Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's About....You!

We've been hammering politics pretty hard this last week, maybe it's time we were a little selfish! It's always good to take a step back and reflect on ourselves. So; how's it going? Are you happy with your relationships? Has you financial plan come to fruition? Are we as tight with our Creator as we'd like to be? If you don't like the answers your getting, or simply don't have an answer to any of those questions, don't despair! It's nothing a little reading won't shed some light on.

Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward in their book Launching a Leadership Revolution, suggest we can actually grade ourselves on these issues. It's a great way to self analyze ourselves so that we can be aware of our strong points and look to improve where we are lacking.

Let's look at relationships for example. List all that are applicable to you. Spouse, children, siblings, parents, and co-workers. Then on a scale of 1 to 10 grade yourself. Be honest now, remember the 11th commandment;Thou shalt not fake thy self out! Let's say for argument sake you scored a 4 with your spouse, a 5 with the kids,a 8 with your siblings, a 9 with your parents, and a 8 with co-workers. Averaged out you scored a strong 6, almost a 7! Very telling, your attitude at home isn't what it is at work or with others you don't live with. In this instance I'd be rereading Love and Respect (Eggerichs), and the Five Love Languages (Chapman). If they were all low I'd think I'd start with The Difference Maker (Maxwell), and Leadership and Self Deception (The Arbinger Institute).

Don't limit yourself to reading to self correct. The quickest way is a 360 degree review. Take the relationships you want to improve and simply ask those people. What could I do in your eyes to be a better person? It takes a lot of self confidence to ask for this feedback, but it is spot on straight information. It'll eliminate our blind spots in a hurry!

The same self correcting steps apply to financial and faith. Break each down into categories and grade them, and don't be afraid to ask for input from those who have the results you seek. Raise just one of those numbers just 2 points and you'll pull your average way up and life will take on a whole new outlook!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leadership or Disceivership?

Yesterday I touched on the missing key to turning this country around, leadership! People won't follow those who deceive, once that trust is violated the ability to lead is compromised. Obvious attempts to mislead or spin the truth like, "the stimulus money has saved or created two million jobs," leaves American citizens yearning for quality leadership. Let's take a closer look sat how far off base that statement is....

The administration itself is heard to say most of those jobs are teachers, firemen, and police officers who weren't laid off because the stimulus package supplied money to the state and local budgets to keep them employed. Now my readers are thinkers, I'm sure you all are wondering, as am I, when this year's state and local budget comes for approval; where is the money for their salaries for the next year going to come from? Is the federal government going to pass our tax dollars yet again to the states to keep these teachers, firemen, and police officers on the job?

You see there has been no recovery in the private sector. The taxed income of the private sector is what pays for these government jobs. The housing market is still in decline so there will be less property tax revenues to apply to paying for these services. Does anyone else foresee another spike in unemployment on the horizon?

Their plan to "stimulate" the economy is all built on a house of cards. The only true incentive to create jobs is to lower the tax base. Believe it or not, lower taxes creates more tax revenue. This is documented in the Laffer Curve. It proves that through out history lowering taxes increased the volume of money collected. More tax money = more government hiring, like those teachers, firemen, and policemen we all need and love.

But our current administration has a better idea, one also prove er mis-proven by history to work. Japan tried this and things just got worse. I know President Obama is aware of it, he quoted the historical name for Japan's economic failure in his speech the other night. "The Lost Decade", is not a term for our last nine years but a reference to Japan's economic failure in the 90's.

With their apparent arrogance and deaf ear to our will, they trod on with their agenda like a bull in a china shop. And when their plan is not effective, they choose to lie to us.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, January 29, 2010

State of Contempt!

I let everyone else weigh in on the President's State of the Union speech the other night, before I gave my input. Grandma always said it was best to sleep on an issue so you didn't react based on emotion. Besides, I got a good overview of what the pundits thought in the meantime. It seems like they're in a race to get their opinions out there, as if the first one wins. So after further review, and much deliberation, here's my take.

The State of the Union as I see it is; We as a nation are in big trouble. Now wait, that's not based on unemployment or any other issue, those can be solved. My opinion is based on the fact our President stood before the nation and misrepresented the facts. Our leadership is either totally out of touch with reality, or they are deliberately lying to us. Either way we have a problem with leadership.

The President tried to stand before us and exude posture, something a leader needs to do. The nation should have faith and believe in the leadership. That all goes out the window when facts are misrepresented or spun to fit the administrations needs. "Truth tampered with is truth lost,"(A.J.Nock) It is extremely apropos when defining the integrity needed to lead a nation.

So when a President is caught being a poser, his attempt at posture is revealed as arrogance. Arrogance breeds contempt, and people who hold you in contempt will never follow your lead. So anything this administration tries to offer to the American public will be viewed negatively. Any legislation passed will be considered forced upon us. With the country in this mind set, we as a nation, will lose hope for recovery. That was the effect of the State of the Union speech. Grandma had another wise saying,"Some things are best left unsaid."

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Talking Points!

Today I thought I weigh in on the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn campaign finance practices. I had trouble with this one, but I think I've got it down where I can digest it. I had some mixed feelings allowing corporations unlimited opportunity to finance their candidate It just seemed like he with the most money would win and the playing field wasn't level. I think we might all have trouble accepting the court's decision as just.

But upon further review, they were spot on. First of all, they didn't attempt to write legislation, that's just not their job. They simply stated the bill as presented to them didn't pass the smell test. It violated the principles outlined in the Constitution regarding free speech. You can't limit people's right to voice their opinion simply because you might not like the message.

A perfect example of this is a pending ad for the upcoming super bowl. College football great Tim Tebow is going to star in an advertisement touting the decision his mother made not to abort her pregnancy after being advised to do so by doctors, because of a possible defect due to illness. The result was the birth of Tim and his rise to greatness both on and off the field, is a testament to her wise decision. Not only does it have women's rights groups up in arms, it has a religious tone to it upsetting anti-religious zealots.

Let's address the women's rights groups first. My first question is; Why would you be opposed to a woman being able to hear this story? Whenever you make any decision you should be presented with all of the possibilities and only then are you informed enough to decide. Are proponents of abortion laws positions so thin they can't hold water to a true life story? What's the down side? A baby is born that might have been aborted? Truth be told I'd rather err on the cautious side of that fence. I'm sorry but this is an example of the right granted to us by our Creator, free speech, and the fact you don't like the message or the possible outcome is simply too bad. The only time free speech should be stifled is when it's abused, like screaming fire in a crowded venue when there clearly isn't one. But you do have the right to complain, as silly as you now sound. Isn't it funny a group dedicated to someone's rights would deny another's?

Now on to the anti-religious zealots who want this ad squashed because again they don't like the message. Again because you don't like the message is no reason to demand control of it. What is your argument, separation of church and football? The separation of church and state argument doesn't even pass the smell test, so trying to gag a TV ad applying that principle isn't going to work either. Freedom of speech cannot be inhibited just because you don't like the message or the possible results.

The Supreme Court's message was the legislation as it was written needed to be reworded to be constitutional. Here's the other side of this story. With this bill being enforced, big corporations have found other ways around promoting their candidate. General Electric bypassed this issue by purchasing NBC, and using it as a non-stop advertisement for the election of President Obama. Aren't media outlets corporations too? Why should they be given unlimited access to presenting their message to you? They do have lobbies and political agendas. How do we justify making them exempt? The Supreme Court was simply saying we can't hinder free speech because we don't like the message. It's one of the benefits of being free, everyone has a voice. Should they be equal voices? How do you decide what's equal? The deciding authority would have a louder voice, no? The first step in overthrowing a free society is to control the message. Enough said!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Taxing Situation!

