Friday, October 7, 2011

Let It Go!

We live in a free country! Freedom bought and paid for by the sacrifice of our forefathers so that we will have a choice. But in order to be truly free you have to learn to forgive. How can one enjoy the happiness of freedom when shackled by the need to get even? The ideology of, "leveling the playing field," is simply designed as a method to quell anger and envy for a lack of success. Playing fields will only be level in heaven, which is obtained after we've passed the forgiveness test. Our earthly presence is the proving ground for that utopia. Lowering the bar by trying to "level the playing field," undermines the struggle needed to gain that heavenly eternity. Society must reflect that attitude, just like the butterfly must endure the struggle while escaping it's cocoon to be strong enough to fly, we to must endure the struggle against envy to learn forgiveness and gain heaven. We have to pass the burden of forgiveness on to God, the only one qualified to pass judgement, so we can enjoy the freedom He endowed us on earth. How much further down the road would we all be if not for the distraction by the burden of hate and envy? A burden we unnecessarily carry. Mankind needs to learn how to forgive without strings attached, not await others to deserve to be forgiven. Honestly it's not really our place to judge and make that call, and for some of those situations we might have a long wait. Our dash on earth is too short for that distraction. Let the Lord handle judgement and pass that load on to His shoulders.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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