Monday, July 11, 2011

Where Did They Go?

I'm not really sure which of the two gems I encountered this weekend makes my head want to explode more, the bumper sticker that read, "unions = jobs," or when a public official try's to scam the public with, "we need to create jobs with more infrastructure."

Okay outside of the bureaucracy the union creates to suck money out of it's members; what job has the union ever created? The display of this bumper sticker is just another example of how the IQ of people dips in the presence of a mob. The union reps handed them out as the wage earners walked out of the last union meeting mesmerized by the promises of higher salaries and enhanced benefits. Put this on your car to show your stupidity, I mean solidarity. It's hard to overlook the countless examples of union's decimating industry. Just look at where the booming steel industry of Pennsylvania went. How about the rise and fall of Detriot and the auto industry. Are they better off because of the union influence? Wait, I stand corrected unions do create jobs.....overseas.

Now the infrastructure ditty. Why isn't America's infrastructure already maintained? Each and every time we fill our vehicles with gasoline there is a tax collected by both the state and the federal government to maintain and build new roads. When we depart and land at the airport, another tax is collected to support the infrastructure. Every mode of transportation has a tax applied to it for exactly that reason. That money has been put into a general fund and squandered on other projects. It's an accountant's nightmare the way our government maintains stewardship over our tax revenue. They should all have individual lock boxes and not be intermingled. When a fund isn't supporting it's needs, then it has to be addressed. The way it's set up, the public has no idea what went where, and I propose it's done on purpose. Why should road tax revenue support anything but what it's meant to support? Trust me, with the income off fuel sales we should be driving on roads and bridges paved with gold. Instead it's a slush find for our politicians to apply for things like shrimp on treadmills, or the mating habits of the tee tee fly. There should be no need for additional stimulus money to build America's infrastructure, those should be some of the most secure jobs in our country. There is a never ending flow of income to support them, applied properly. Next time you go thru a toll booth, or fill your tank, take notice of the condition of the road or bridge your driving upon. Ask yourself where that money went!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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