Washington has a plan! They've vilified the banking and health insurance industry, and with that feel the need to regulate them. After all it's for our own good, they are making "obscene" profits from us. Most of us would agree we don't like big conglomerates taking advantage of us, so to convince us the government needs to step in is a pretty simple task. This is where they "get us" every time.

Government regulation demands taxing, because someone has to pay for this oversight. Once again it easy to agree to tax corporations, because we've been told they are evil and take advantage of us. How about we take a real life look at who's actually benefiting from all this oversight, and who the villain really is.

The perfect example of government intervention and oversight,(so the consumer doesn't get taken advantage of), is utilities. Now I don't know if you've ever really looked at a utility bill, but I happen to have one handy for an example.

I own a property I've not visited in at least the last 30 days. The city utility company supplies that house with water, for which I gladly remit a check for services rendered. Since I was absent during the last billing cycle one would think my bill would be minimal, Pfffft. Here's how it broke down.....

Somehow I used .08 gallons of water, I'm thinking evaporation, but then the meter doesn't register hundredths so we'll just say the figure is made up, because it has to be. Normally my water bill averages about 32 dollars a month, when I'm there full time. This billing cycle, for.08 gallons of water my bill was $25.53, so I was curious as to where all this money goes. Would it surprise you to know it's for government regulation? $8.02 is for water readiness to serve, a tax for being ready to give me water. Now I could probably do a whole blog on this farce alone but wait, there's more! Sewer readiness to serve, $13.56. Now any reasonable person can see that if your going to be ready to supply water you have to by definition be prepared to remove said water. Ergo a tax for again being prepared. Also included was a tax for $.81 for a "Utility tax", I'm guessing the money needed to oversee that these taxes are collected and distributed. And last but not least a storm water tax for $2.88, just in case it rains, they taxed it. Now the bill was actually eight cents for the water and eighteen cents for sewer. So in reality to keep the evil utilities in line it costs $25.36 in taxes on a twenty six cent bill.

Now for what amounted to a mouthful of water I paid $25.53, the finest sparkling wine from an exotic country couldn't rival that. This is the regulation they are trying to institute in your health insurance bill and your banking. Effectively turning them into utilities and "regulating" them. So with this example in mind, who's the villain here?

We need to get government out of our lives, it's too darn expensive! The cost of bureaucracy is what is ruining our economy. The only thing that comes to my mind right now after reviewing this invoice is, government doesn't fix problems, government is the problem. I can recall a previous blog where I pointed out the Federal Government made more in tax revenue than the evil oil companies, yet they are the villains! Look at your electric bill too, the only thing not taxed, is the taxes. Nope wait, they taxed them too.If you can stomach another example review the phone bill, these are not isolated incidents, but rather examples of a pattern.

This is what we are in store for if the government regulates banks and health insurance. Anytime our representative suggest a tax on any entity, take it to the bank, it'll be passed on to us. Time to speak out my people, otherwise we are going to be taxed into socialism.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tomorrow's Hope!

There are times in a parent's life they just swell with pride at their children's accomplishments. The first words, the first step, their touchdown catch in the last seconds of a game that sends their team to a national championship, or the interception he takes back for 99 yards to set his college school record. They keep coming even as they become adults. Last night was another one for me!

My youngest is in college, in his last year, finishing up his double majors, and he's got a class in capitalism. As luck would have it, Chris Brady's blog yesterday,(1/25/10), highlighted a video, (I hope you caught it, if not hit the link to the right and check it out), that I asked him to watch for talking points. It's a short documentary describing the downfall of Detroit. After he watched it we had a phone conversation, and in that discussion he said the words that brought a tear to my eye. He asked me; why? Dad, why do people elect politicians who keep them down like that? Dad, why don't the teachers teach? Dad, why would people allow themselves to be aligned with a union that eventually bankrupts their industry? The questions kept coming. My son has learned how to think, distinguishing himself from those who are taught, what to think. It reminded me of when he was just a tadpole and those why questions began to flow. Dad, why is the sky blue, etc.

The simple answer is those people traded freedom for security. They adopted a socialist agenda without even realizing it. Agreeing to unionize strips you of exceptionalism. You take competition out of the workplace, and lazy gets the same pay as industrious. Sooner or later even the most dedicated worker realizes there is no point in exceptionalism. The graduation rate declines as the teachers realize there is no incentive to instruct, they just put in time to collect a paycheck. The auto worker does the minimal job, because at the end of the day, his check is guaranteed, as is his job. The end result is the finished product suffers. They traded their ability to negotiate a pay for performance salary bump, for the comfort and security of; "what's good for the collective mass." The pride of the American worker was lost to a benefit package. Collateral damage for agreeing to be socialized by union representation.

Isn't interesting that unions couldn't get a foothold into the workplace until the FDR administration. They became part of the "Progressive" movement during the New Deal, and like a leech have partnered with their host, the government ever since. Our current "Progressive" administration rely's heavily on union support. Their financial support of the progressive agenda insures their voice is heard and their agenda is protected by Washington. Talk about eternal life!

It wasn't enough this socialist infection has demolished the steel industry, turning once thriving communities like Bethlehem, Pa into a ghost town, it's brought the auto industry to the verge of bankruptcy, diminishing Detroit to a drug infested slum, and reduced the quality of education our children receive to minimal. Now it threatens the nation.

It's a vicious cycle. The youth aren't taught, by union teachers, the history that might open their eyes to the inevitable. That's why when my son asks, why...I'm inspired there is hope. It's the reason I write this blog. It's also what drives Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward write their books and blogs. Our hope is it inspires thought. Thought leads to emotion, emotion creates action, action accomplishes productive results, and productive results is the polar opposite of socialism.

God Bless!
(and keep those thoughts coming)
Capt. Bill

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Don't "Mine"

I was perusing the current events yesterday when an article caught my eye. There was an announcement by a key supplier of the Toyota Motor Corp., that they had formed a partnership to mine lithium on Argentina, securing access to a metal critical to the production of future hybrid and electric cars. Wonderful news, no?

I'm sure global warming activists everywhere were dancing in the streets. Those carbon emitting, gas guzzling, environment ruining, motor cars are on the verge of extinction.

"This generation and the next generation of batteries in automobiles ... is going to be lithium," said Don Hillebrand, director of the Transportation Research Center at Argonne National Laboratory. "Looking at the cutting edge stuff 10 or 30 years out, that's going to be lithium too, and probably more lithium intensive."

Lithium will play a bigger role in the auto industry, especially at Toyota, which has plans to sharply boost its hybrid and electric vehicle production this decade. The lightest metal on the periodic table, lithium is a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries — currently found mostly in cell phones and laptops but expected to be more widely used in future automobile batteries

Conventional hybrids are widely expected to give way in the coming years to plug-in hybrids. These, unlike traditional hybrids, can be plugged into a wall socket and run for long stretches on electricity alone. Toyota is launching plug-in hybrids along with battery-powered cars running solely on electricity starting in model-year 2012. Both will be powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Last week, the company announced plans to double its global hybrid sales to 1 million annually, with many likely to be powered with lithium-ion batteries.

Now on the surface this looks like great news. We are beginning to eliminate our dependence on foreign energy; or are we?

Most of the world's lithium is produced in South America, China and Australia. Chile and Argentina together account for about half the world's 27,400 metric tons of lithium production, though proven reserves have been found elsewhere.

We had lithium mines here in the United States but alas we shut them down. It appears we are headed down the same path as oil. We have it here, but choose to be dependent on foreign sources for our energy supplies. I guess we'll never learn. If we out-source manufacturing, our economy is doomed. We cannot survive as a consumption nation. We have to use our natural resources and labor.

Now let's look at what the tree huggers have missed in their glee. The word "mined" keep popping up. I don't know about you, but it's been my experience that "mining" is a taboo in the world of the environmentalist. Perhaps in their enthusiasm to replace fossil fuels they've overlooked the process this metal is secured?

