Sunday, July 17, 2011

Looking Through The Smoke!

I'm sure the deficit talks have most Americans confused, but then they are designed to. The President and his left wing arm are constantly screaming we need to raise the taxes on millionaires and billionaires. I'd like to do what a good reporter should do and ask; why? What has changed that we have to raise the tax rate? Let's examine that....

The left will tell you that we had two wars that were unpaid for, and the Bush tax cuts that created the deficit. So as an inquiring mind I'd like to note, President Bush had the same two wars, the same housing crisis, and basically the same conditions for the better part of his eight year administration. He had to bail out the banks, and stimulate the economy. So how did he never run up a deficit over 400 billion dollars a year? This President has created a trillion dollar plus deficit ever year he's held office. Truth be told, he's run up 4.3 trillion in debt in 30 months.

Now why do they bellow at the top of their lungs to anyone who'll listen they need to tax those evil rich people? I propose it's to deflect attention from the real issue. If it's not a tax income issue, (and it's not), then it has to be a spending issue. Who spend that money? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barak Obama is the short answer. Now do you see why they want to hold the upper income bracket as the evil doers? If America ever figures out they were responsible for the debt, their careers are ended. If they alienate a small portion of the voting block and appeal to everyone who envies them, they are betting the majority aren't smart enough to see through the smoke.

The problem is, and this holds true for most liars, they cannot keep their lies straight. President Obama stands before the nation and tells us he cannot guarantee Social Security payments will be posted on August third if this issue isn't resolved. Harry Reid gives a speech before Congress telling the nation Social Security is solvent for the next forty years, and there is no need to address that entitlement shortfall. Who's lying? Well I suggest they both are, mainly because their lips are moving, but as an addendum; Social Security checks have to be processed three days before they are due to have ample time to get where they are going. That means they have to be posted prior to the Armageddon date when this country is suppose to become insolvent.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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