Friday, July 8, 2011

Individual Liberty!

In my study of the "mob mentality," I've come across some outstanding points; information that defines how and why liberals and union act as they do. It's not an accident they use parallel methods, since their goals are not unlike. They both seek to control, tell you how to vote, live, and spend your income (all to the benefit of their existence).

Have you noticed they both seek to assemble people together? Community organizing is the term they label this mob assembly with. They do this because in a crowd, "the foolish ignorant and envious persons are freed from their insignificance and powerlessness." - Le Bon

Also the mere fact that a person is part of a crowd means, "their intellectual standard is immediately and considerably lowered."-Le Bon

So it becomes much easier to sway their opinions while they follow the herd. They lose their ability to reason, in fact, they tend to reason backwards. It's like being at a football game and evaluating the quality of the play, not because you saw an outstanding effort, but because the cheerleaders jumped up in exuberance. The crowd then follows their lead.

The liberty we enjoy can only be maintained if we keep individual expression. Our own thoughts, our own actions. Safety in numbers is an example of "for the common good," a principle of a socialistic society, not the rebel individuality of the free. Your an outstanding individual, don't conform to the comfort of the herd. Remember members of the herd always suffer the same fate, slaughter.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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