So let's review...We traded oil for lithium, lithium is mined, creating a possible environmental situation, and we rely on our supply from other nations, when we also possess a supply here in the states. Yup, that about sums it up. Now that's progress, or progressive.

God Bless
Capt. Bill
PS: Please use the link to the right to check out Chris Brady's blog today. The video is powerful.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Socialism the Key to Mediocrity!

Yesterday I had a great time discussing the differences between socialism and capitalism with my son. He was working his way through a project in college comparing the two, and I thought some of the parallels we drew would make great talking points when caught in a discussion with a liberal, socialist minded citizen.

Being a college athlete we applied socialism to sports, something he's overly familiar with. If socialism was applied to the field, we wouldn't keep score. The professional athletes would all be paid the same salary, as we'd try to make everything the a level playing field for players and spectators. We'd have to constantly move our seats as spectators so everyone could enjoy equal views of the field, and the price to get in would be free. There would be no competition on the field as there is no incentive to score.

Proponents of this system will point out how wonderful it is to attend a sporting event for free, that everyone has a great seat, and no one's feelings get hurt by losing. While this utopia has it's point, in reality it'd be boring, and bankrupt, except the government is going to tax you to support it. Kind of like the federal subsidy we give to the endowment of the arts in real life.

Now to highlight capitalism in sports today there is one model that stands out. Love them, or hate them, the New York Yankees emulate capitalism! George Steinbrenner has assembled a team of high dollar talent that seldom fails to disappoint. Their result is evident by the numerous World Series rings they possess. From the coaching staff to the players, the team is expected to win, and everyone is paid accordingly. Exciting plays are made on the field as there is an economic incentive to excel. Players enjoy higher endorsement , and memorabilia contracts, because the fans love winners. The stadium seats command a higher ticket price, as you know your going to be entertained.

The principles of socialism discourage competition in the name of equality. While all men are created equal, they are not. We take great care to ensure they get equal opportunity, but their results are directly proportionate to the effort they apply. In professional sports the best talent take the field, it's one of the few places you'll never see affirmative action applied, another socialist ideal. While Detroit Lion's fans might like a dose of socialism, the rest of us prefer competition, and having the best qualified team win. This is what stirs the souls of men, and creates exceptionalism. When two teams of exceptional individuals meet we have competition. Competition defines winners and losers. Winners create a passion in all of us to excel. Losers look forward to the next match, better for the learning experience.

Socialist's revel in mediocrity!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Now You See Them...Now You Don't!

What an amazing time we live in! I feel like I'm in Bizarro world! Barney Frank is calling for the dismantling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Nancy Pelosi has abandoned ramming the healthcare bill down our throats, and the government in general has decided to step back and review it course. What a difference a day makes! It seems like just last week these same people were full steam ahead and ready to pass legislation whether we liked it or not! Those that opposed them were ignorant pick-up truck drivers and tea baggers standing in the way of progress.Yet here they stand today reciting the Act of Contrition, like those awaiting their penance. Amazing!

I wouldn't let these people watch my dog, let alone oversee our nation. They are counting on us developing short term memory loss between now and November, when we revisit the election process. Once the voters confirm they have another two years they'll be off and running again! Through out this whole debacle there have been a slim few that stuck to their principles and sounded the voice of reason. We need to oust the posers, and turn to the true leaders. The one's with a spine, integrity, and principles. It's a challenge to find them in the present electorate, but there are a few. The rest need to be replaced with new blood. Candidates with business and private industry experience, reinforced with honesty, integrity, and principle based beliefs.

The current problem in Washington is an infection, similar to herpes. When exposed it's an ugly sore on the lip of the nation. When we treat it with concern and attention it melds back into obscurity. It's called the progressive movement, and it's sworn to destroy our nation as we know it. It's goal is to turn us into a socialistic, nanny state and control every aspect of our lives. If they can't control your healthcare, they'll settle for the banks. Once they regulate the banks, they can mandate profits and spending. If they can't get their mitts on Cap and Trade legislation, they'll regulate through the EPA. If your voices protest too loudly they'll regulate the media, with the fairness doctrine. They mask historical facts by controlling what your taught in school. Well hidden from us are the bloody end results, and the atrocities of former progressive movements. Their hero's are Mao and Che, Stalin, and Lenin. They started a fashion industry glorifying these people on tee shirts and other clothing. Once the youth deem it cool, it's acceptable, and your protests are received as idle chatter. Little do the youth understand they are edifying these cold blooded killers, because their assaults on mankind weren't taught to them in school.

The progressive's will disappear into the night for now. Only to return like the puss filled herpes' sore that plagues sufferers at the most inconvenient time. Our only weapon is to be aware and treat this virus when it rears it's ugly head. Allowing this faction to exist is the price we pay for freedom, but we don't have to accept it's doctrine.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, January 22, 2010

Put Them First!

To stay with yesterday's theme, it's important to develop a relationship, if you ever hope to get your message across. It doesn't matter if your trying to sell something, or making a point you'd like the other to see the merits of, first develop a relationship. As I said yesterday, and we've all heard before, they don't care how much you know till they know how much you care.

Relationship marketing guru Dexter Yeager has a formula for remembering the steps he uses to inspire people to listen to his message. Dexter trims this down to the acronym F-O-R-M. Family-occupation-recreation-message. His keys to a conversation!

Near and dear to everyone's heart is their family. Almost without fail you'll get an earful when inquiring about the clan. How's the kids? And what's your lovely wife been up to? I've not seen your mom in ages; what's she been doing? Is your grandson still playing soccer? How's that hard working hubby of ours been? I'll betcha this kind of interest in their family will bring out some kind of dialog. Everyone loves to brag about their kids or grand kids, and rightfully so. They are extensions of you!

Now Dexter tell us to move to the occupation. Prepare yourself for just about anything here, both good and bad. They'll complain about the boss, or boast about a project or a raise. This is another solid topic to stir conversation and inject your listening skills!

The acronym says to move to recreation at this point. Softball, football, hunting, fishing, etc. Find the pastime your new friend yearns for and question them for knowledge. Who doesn't want the world to know about the giant fish they caught last month, or the big buck they bagged over deer season. The completion of the sweater they knitted themselves is a source of pride and needs recognition, especially by you. The concern you show over people's passions is key to FORMing a bond, necessary to allowing them to be receptive to the next step.

Your message! If your selling something now is the time to bring it up and show them how it fits into their life. If you have a concern you want that person to be aware of, the message will be accepted more readily now that you've taken the time to show your interested in what's been happening in their life. A politician will be in a better position to ask for someone's vote at this point in the conversation. And if your an authority that needs to make a course correction in that person's life or job performance, the recipient will be more open to listen, now that they know you care about them first.

This is all common sense stuff, that I'm sure we all know, but I'll bet we forget to practice it! I know I do. It's great to have an acronym to remind us how to treat people as we'd like to be treated. I've seen prodigies of Dexter's use this formula and I have to say; They are some of the most effective relationship builders I've ever seen. It's a powerful bullet in the gun of life!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why is That?

There are many lessons to be taken away from Republican Scott Brown's victory over Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. I want to focus on one in particular today, relate-ability. Scott Brown got his message through and connected with the voters because they related to him. Ms. Coakley on the other hand was stoic and cold, appearing indifferent to what the voters needs were. The lesson here is success in life is based on relationships.

How often do we encounter a person who lights up the room when they enter? Isn't a loss felt when they leave? That attraction isn't always a natural gift, it's an art, one that can be learned! They've master the art of relationship building. I've found that all begins with effective communication.

Effective communication begins by putting others first. People want to know your genuinely interested in them. Borrowing an old cliche; "No one cares how much you know, until they've learned how much you care." Martha Coakley lost that message, and the result proved the importance of relationship building.

