Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Lesson From History!

Addressing a federal budget problem is nothing new, way back in 1808 , Albert Gallatin, Thomas Jefferson's secretary of the treasury, was tasked to remove the obstacles of trade between the states. He outlined a $20 million federal project to construct roads, and a canal from the Atlantic Coast to the Great Lakes. The problem was Jefferson was a small government kind of president, and this was a staggering outlay. It actually amounted to five times of all the other outlays under his administration. It was his stimulus plan! Instead of burdening the fragile economy of a new nation with audacious federal spending, he found a way to justify it and still remain true to his small government principles. The very first thing they did was cut federal spending 50%. Yes, that's right, they cut it in half. Galatin dismissed all the excise tax collectors and ordered every federal agency and cabinet officials to slash expenses. They then formed a partnership with private concerns and state efforts to minimize the expense. What a novel idea! You see there are no new problems in government, just solutions you've not yet researched. If Jefferson could cut his staff and operate his bureaucracy by 50%, how is it today they find 40% a ridiculous proposal? The short answer is a lack of will. They don't really want the results.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill



  1. If as a government employee/official you support cuts, you might just be supporting cutting your own self important non functioning/contributing job, and who in government is secure enough to do just that?