Thursday, October 27, 2011

Public Splendor!

Equality of condition will perhaps inevitably be enemy of glory! While better at reducing misery than creating public splendor, it's more apt to give everyone some education than create emit tremendous flashes of genius; but those who want to ruin our republic see this as an acceptable trade!

Be very aware my friends that there are those in this country whether by intent or coincidence are hell bent on the destruction of our founding principles. A small minority of them currently stand in our town squares complaining about others success as you read this. While the majority of those protesting are simply puppets of the liberal higher (?) education system, those who are pulling their strings are the backbone of the negative agenda.

Our youth are paying outrageous tuition to institutions then turning toward the governing body of our nation to complain about their loan liability. Harvard, for example has a 34.9 billion dollar endowment fund. So what does that mean?
A college endowment is a sum of money that is granted by an individual or a group of people to a school as a permanent funding source. Usually, the endowment is so great—we're talking millions in many cases–that the school can use just the interest earned on the investment to support the department, program, scholarship, or whatever is being funded. But if that’s too much math for you to wrap your head around, just know that endowments are a BIG deal in the college world and that the more endowments a college or university has, the more great things they can offer their students.

So why are tuition's so high, and why aren't the students pointing their ire at the universities? Could it perhaps be they were told what to think, and not how to think by the instructors who they hold in such high esteem? If you can't come to the logical conclusion that if your expenses are too high, the bad guy is the seller, not the lender; Houston we have a problem! Have citizens so lost the ability to reason that they can apply this twisted logic? Apparently so!

Just like it was the banks fault that homeowners over leveraged themselves with mortgages they couldn't afford, so to is it the government entity that supplies students funding for their education fault that the cost of education is too high. Does anyone else see a problem here? This is the financial education supplied at the college level? This is the level of personal responsibility our youth believes to be correct? Talk about the dumbing down of America!

So the answer is to level the playing field for all and remove the incentive for profit, exceptionalism, creativity, and production. The government should supply all these dimly lit bulbs with free education, food, shelter and medical care, because frankly they'll have to, given the level of thinking they've achieved in our education system. The only problem is....Who's going to finance all this splendor?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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