How do you begin down that path? Well, there are untold number of books on the subject, and you can read forever on the topic but there are some base principles. I always ask questions, questions I'd like to be asked. How's your kids? What have you been up to since I last saw you? It's amazing how interesting people are once you get them to drop their guards and talk. When you ask a question ....stop talking! You asked about them, they didn't ask about you, yet. Become a great listener! Learn how to help them tell their story by filling pauses with questions like...."And then what happened.", followed by your silence, or; "Oh really, why is that?" , again followed by your silence.

The conversation and relationship killer is to begin sentences with,"I." I did this, or I know that, etc. My father was fond of saying;"Once you've told them all you know, then what?" That's a sure way to pressure yourself into learning. Because in order to have secondary conversations you have to go find something to talk about. Ease up on yourself and learn to listen.

Here's the scoop, just put others first. Treat them as you'd love to be treated, and begin every sentence with thought. A great thought to start with is; "How will what I'm about to say affect this relationship?" That's gold in communication and relationship building!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Special Delivery Telegram!

A special delivery message has been sent to Washington....

Dear progressive movement,STOP!
America is tired of your politics,STOP!
We don't want universal health care,STOP!
We don't want cap and trade,STOP!
We don't like your foreign policy,STOP!
Your agenda doesn't reflect our will, STOP!
The American Voters

So let's see if the intellectuals can understand plain English. Anybody want to bet me some don't get the message? There are people all across this great nation getting their pick-up trucks and campaigns ready. We are tired of being insulted and being called astro-turf. They ignored the Tea Party demonstrations, but they can't ignore the races in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Look for a big struggle in the Democratic Party. Progressive's have hijacked their agenda, and traditional Democrats are in jeopardy of joining the unemployed. Traditional, JFK style Democrats are not bad people, they are all about blue collar workers and the will of the people. The Progressive agenda is quite the contrary. They believe they know what's best for us and want to fundamentally change our system so they can dictate how we live. Big government and control is their message.If they can't control you, they'll tax you into submission. I can't help but think they live on the wrong continent.

A blow for liberty was struck yesterday, right where it all began. Massachusetts! How fitting! Never underestimate American's love for freedom, and the lengths we will go to, to preserve it. You can't help but be proud of how well the system works. We're on the right track, let's not take the foot off the gas!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fundamentally Un-Changing America!

Well, well, we are less than 12 hours away from fundamentally UN-changing America. Who would have thought, once again, The State of Massachusetts would begin a revolution for independance. Today's special election is as significant to this country's freedom as the shot heard around the world, April 19,1775.

Just like the odds facing a Republican candidate running for a Senate seat in the land of the Democrats, the Massachusetts band of renegades, seventy in all, took on the British forces. Seven hundred of the King's highly trained marksmen were embarrassed by some farmers and squirrel hunters, with a cause. How can you not love the possibility of history repeating itself. Voters with a cause, are about to dictate to the tyrants in Washington; we don't want your antics. If the Republican wins this election it will certainly be a shot heard at least as far as Washington, let freedom ring! What a great time to be a Massachusetts voter!

The funny part is the ammo the British, er, Democrats are using to defend themselves. They put their best marksman up to shoot, (President Obama), and we get..... "Scott Brown is driving around in a pickup truck." This is the shot he takes. So I was trying to figure out the slam; Is he trying to say people in pick-ups are ignorant? This is their usual attack if they can't vilify the opponent they paint them as ignorant,(see Sarah Palin). Well that kind of attack brings to mind just one question. If Mr Brown is so dumb, why's he drawn the attention of the Whitehouse, and changed the President's agenda to include campaigning for a candidate he didn't have in his schedule? Just food for thought....

Regardless of the outcome, it makes me proud. Voters are crossing part lines to salvage the freedom we were granted by our forefather's sacrifice. America understands that the secular progressive's agenda of "fundamentally changing America" is polar opposite of the founding father's mission statement. This is our version of "hope and change."

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Also "Have a Dream!"

Today is the day we set aside in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King's contribution to our nation is one of activism, doing something about a cause. It's one thing to recognize injustice but quite yet another to actually do something about it. Dr. King is best know for his; "I have a dream," speech. Today I'd like to amend that speech, I'm sure Dr. King would approve.....

I have a dream that all citizens of The United States of America will someday realize that while all men are created equal, not all men take equal advantage of opportunity afforded us by living in the greatest nation on earth. All men are given the same opportunity of a free and equal education, some will take advantage of it, others will not. Equal opportunity does not mean equal results.

I have a dream that the citizens of this country will realize rights are only granted to us by our creator as defined by our founding fathers. Rights given to us by men, or legislation can also be denied by men or legislation. Irrevocable rights are only bequeathed us by our creator. Man cannot grant rights!

I have a dream that being liberal will only involve applying thought, "liberally." Being of a liberal mind does not include being liberal with morals or principles.

I have a dream that our country will find it's way back to the principles it was founded upon. Starting with a balanced budget and ending with the ousting of special interests running our nation.

I have a dream that all men are taxed equally. That this nation be free of "special deals." Isn't it a direct violation of "free and equal under the law", if one economic or labor group is granted special taxation clauses not afforded the rest of the population?

I have a dream that leadership and integrity return to Washington. That the men and women who legislate our nation be suitable role models for our citizens.

And finally I have a dream for each and everyone of you. That you grow and prosper in God's eyes. That you stand for that which is right, and never bend in the face of adversity. That my friends is the mantra of this great nation. It's how we became the freest and the most powerful nation on earth. Don't let indifference allow that to slip away. To maintain our freedom we have to stand for freedom, even when it's inconvenient.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Serf's Up!

In feudal times and as recently as in the 1800's in Italy serfdom was a form of government. Communities of people were united to work for the common good. Crops were raised, livestock was tended, a castle was erected for protection, and an army was formed. Taxes were collected by the elite and the serfs had no say as to what they might be. A group of soldiers with the tax collector knocked on your door and separated you from your valuables in the amount they thought appropriate for that particular day. The elite ruling class benefited the most and lived off the labor of the collective people. The ruled had no say in how they were governed nor the rate they were taxed. We are 210 years removed from this barbaric system; or are we?

Sounds a lot like the direction Washington is headed! Legislation is being forced down our throats and taxes are being levied without our consent. The castle, er, White House, believes we should all work for the common good, and ignore the rights of the individual. Dress us all in pointy hooded sweatshirts that come to our knees and a pair of tights with pointy shoes and we're back to feudal times!

Here's some of the similarities. Serfs were kept poor, both through taxation and the lack of inspiration to get ahead because the ruling class was going to take everything they earned and redistribute it. They were not educated above the ability to perform their chore. You lived and worked for the collective good, and the benefit of the ruling class. Serfs were provided enough to get by, while the rulers live like kings at their expense. All disguised as payback for security. If any of this is starting to sound familiar, feel free to yell out AH HA!

Nancy Pelosi and other liberal members of Congress think it's just fine to jump aboard private jets and vacation lavishly in Copenhagen at our expense. They are in the process of passing legislation we don't want nor need , in the name of our own good, and they are trying to enact unconstitutional taxes without our consent. When did we become serfs at the beck and call of the ruling class?

Liberals have been in control of the impoverished inner cities for decades. They've dictated the education standards, and handed out the relief necessary because there is no attempt to raise these serfs out of poverty. They've controlled every aspect of their lives including the population with abortion rather than proper education. Collecting their votes to keep them the ruling class, by promising the poor the security of welfare, health care, social security, food stamps, and disability. While taxing the productive to pay for their voting pool's needs. Just like the elite con the serfs, convincing them they need the castle for their protection, so have the liberals abused the poor.

