Thursday, October 20, 2011

True That!

What exciting times we live in! LIFE is about to be prelaunched this weekend in Columbus, Ohio with it's inception coming 11/1/11. One of the eight F's is freedom, and our freedom is very fragile, constantly under attack by those who wish to trade freedom for security through government largess. It's so important to know what we believe and why we believe it, as the other side will use any method to misconstrue the truth to achieve their goal. I didn't totally understand the lengths a liberal is willing to go to until a recent debate I engaged in.

Please understand that when two choleric personalities meet with diametrically opposed opinions it's going to be a long drawn out affair, and it was. Fortunately for the good guys, I'm well armed with the truth and just enough melancholy to insist it find it's way to the surface. I was assaulted with excerpts of letters written by our founders, taken out of context to attempt to prove the other side's argument. Had I not known the commentary was part of a ongoing exchange of ideas written by both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, one could have easily been misled to believe that Jefferson believed the Constitution was a living, breathing, alterable, conglomeration of loosely written principles. Not so, he was simply bouncing ideas off Madison as to what might have been an alternative course while they composed it, after the fact. Subsequent letters revealed how that argument was logically dismantled by both Madison and Jefferson. But you see, the other debater either intentionally avoided pointing that out, or just wasn't aware. I quickly alerted them to the oversight and then put the argument to bed with this simple observation.

Nothing in the Constitution, Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, The Articles of Confederation or any other founding document suggests it's appropriate for the Federal government to take property, (money) from a citizen and give it to another. That's defined as theft, and if it's given of free will it's defined as charity. The idea of taxation for the redistribution of wealth is outside the guidelines this country was founded upon, in fact the idea of taxation wasn't even included in the founding documents. It was added later in an amendment during the progressive era.

I hope you find the preceding paragraph as useful as I did in defending our founding principles. I've yet to find a debater who'll challenge it simply because it speaks the truth, and the truth is a powerful weapon.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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