Monday, October 24, 2011

Be A Producer!

Well this morning I'm nursing a lack of sleep hangover brought on by the depravation of slumber experienced at the LIFE major. Despite the need to catch up on sleep there are still thoughts to share and needs to be answered.

While away I got to experience a smattering of the Wall Street protesters, as there are about five of them camped out by the state buildings in Columbus, Ohio. It always takes me a giant dose of emotional maturity to deal with this type of ignorance, but I guess in their defense it's simply a lack of correct information. I am able to understand their dissatisfaction with current conditions, but I'm never going to sympathize with someone who chooses to complain rather than take steps to repair. Very little has ever been accomplished by complaining, action is the key to results. Now I know this group considers this action, but then that's my point, their thought process is a little off. For instance if they are truly the 99% as they claim, why are only 5 people in a city of hundreds of thousands joining them?

The cure for what ails this nation is not government centered. The answer lies within the people themselves. You must participate; standing on a street corner complaining, awaiting the government to provide a solution is hardly productive. I know they think that peaceful discourse is the path to a solution, but getting involved is the only option. You have to become a producer!

If a farmer stood beside his field and protested and complained, how many crops would it yield? It takes action to get results! Without getting in the process your simply passing the buck hoping someone else will accomplish your views. This is a product of the dependency our government has enabled us to experience.

If you have taken exception with the course the country is on, become an individual who places themselves in a position of action. Standing on a street corner complaining is hardly productive.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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