The children aren't even taught the history that they could use to draw these parallels. You don't need an education! We'll give you a GED, just pass this test. You don't need to learn how to think. We'll teach you what to think! We don't need to educate you, we'll teach you a vocation. If that industry becomes obsolete or their are too many in that field, or you just find it too tough to get up every morning to got to work, there is always unemployment to fall back on. This is the message our government sends out.

There is no long term thinking in Washington, just knee jerk reaction. We don't drill for our oil reserves because it'll take a decade to provide relief to our energy needs, but we look to develop green energy so in the long term China and India can be used to out source our production labor. China and India can't steal our oil and natural gas resources, they can only purchase it. They can steal our labor and produce our technology cheaper. Let's not forget our coal,it's mined here, providing jobs and income here. That can't be taken away, except by legislation.

So are those up in the castle, er, in Washington, really looking out for our best interests? Or can it be surmised they are looking out for themselves? Is their thumb holding us down and keeping us from being free? Have we morphed into serfdom under the guise of security? I know what those in power are telling us, and I know how they control the media to distribute their propaganda, and tell you what to think. Thinkers will come to their own conclusions. Just some food for thought!!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, January 16, 2010

American Pride!

Once again American exceptionalism is leading the way as an example to the world. Critics are quick to call us capitalist pigs, or pontificate in a world forum how they; "smell sulphur.", but when it's time to roll up the sleeves and get to work, the cream rises to the top. America has taken the lead to ease the pain generated by the disaster in Haiti, no other nation has offered near the commitment we have. So once again the old adage about when you point a finger at others, there are 3 pointing back at you comes to mind.

I find it amazing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolee have privately donated more to this disaster than India and China. America, without a doubt, will privately raise more funds to assist in disaster relief, than all the other countries combined. The hot air factory, Hugo Chavez, leader of the oil rich nation of Venezuela, has managed to scrape together one plane full of disaster supplies. World power Russia sent one mobile hospital and twenty doctors to the scene. When it comes to being a world power, actions speak louder than words.

It makes me proud to be American, and at the same time disgusted that we even entertain criticism of other nations. Our quick actions in Haiti and financial commitment are a great example of putting our money where our mouth is, and cause for the world community to learn from our example. That's the kind of commitment and responsible action worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. So on behalf of the Peace Prize committee I'd like to nominate the citizens and the leadership of The United States of America for the next peace prize offering! America's actions, in a time of need, portray to the rest of the world what it means to be a leader. We bear responsibility to our fellow man, not as handouts, but as a hand up out of disaster. Unselfish commitment and giving speaks volumes about the American ideals.

It's time we retook our position as World Leader! End the bowing and apologizing, show some posture and pride for all the good we do, without hesitation, or agenda. We answer our critics with action...Action unmatched by any other nation, or group of nations. We are the most powerful, and the greatest nation on earth. We lead by example!

God Bless America, and all it's citizens!
Capt. Bill

Friday, January 15, 2010

2012 The End of an Error!

2012 The End Of An Error!
I saw this on a bumper sticker the other day and had to share. Truth be told it's spot on! Massachusetts has joined the ranks of other traditionally liberal states like New Jersey and sent a message they've had enough. Usually a conservative republican doesn't stand an ice cube's chance in hell of being elected there and yet the conservative candidate is running neck and neck; why?

Well it's simple, Americans got a true taste of socialism, and it was too bitter to swallow. The second Washington turned a deaf ear to the voters, they turned on them. It seems the utopia of creating a nanny state isn't worth giving up the right to be heard. The progressive's in power have ignored the will of the people and embarked on an agenda of their own.

Progressive's in their arrogance think they know what is best for you and I. The liberal progressive's we've elected have surrounded themselves with an intellectual think tank, who's arrogance has been stoked by society. They've been told from early on in life how wonderful they are because they've performed amazingly well in the standardized testing. Here in lies the problem, nothing in life is standard. While they are incredibly intelligent, they lack the ability to think in common sense terms. These think tanks were tried in the Great Depression, the result being their actions took an economy on the path to recovery and plunged it into double digit inflation. Sound familiar? A political think tank assembled to deal with the Vietnam War prematurely terminated it. The communists readily admit they had nothing left and no way to win, they had used up their resources and yet our brain trust advised us to walk away. Again this has a flair of familiarity! Those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it.

A great deal of the liberal progressive's have been programmed in their belief at our institutions of higher learning. While they have high IQ's they are intellectuals whose primary output is thought, not anything tangible. There are intellectuals who are capable of producing an end product, doctors, and engineers to name a few. Hence the problem, they've never had to produce a product or run a company. There is nothing but their hypothesis to turn to as the end product. So with little to offer but an opinion, they create crisis.(refer to banking crisis, health care crisis, auto makers crisis, etc). With crisis there is a need, they can step up and say; "I have an answer." Voters have taken solace in having an "intellectual" to guide them through these troubled times, (Quick note here...This is where the slogan "Change" comes from in the Obama campaign). Problem being they base their decisions on theory, theory taught by another with no hands on experience. They are adamant these solutions are the key, after all they've been told from day one they are of a higher intelligence.

So let's look at reality. You can read and discuss the operation of removing and replacing a heart, but chances are without experience, you're going to fail performing that operation. Same applies here, they have wonderful intentions, but good intentions without experience produces, excuses. America doesn't want socialistic utopia, we want freedom. Freedom to be heard, freedom to choose, and freedom to vote out our mistakes misguided by promises misrepresented. The compromise of giving up our voice in Washington for the guidance of the intellectual's socialistic utopia, we have found to high a price to pay. Americans love their freedom, and this administration is treading on it. The final result is adios muchacho!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ends Justifty The Means???

There is some interesting maneuvering going on in politics of late, some I'm not entirely sure our forefathers would be proud of. The issue that comes to mind is the special election in Massachusetts for Ted Kennedy's replacement. The republican candidate has edged up on the democratic offering in the polls and it looks like we have a horse race, with the participants neck and neck.

The democrats have eluded to delaying the certification of the republican contender should he win the office, to protect their majority in the senate, long enough to vote in healthcare legislation. You see the republican candidate has made his entire campaign about voting against healthcare. It seems the home of left wing politicians like, Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, and John Kerry are not as supportive of universal healthcare as one might think. Another interesting little side note, Massachusetts has had it's own form of healthcare for all, I guess they aren't happy with it!

Now, how would you like your name to go down in the history books as part of the underhanded dealings that were used to get healthcare passed? Delaying certification is just out right wrong. Your denying the people their say in Congress. Liberals have time and time again proven that they don't care what the voters think, they have an agenda to complete and the ends justify the means. Delaying the candidate his seat in the Senate to prevent him from casting his vote is simply treason. It's direct violation of freedom of speech, by denying the voters of Massachusetts the opportunity to have their say. I suggest anyone who moves toward that direction be arrested and prosecuted for treason. How dare they suggest their agenda trumps the rights of the people!

This my friends, is a sneak peek into the heart of those on the left. They apparently don't have any interest in representing you as your voice in government. How can anyone back that kind of arrogance, and indifference? It takes unmitigated gaul to have the audacity to ignore the voter to promote the progressive agenda.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lowering Your Stress Level!

Part of being effective in life is daring to step outside your comfort zone. Facing your fears is a risky task but a necessary one if you wish to be successful. The recipe for overcoming any obstacle is action. Confronting that which consumes your thoughts leads to knowledge. One way or another you have renewed input on that which you fear, and a sense of whether it's a real issue of concern, or just something that captures your thoughts. That knowledge applied toward your fear is power over that which distresses you.


How many times have we all faced a phone call that we were hesitant to make? After making that call wasn't there a sense of relief? Why did we put it off? 99% of the time the result was a positive one, yet we procrastinated and let it bother us for gosh knows how long. In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy, "Git 'er done." Put that stress behind you. Step outside your comfort zone and confront those fears. I'll betcha your pleasantly surprised at the results, and I know your mind will be at ease having that behind you.

