Monday, October 17, 2011

Leadership And Truth!

A critical key to building a giant community is for the leaders to insure that correct information flows within. We live in an information age, you can get all types of input with the click of a mouse both truth and misleading. The threat of misinformation is huge, whether it be by rumor, gossip, or an improper interpretation of events, it can be very damaging to your community. As a leader it's important to stay on top of what's being fed to those around you and it's validity. It's a monumental task, but it is what'll discern leadership from management.

Let me cite an example. The United States of America is a huge community whose government has undertaken just such a task. They have chosen to oversee the education of this country's youth and in many ways have failed. Well I hope it's just a failure and not an intentional misleading of our youth for personal gain. Failure can be corrected, a erosion of character is a different story. Anyway on with the story.

Yesterday our President gave a speech commemorating a memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King. It made all the news, especially online. Each of those stories online has the opportunity to leave your comments, and comment they did. Partisan opinions flew and fingers were pointed at whom was oppressing who. Now I was surprised at the level of misinformation used to convict political parties of their responsibility for minority oppression. It's apparent that history is being tainted when taught to our impressionable youth! The number of individuals who think that Jim Crow and all those involved with the racial fiasco down in Selma, Alabama were Republican is amazing. They also were not made privy to the defeat of the Civil Rights Act of 1957 at the hands of Democrat Congressmen, one of which was JFK! They didn't know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and none of them were aware that Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, wore the hood of the KKK. Now if they didn't understand this part of history, how can they be expected to see through the ambitions of that same Democrat party to continue their oppression through the enablement of entitlements? They can't, and they won't as long as they are told those who keep them attached to the government umbilical cord historically haven't been on the side of their best interests.

I'm not even going to venture into how many didn't understand the teachings of Dr, Martin Luther King because they were given second hand information and failed to read about this great leader.

This is one important event in the history of our country, and it's fallen victim to hearsay, gossip, and innuendo. This is why it's important as leaders to verify the information that flows through your community and correct what is misleading. It starts on a small scale, but as you see through the example above can snowball into misinformed generations. It's not hard to separate the leaders with a servant heart from the faux leaders who seek to accomplish their selfish agenda. Our job is monumental, but our reward is the gratification of a stewardship of a selfless agenda.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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