Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Not That Man!

You can't become who you want to be until you've changed who you used to be!-Orrin Woodward

What a timely quote, and exactly on topic for today's post! One of the great things about what the LIFE initiative helps us all do is to overcome the labels society has placed upon us. This has always made me angry. What right has anyone to define who or what we are? Just because it's convenient to paint people with a narrow little brush and place them inside a box that defines who they are, or what their future brings, doesn't make it acceptable. Today's story is about a young man who has just changed his label.

Mike's had a tough life, he's been under government care since he was a small child. Whoever sired and birthed him didn't care enough to see to his upbringing and spit him into the system. He's lived in group homes most of his childhood and now that's he's become of age, he's too old for foster care. He's now an adult; an adult who's had less than a desirable upbringing and bears a label. To most that label wouldn't be a recipe for success, but Mike has found a mentor. The community, (note here I wrote community not government), through charitable donations has undertaken sort of a halfway house for kids too old for the system. Adults in transition, if you were. Mike, with the aid of his mentor has found gainful employment and is working to achieve the skills to become independent of the "system.' Mike was wisely brought to several open meetings for the new opportunity called LIFE, and has begun to read different information. Through the support of his mentor and people in the LIFE business who actually care about him and his results in life, (actual life not the business). He's saved a portion of his earnings and decided to make steps to change the labels that society placed upon him and become an entrepreneur. He's attending his first leadership convention later this month eager to learn as he's become a hungry student. This young man is destined for success backed by quality information and a support team of mentorship and encouragement.

I'm so stinking proud of Mike and amazed at the major changes I've sen in him just the past few weeks. He's becoming confident and believes in himself, uncommon for most of those who bear the label he shed with such vigor. This is how we change America back to the principled nation it was founded to be, by changing the culture. Mike will no longer rely on the government system, but a proven system of information designed for his success. Wouldn't it be interesting is the government "system" was one based upon raising up those trapped in it, rather than a system designed to just get people by? Mike chose the right system!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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