Why are we cautious about stepping into the unknown? Fear! So let me ask you; who controls your life? Is it you behind the wheel or are you driven by your fears? The fastest way to melt your fears, lower your stress level, and live a happier life is to confront them. Reality is a wonderful weapon! There is no better way to access the threat level, if one truly exists, than to confront and evaluate. All the phlegmatic's just ran to the closet in terror.

For all those with a choleric personality, I dare you to confront your fears. If your a melancholy personality, put your life in order and get those challenges in their proper place. For all you sanguine's....well, avoiding the issue doesn't make it go away, life will be happiest and more exciting with those fears off your plate. If your personality is dominated by the phlegmatic trait, we can face this together and once it's over with, you can go back to your non confrontational, stress free, everyone's happy life!

Give happiness a chance, get that which bothers you, behind you! With your plate clear of needless worry there will be more time for the quality things. You know...The stuff you enjoy!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The First Step!

I love a quote that Chris Brady uses, "When I look back on my life, I want to be proud of all of it." That mantra in itself demands that we accomplish something worthwhile. If you boil that down to it's irreducible minimum, the key to that success lies within your ability to establish, and maintain relationships.

Think about it. Anyone who was ever deemed successful had to be relationship savvy. Steel magnet Andrew Carnegie was not known to be a "people person" so he paid Charles Schaub, a salary of one million dollars a year because he possessed those skills. That type of income was unheard of back in those days, but the point being, Carnegie still had to develop a relationship with Schaub to build the steel dynasty he did. If you had all the money in the world and were sentenced to isolation; What good would it be? Imagine being filthy rich but trapped on an island alone. The financial success would be meaningless

So isn't it critical to learn to develop and nurture relationships? Without them who would be there to pass around the potato salad and reflect on your life after it's ended? This might be a great time to reflect on our own relationships. In a day when children can't talk to parents, or spouses find trouble communicating, wouldn't it be wonderful if they all realized how important those relationships are, and knocked down those walls?

Before we speak, we should think about the impact on the relationship. Is what I have to say beneficial to that end? Or am I testing the quality of this relationship? Does this need saying at this time? Is there a better way to get my feelings across? How would I feel if it was being said to me? All great questions to ask yourself before the jaw is engaged.

So to be accomplished, whether it's training a dog, discussing politics, building a business, or forming a bond with your spouse or children that'll last forever, the relationship is the key. Develop that first and the rest will fall in line!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, January 11, 2010

Economically "Stated"

I've got a burr in my britches that just won't go away. There is a looming problem facing America and it's economy, and I feel it's not being addressed. Washington put the jobs recovery act into effect, the stimulus plan that was designed to get America back to work and keep unemployment at 8%. Now everyone is aware unemployment is at 10% but with the rhetoric coming out of Washington I just don't feel they have a grasp on how dire this situation is. Let's look a little closer.....

First of all only a third of that money has been used, and it was designed to create shovel ready jobs to repair America's infrastructure. We are often told that money has saved or created 3 million jobs, a number no one can verify or even explain where they come up with it from, but I digress, on to my concern. Truth be told that money was used to brace up state economies so they didn't have to lay off teachers, firemen, police officers, and other state workers. President Obama is often heard touting how X number of police or firemen are on the street due to the recovery act. Here is the problem.....

Since there hasn't been a job recovery in the private sector, (non government jobs, you know the ones that actually produce profit), states have reported a double digit shortfall of tax revenues, (over 10%), for three quarters straight. No income, no taxes to collect! So not only haven't the states collected enough money to pay these newly created or "saved" government jobs, They are lacking the funds to employ another 10% of their work force, so those artificially "saved or created" jobs are in jeopardy of being lost, as well as others.

Now states don't have the ability to print or create money out of thin air like their counterparts in Washington, so they have to let people go they can't afford to pay. The other option is to use the California method and tell Washington they need money to cover the fiscal shortfall in their budget. So we are facing the possibility of those artificially saved government jobs going away or another infusion of our tax dollars to hold those jobs for yet another year, it's a giant ponzi scheme destined to fail.It's why economists are predicting an increase of the unemployment figures to 10.8%.

`While there is a need for teachers, firemen, and police officers, there is a bigger need for profit creating, private sector jobs to finance those positions with their tax dollars. The government can't support itself, it's not a profit generating entity. Right now it's like you hire yourself, and pay you, out of your savings, sooner or later your expenses are going to eat up the piggy bank because there is no new money introduced to that piggy bank. It didn't work for Bernie Madoff, it won't work for the government.

The whole thing also sets off bells and whistles because all those government jobs are union. It's no secret the Obama administration has a doting love affair with union support. The unions mobilized to support this administration's campaign bid, and were a big factor in the election. It reeks of payback. It doesn't take a PHD in economics to realize unionized, government jobs are not self supporting, and a poor choice for long term job creation. So I'd like to know why was the focus placed there?

Here is where the naive point out how we are going to jump start this economy with "green jobs." Really? If your banking on an industry that has to be "forced" on the population, your gonna get your feelings hurt. If green technology was affordable and feasible the consumers would have created a need for it already. Let's face it when I buy a car economy is one of the biggest factors I consider, but so is price. I'd love to drive a car that gets 100 MPG, but not at a Ferrari price tag. There would be a windmill in my back yard, if it was affordable, reliable, and there wasn't an ordinance against it. I'd have solar panels on my roof if was cost effective. IT'S NOT! And forcing the consumers into using green technology through taxes on energy is no way to inspire long term industry, but it is a way to get voted out of office. I'm not even going to point out those jobs created by the new technology will be shipped overseas where it'll be more cost effective to manufacture the equipment needed. That's for another blog!

So are we being "shammed", or are those who make these decisions that naive? I submit it's a combination of the two. We have officials with no free market experience, dabbling in theory learned from others with no free market experience, and taking input from special interests with an agenda. Not a good combination. Keep a careful eye on the state economies. The largest three are bankrupt, it's not a coincidence they've been led by liberals for decades. California, New York, and New Jersey, all deep in the red. Then there is Texas, run by fiscal conservatives for decades, in the black with a surplus. Hey, I'm just saying................

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Call to Heal!

The successful financial wizards of our time preach that we should find a niche' and fill it. Consumers will pay incredible amounts of money to someone who has a way to satisfy a void in their life. Well, with looming government run health care, and weighing in several other factors, I've developed a plan. I was thinking of naming it SAYL, which is an acronym for....Sorry About Your Luck. It's a support group designed to help liberals of any party affiliation deal with the broken promises of this administration. I'm almost certain I can sneak this in as a qualifying healthcare need under upcoming new insurance guidelines. We can just call it a prescription for the progressive. I'm open to any advice for promoting this new service, please feel free to list it under the comment section. I have a few ad ideas of my own I thought I'd bounce off of you!

Are you upset that we were lied to numerously about broadcasting the debate on healthcare legislation on C-span? Call SAYL today! Our 24 hour phone lines are equipped with counselors ready to talk you through your betrayal, and help you deal with the anguish and helplessness felt when casting a vote for liars.

Does it displease you that we took billions of dollars to stimulate our economy and now find out that 2/3's of it has yet to be used, and the economy is still no better off? Are you miffed you were lied to about how dire and immediate the need was to head off this crisis by the people you trusted with your vote? Call SAYL today!

Has the fact this administration incorrectly told you that using stimulus money would keep unemployment at 8%, while the truth is it's at 10%, have your panties in a knot? Get relief from realizing this administration... you voted into office. Call SAYL today!

Are you depressed that our new foreign policy, "Extending the hand of friendship", to our foes has been looked on as a joke by them? That we've coddled them just to have them laugh in our face, and our country is far less secure than when we held a position of posture, as the most powerful nation on earth? Is it bothersome that those you voted for don't have a clue about foreign relations? Call SAYL today for immediate guidance!

