Friday, October 28, 2011


I had an absolutely amazing day yesterday getting to spend some quality face time with outstanding author Oliver Demille and his fantastic wife Rachel. We discussed politics, football, and life in general. I was like a sponge absorbing every tidbit of wisdom this patriot had to offer during our visit. I'd encourage each and everyone of you to invest in his three enlightening books and digest every word of truth he has to offer!

A Thomas Jefferson Education

The Coming Aristocracy

Freedom Shift

Honestly, as a patriotic American, it's our duty to weigh and understand every word this patriot has written in these three books. One of the most astounding points I was able to grasp out of his teachings is his uncanny ability to point toward the truth from a completely neutral stance. There is not an offensive word in any of these books pointed at either of our two party system, but there is truth. Honest, to the point, truth about where our nation is and what path it's on. Not books of stating the obvious, but volumes of solutions! Common sense, non-partisan answers, course correcting our great nation to a path of prosperity. There are answers to our questions hidden in these pages of wisdom that are refreshing and usable! I'm inviting you to become informed and to share the truth by paying forward the blessings written in these pages!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

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