Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mastery Of Self!

"Feelings cannot be trusted to give us a clear picture about what is true about our lives."-June Hunt

The realization of this one statement could possibly be the answer to societies problems. I think it's safe to say that we act on our feelings more so than not. They guide us to what feels best for us, not what is best for us. Suppose you woke up one morning and decided you didn't feel like going to work. Would acting on that feeling bring a positive result, or more likely a negative return for your actions? The prudent individual shrugs off these feelings and does what is best for themselves. In this case getting up and be productive thereby providing an income for yourself.

But society has led us to believe it's okay to act on feelings. It's okay to ignore the laws of nature, or the Ten Commandments because you just don't feel like obeying them. Who does that serve? While it might provide short term pleasure, it will certainly damn you to an eternity of penance. The realization of a moral conscience is the key to inner peace. That's the polar opposite of what society teaches us today. We are not only convinced instant gratification is our right, but that we deserve it now. It all plays toward our feelings, which can be influenced for good or bad, unlike moral principles which never change.

Now the question we must ask ourselves is, are we going to submit to the bondage of our feelings?
Enslavement to whims and desires spurred on by emotion cedes the power to control our ability to make rational decisions to whatever form of influence happens to strike our fancy at the moment. Are you in control of your decision process, or did you grant that power to the influencers? Should you find yourself rationalizing the outcome, the latter is true. There is no truth to the statement; "I can't control how I feel."

Control your feelings and your control your outcome!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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