As a left wing liberal, are you fumed that your "walk on water" president has had to move to the center to keep anything together in Washington? That the concessions he's made also amount to the fact that he lied to you as well? Your not alone! We can dry those tears of lost socialistic utopia! Call SAYL today for the help you need!

Staying with the left wing theme....Are you peeved that the president you elected has found the policies of your dreaded arch nemesis, George Bush are actually effective and is using some of them himself? Call SAYL for soothing emotional comfort!

Does the fact GITMO still remains open, and is just another, in a series of lies, told to you by this administration you've put your trust into, leave you in a daily tizzy? Call SAYL to calm that aggression!

Are you depressed that left wing officials are finding it wise not to run for reelection, as they don't want to be held responsible for the inevitable failure of all of the proposed policy changes? Called SAYL and don't delay!

And finally.... Are you one of those left wing elected officials fearing your name will be preserved forever in history as an accomplice to the downfall of the United States of America? Is it bothersome history will portray you as a traitor and a liar? Do you lose sleep at night knowing you'll be held forever accountable for the collapse of our economy? Well, you can try calling SAYL for help but I'm not sure we have the antidote for that one!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wrapping Up The Week!

Some wisdom to end the week...

Ideas won't keep, something must be done about them.
Alfred North Whitehead

Seize the moment of excited activity on any subject to solve your doubts; for if you let it pass, the desire may never return.......
William Wirt

There is no such thing as a long piece of work, except one that you dare not start....
Charles Baudelaire

He who is outside the door has already a good part of his journey behind him
Dutch proverb

And finally for all of you that are seeking hope.....

When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you,it seems as though you cannot hold out a minuet longer,never give up then, for that is the place and time that the tide will turn.....
Harriett Beecher Stowe

Have a Happy Friday! Stay warm!
God Bless
Capt. Bill

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Truth Be Told!

I've been on a theme for a couple of days now dispelling the climate change movement. Today's the day we find out what drives this farce. Has anyone else noticed the enthusiasts always say, "There is an increase in man made CO2 emissions," and not, "There is an increase in CO2 in our atmosphere?" Just a little sticking point, a way to dodge the truth. Could it be the photosynthesis process has recycled all that extra nasty CO2 to usable oxygen? Just a thought....

Now to the nuts and bolts, here is why they are pushing global warming/climate change, at least in our country. Our economy is bankrupt. It's circling the drain! If it was your household, the power would be off, your water would be shut off, you'd be out on the street, and your home would be foreclosed. So their plan to rescue this error in judgement they've been lying to us about, is to create a new industry. Similar to the dawn of the Internet in the 90's that rescued that faltering economy.

Truth be told we've become an economy that is based on consumption, we manufacture very little. That combination doesn't work well for long. We need to produce something the world yearns for. Enter the save the planet, green technology. Now this innovation would evolve naturally but you see there are secondary problems. It's terribly expensive to manufacture anything in the USA. So in order to urge on our entrepreneurial genius they are going to make it hurt, through taxation and outrageous energy costs, spurred on by the need to save the planet from ourselves. The taxes generated from this new technology would also supply a spending addicted Washington with new revenue to maintain their socialistic, nanny state policies that are driving our economy into bankruptcy.

You see they are trying to tell us how to think, nudging us into an industry that's not yet profitable. Here's an idea I had...How about we start with the truth? Tell America we've screwed up and it's time to tighten our belts and cut out the fat. Then remove the obstacles that impede innovation. Let people make profit! Psssst, it's taxable! Cut capital gains tax, lower corporate taxes, keep the unions out of the mix, eliminate frivolous law suits by holding the plaintiff responsible for damages if they lose, remove the binds that hold back innovation. The green industry would have taken off already if.....The replacement technology was reliable, it was affordable, and it was profitable. Don't create a false need to drive this industry.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

History and Climate Change!

In the last episode we left our hero's, wait wrong channel... In yesterday's blog I brought the Carter administration's assault on global cooling to your attention. They say if you don't know history, your destined to repeat it. Some of you aren't old enough to remember this, (or don't choose to admit it), or maybe we've just plain forgotten it, I thought I'd remind you of the similarities. It's eerie! The climate change approach hasn't changed a lick, they've just altered the players.

We left our hero, President Carter giving a State of The Union farewell address donning a very bulky sweater sitting in front of a crackling fireplace broadcasting into our homes. He was commenting on the nation's concerns, and the main one was global cooling. It seems 30 some years ago we were all going to freeze to death. The culprit? Dichlorodifluoromethane, or as we know it, freon, and any fluorocarbon used as a propellant for aerosols. Those gasses were punching a hole in the ozone layer, cooling the earth. The polar ice caps were increasing and we were all going to freeze to death.

The result was banning freon and any propellants used in aerosols. They demonized those gasses as impending doom, certain destruction to planet earth, (Sound familiar?). New propellants and agents were invented to operate our hair spray and cool our cars. The funny thing is years later they found freon wasn't harmful and that hole in the ozone has disappeared, if it was ever there to begin with.

Now if you swap CO2 for freon, and global cooling for global warming, you have Al Gore and his climate enthusiasts. A quick side bar here...They are far from original, the same scare was tried in 1922 with a report the ice caps were also melting. Some decided they weren't as big in 1922 as they were in the late 1800's. Low and behold they returned all by themselves and we still kept on breathing. Here's the scoop, they didn't have the technology then to measure it, and they still don't today. Here's some more science for you.....

CO2 represents 30 parts per million in the atmosphere, thirty, three zero! Now if you turn on every coal burning facility, ran every factory, revved up every car, and used every CO2 producing thing known to mankind it would account for 3% of that 30 parts per million. About the same percentage as winning the lotto 100 times in a row. Let me put that in perspective. It's akin to peeing in the Mississippi river in Ohio and trying to measure the increased water height in the Gulf of Mexico. Basically regulating man made CO2 emissions will have an affect, but it's way closer to no affect than it is to solving the problem, if one does exist.

So, thinkers would ask...What's the motivation here? Why does a politician venture off into environmental concerns? Sadly, two things drive some people's agenda, power and money. Al Gore has invested heavily in the green technology industry. Isn't it odd he's the poster child behind driving this forward? There is also an incredible fortune to be made trading carbon credits, a whole new commodity market. This generates a new tax base from regulation that has powered the government's interest in this man made crisis. (The man made part is what the imagination has run away with). In a word,greed!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12), usually sold under the brand name Freon-12, is a chlorofluorocarbon halomethane (CFC), used as a refrigerant and aerosol spray propellant. Complying with the Montreal Protocol, its manufacture was banned in the United States along with many other countries due to concerns about damage to the ozone layer.[

R-12 was primarily used in automobiles produced prior to 1994. For older vehicles, retrofits to R-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) are generally recommended. Retrofits usually include a complete flushing of the air conditioning system to remove the oil. The oils used for R12 and R-134a are not generally compatible, although some oils designed for conversion to R-134a are advertised as compatible with residual R-12. Additionally a new compressor, expansion valve, and dryer may be needed. In some cases, all new rubber hoses are needed. It is worth noting that after changing the valves, hoses, and compressor, the only original components of the air conditioner remaining are the evaporator and condenser, neither of which have moving or delicate pieces. Replacement components are usually aftermarket products which are certified as R-134a compatible.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm sitting here in Florida this morning all bundled up with the outside temperature hovering at twenty seven degrees. While I unthaw my brain, I was trying to remember the last time it was this cold in Florida, because you know we are world famous for our sunshine. While it has been unusual of late to see temperatures this low it was common place in the past. In fact I can remember watching President Jimmy Carter on TV, giving his farewell address, preparing to leave his term in the White House, dressed in a very warm looking sweater,(not unlike the one I have on now), sitting in front of a crackling fire, explaining to us how we were facing a global cooling crisis. That speech led to the rationing of natural gas by the government so we all didn't freeze to death. Which in turn led to high demand, driving up the price of said commodity.

