success. Everything you desire in life begins first with a vision. Carl Sagan said, "Nothing happens.... But first a dream!" How true is that? Without the vision there would be no goal.

Dallin Larsen, founder of Mona Vie, saw a need in Brazil. The poverty and abuse of children drove him to a vision of a better life for them. Did he look to the government for support? Nope, he took action, and now the M.O.R.E. project is providing education, sanitary conditions, food, and housing to aid the youth out of their poverty. He had a dream and took action!

All men and women are born, live suffer and die;

what distinguishes us one from another is our dreams, whether they be dreams about worldly or unworldly things, and what we do to make them come about...

We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents. We do not choose our historical epoch, the country of our birth, or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing. We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time and conditions of our death.

But within this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we live.

--Joseph Epstein

How many young ladies dream of their prince charming? Then some young man walks into their life and begins to morph into her vision. She sees him for what he can be, not as he is. This is a great example of inspiring people to excel, giving them a chance to personally grow to that envisioned prince. That young man becomes a husband, and a provider and maybe a father.Her hero! He's introduced to responsibility. Truth be told all he was probably searching for was a date. She raised the bar on him and hopefully he rose to the occasion.

It's our responsibility to dream. We owe society a vision, and we owe people the opportunity to grow to our belief in them. How many people can you inspire by validating the good, and bringing the cream to the top? So many people are just yearning for someone to see them for what they could be. Raising them from the rut they've trapped themselves into through a lack of vision and belief in themselves. How many wrongs can you right by working toward the goals you've set by dreaming. How unimportant can the role of government assistance become if we lift others, and inspire them to dream? Inspire to aspire!

Just something to dream on..............

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday it was announced, that because of the Toyota acceleration/brake problem, that a device is going to be installed on all new vehicles called a brake override system. It's designed to override your accelerator pedal in the unlikely event that the vehicle become possessed, the driver completely loses all rational thought, and it speeds out of control.

Now I realize there is quite a to do about the 52 people who've died to date from suspected uncontrollable acceleration of their Toyota, but when does common sense kick in? How hard is it to educate the driving population to put the car into neutral? I mean, we did some how manage to teach then to turn the key to start it, and we also introduced them to the complicated art of putting it into drive. Do we really need to add the expense of a computer operated system to disable the accelerator when you apply the brakes?

I'm really starting to question the IQ level of the humans granted the privilege of being issued a driving licence. Perhaps part of the driving test should be a simulated emergency situation where your car becomes possessed like a scene from a horror movie and locks all four doors, trapping you inside, then it magically put itself into drive and races off at uncontrollable speeds toward certain death. You have ten seconds to react, can you as the operator (the one in control) of the vehicle, react quickly enough to place said possessed vehicle into neutral and apply brake?

Wait better yet... We could save the expense of the Hollywood movie set to simulate something out of the Exorcist, and simply question drivers when they either get a new license or renew the old one.

1.) Should your car accelerate suddenly in drive without any aid from you; You should.....
A) Call for an Exorcism.
B) Notify your attorney.
C) Place car in neutral, and apply foot brake
D) Dial 911
E) All of the above

I know it's a trick question! But hey, we have to raise the bar! How else are we going to weed out those who drive for miles in the right hand lane with their left turn signal on? This added safety feature is going to add thousands of dollars to already overpriced vehicles. Why? Because the driving public fails to react calmly when faced with adversity. If we can't rationally deal with this, just how vulnerable are we?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Character Exposed!

One of the greatest truths told to mankind goes like this....Adversity reveals character! This plays out everyday if your paying attention. So I've made a special effort to notice how I personally handle adversity, and invite you to do the same! As always there is a story attached.

Yesterday I set off on a quest to purchase 6 new mattresses for the yacht. I headed for my favorite mattress dealer where I've established a relationship with the manager and gotten some great deals. Low and behold, much to my dismay the store was staffed by a new face. He cordially greeted us and I took that opportunity to make a joke, and place him on his heals so we could barter for the best price. Apparently that made him incredibly nervous as the transaction went down hill from there. We found mattresses that suited our need at a price we could live with and proceeded to write up the work order. While finalizing the paperwork I noticed a mistake so he begrudgingly had to void the ticket and the refund the credit card. I thought I'd caught a whiff of profanity as he apologized for being inept, and went through the process to redo the order. The process was taking way more time than it should have and a number of customers had come and gone while the salesman fumbled through. Once again we attempted to finalize the process so we could be on our way, and darned if he didn't mess it up again. This time there was no doubt about the profanity, he cursed himself like a shrimper after a bad catch. I have to say as a man of the sea, even I was a little taken aback at what came out of his mouth in front of customers. "Bad form Pan", as Captain Hook would say! Anyway he finally completed the paperwork properly, the third time is a charm, and the sale was final, but at what cost? We won't be returning.

This is just a simple model of people's behavior when put to the test. Look at other examples we've been exposed to on a larger scale. Looting has accompanied all of the natural disasters of late, a sign of a lack of character when adversity is applied. Survival doesn't demand you take advantage of others. Men of character provide for their families. Just what did the population do prior to there being stores to loot? Has our lack of resourcefulness led us to being no better than common thieves?

I think it'd be a good idea to reflect how we might behave should adversity strike. Are we prepared to provide for our loved one's survival? What would you do with no store to go to, or no money to buy supplies? Would your character be diminished, or are you self sufficient? All great questions to ponder!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, March 1, 2010

Say What?

Orrin put up a quote the other day that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. "Never argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience."

Now at first it was funny, but I'm finding examples everyday! I got into a discussion with a very liberal couple form the liberal utopia of California. They brought up health care and their support for the proposed federal plan. So I put on my party shoes and went to work. I asked, "Why do you say that?" To which they replied, "I remember when we were younger everyone was offered health insurance as part of the benefits of your employment. We need to get back to that." You can't argue with that logic so I pointed out back in those good old days it was rare for the female to work outside the home, and those benefits were offered to lure the best talent as there was a limited work force to draw upon. Now we have an extremely large work force with 10% of the population out of work and looking. Then I asked the closer..."Doesn't California have state run health care benefits, basically a model of what the federal government is trying to pass?" To which they agreed. Then I queried, "And isn't your state just about bankrupt from that and other entitlement programs? "Well, that's Arnold's fault", they fired back! " Is that because he has an R listed as his party? You do know the democrats control the house in California making him basically hog tied?"

So the conversation progressed and I dug out the real reason they backed healthcare for all. It seems they have to contribute to purchase their policies, and they find the cost outrageous! So I asked, "You have state run healthcare , yet the insurance companies just asked for a huge increase. Isn't insuring everyone suppose to bring the cost down? Again your one of the models of the federal government proposal!" Here's the kicker, being professionals in California, their combined income categorizes them as the taxable wealthy, so they are looking at an income tax increase to pay for everyone else's healthcare. If they earn $250,000/year @ 5% this proposal will cost them $12,500.00 in extra income tax. So I highlighted this fact, to which they replied...."We still support healthcare reform", and away they went. You can't argue with that kind of logic!

God Bless
Capt. Bill