Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Be All You Can Be!

Just as it's not possible for a chicken to become a duck by simply dressing up in a duck suit, so is it true that the media of today cannot pass off the Republic our forefathers founded as a Democracy. The two are totally different species and no amount of misrepresentation of our form of government changes that.

Factions of today's society are attempting to emulate the French Revolution seeking a liberal regime built on the assent of the masses, or an illliberal regime built on deluded or coerced support, (union interference for one). Our freedoms are in peril, they have infected the education system and are indoctrinating our youth so to achieve their goal in some future generation.


Citizen's who focus on their own domestic concerns burying their heads in the sand under the guise of simply concentrating on survival, are destined to awaken to a political system that has fallen into the hands of crooks and manipulators and are bound to live under a variant of quiet despotism.We have to educate ourselves on how to present our case in public! It's critical to understand what we believe and exactly why we believe it! You must be armed with information to answer your critics and enlighten the uninformed.

That's where LIFE comes in. Please consider at least a minimal subscription to the information to aid you in this transformation. It's time America was introduced to the truth! Our freedoms, and those of our children are at risk and there is no better weapon to defend it than information loaded into a high powered assault rifle like you!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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