Isn't it funny how times have changed, or have they? The message is the same, just the crisis has evolved. Back in those days it actually snowed in Florida, with accumulation in Jacksonville. Since then we've had record warm, so that dictates to some, another problem we must address.Or has all the awareness to greenhouse gas emissions already taken effect and lowered the temperature?

Here's the skinny....If there was no money or power to be gained by inventing these crisis, they would go unnoticed. A problem dictates action, action demands regulation, regulation needs enforcement, enforcement needs money, money comes from taxation, taxation means you foot the bill. So it would be in our best interest we remain aware and research all of these world ending crisis for validity.

Right now those Al Gore enthusiasts are scrambling to change their message as world wide as the worst winter in decades is being felt. Since they made this a world encompassing calamity, where are all these frauds going to hide? Speaking of that...Has anyone heard from Al Gore this week? He's been awful silent since the Copenhagen climate summit, where they discussed global warming in record low temperatures. Bottom line,( I borrowed that phrase from Joe Biden), They are trying to get control and into your pockets. If you don't point out the obvious...They will!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Monday, January 4, 2010


I caught a great talk yesterday on the importance of foundations. The whole premise rang so true to me, everything you do needs to have a solid foundation. New houses in Miami are built to a code to withstand the brut force of a category five hurricane. Although they look just like other construction their integrity is far above others not built to those specifications.

With that in mind I submit to you our government. The founders laid a foundation for us of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, based upon a Judeo-Christian philosophy, with a capitalistic economy based on a gold currency. That my friends can withstand any storm, that is until we stray from the building code. Taking our country off the gold standard and enacting legislation that produces entitlements paid for with debt, punctures the integrity of that foundation. Leaving us susceptible to damage from a storm. So just like any addition to a house, we need to stay with the building code, to ensure our government has a solid foundation. We need to call code enforcement for an inspection, we have serious infractions that leave the whole structure in jeopardy should the hard times of a storm test it's integrity.

History flaunts the consequences of building a government based on the whims of the people. There is a reason America has the longest standing form of government. Look at those who wandered from a solid foundation, France, Spain. England. Yet we have an administration who yearns to be like those failed systems. It's time to check that thought process!

Now foundations don't just apply to government. Let's look at relationships! Relationships based on love, faith, and trust can survive the storm. The winds of adversity cannot damage a relationship build on solid ground. Investing time and making positive deposits in the love bank helps weather the storms that are bound to blow. When ever the relationship is tested and a withdrawal must be made, it survives because there is sufficient collateral deposited to withstand the test of a withdrawal. Relationships based on a strong foundation stare into the winds of adversity and yell, "Is that all you got?"

Both of these foundations I spoke of are based on faith. So it seems apparent the building blocks of a strong foundation is faith. Maybe that's the secret we are missing in today's relationship failing, government floundering society? Have we built a house of cards without the proper foundation to expand our desires? It's time to reread the building code and adhere to it's principles.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How Much Can You Tolerate?

The other day I was blessed to wet a line with best selling author and leadership guru Orrin Woodward,(Don't hate because my job is fun, it's still 95%ing), and he brought up an incredible point during conversation. He noted; " Most people won't even notice a difference in their daily lives when this country falls into socialism." His point was, most people live the drudgery of earning a living and are so involved in that, they just accept whatever is thrown at them. Which brought to mind an old saying; "That which you can tolerate, you will never change."

We have a high tolerance level before we finally get going and solve a problem. Winston Churchill once said; "You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing. Once they exhausted every other possibility." Isn't that so true? Look at the terrorism problem, we tolerated their unorganized attacks until 9/11 when they finally did some damage, and the resulting restrictions limited our freedom. They bungled an attempt to drop the World Trade Center and there were only "some" casualties. The blew a hole in the USS Cole and there were only a "few" soldiers lives taken. Only after they took down the towers and plowed a plane into the Pentagon, resulting in mass casualties, did we take notice and "Do the right thing."

Now the terrorists are at it again. While the Homeland Security chief was deciding how to change the colors on the terrorism alert system, they recruited an American soldier to shoot up Fort Hood, and now they've tried to blow up a plane full of people over Detroit. I can't help but wonder how much more we'll tolerate before we, "Do the right thing."

We need to seriously look at what we are tolerating, here's a small list. North Korea is establishing a nuclear program. Hezbollah, runs a terrorist network. Al-qaeda is running amok in the Middle East plotting to destroy our nation. The Taliban is working in unison with both networks. Then there is Iran, who is developing nuclear capabilities to turn Israel to dust. These a just a few of the threats we've chosen to...tolerate.You will lose you freedom if you don't fight for others, because soon that threat will be on your doorstep.

Since we created freedom, we shoulder a responsible for insuring it's survival. Every single group in the paragraph above is as dangerous to us as Nazi Germany was to England. We've learned nothing from Pearl Harbor, World War 1, or the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11. Everyone of those organizations threaten our freedom. We already sit in lines for security to board an airplane compliments of their attacks. We're no longer free to walk about an airport with a bottle of water. Our shampoo has to be in tiny containers to board an airplane. Yet we tolerate this in the name of security, and for good reason. We've not eliminated that threat, we simple accept it. The lesson will be repeated until the lesson is learned!

England threaten us with a 1% sales tax and our fore fathers fought like dogs over that injustice. Where did that attitude go? How does anyone justify living in fear of terrorism in the freest, most powerful nation in the world? The world looks to us to be the example of a free society. Are we really doing a good job? We can change as soon as we learn not to tolerate!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

Friday, January 1, 2010

Posture and The New Year!

Well, Happy New Year! Does anyone else find it interesting after making resolutions for a new beginning, setting ourselves to task to be productive, and looking to get 2010 started off on the right foot, we immediately take a day off? It's like the polar opposite to productivity. Thank goodness I'm here to point these contradictions out!

Anyway, the quest for personal development, personal freedom, and common sense should never take a day off. Our boys in the military are at their posts today insuring freedom. It's been said, and I truly believe this, that you don't understand freedom until your willing to fight for someone else's. How important is it that America retain it's posture as the beacon of freedom throughout the world? We are the example, yet their are people in our government trying to mold us into a government like what's not working in Europe.

Why does this administration feel it's necessary to lose our posture as the greatest nation on earth? After all we are the example of freedom and free enterprise! That deserves a certain swagger and chest thumping. Because other nations are jealous of our freedom isn't a reason to diminish it's advantages. It's cause to throw out your chest and say, "We are a walking, talking, good deal!", and show others the path to our greatness. Since our freedom was won we've inspired 191 other countries to a democracy. Why stop there?

Just because France and others, model of government and economy isn't working, is no reason to propose we sprinkle our freedoms with socialism. They are perfectly welcome to alter their governments to resemble ours and display the swagger of winners too. When they call us arrogant, it's simply because they're jealous and yearn for our freedom and prosperity. Do the New York Yankees trade away their stars because they are accused of being a dynasty? Absolutely not! They display the posture of winners and invite others to challenge their greatness, thereby creating a competition for perfection. Yet there are people who would have us believe because other countries are jealous of our prosperity and freedoms, that we should give away what made us great. There are a great deal of those flawed thinkers holding government office right now.

Socialistic programs like free healthcare, social security, medicaid, medicare, unemployment, etc,etc, are not what made this country great, but they maybe it's downfall! There is a looming example of how those programs work, just gaze across the pond and examine, France. In a free country with a capitalistic economy social needs should be met with charities, not government programs. Charity's limit fraud, government programs invite it. Government has it's plate full just running....the government.

God Bless
Capt. Bill