Thursday, July 7, 2011

Then And Now!

"The people who have trampled on the liberties of a republic often began their campaigns by being overly concerned with the rights of the People and helping to end tyranny."

Sound familiar? Does it apply yet today in politics and Washington? It was written way back in the 1700's during the founding of our nation. It could very well be the definition of those on the progressive left. Yet it was taken from The Federalist Papers!

" Those who fear for the rights of the People- a fear that comes from the head, rather than the heart- will be exposed as being more interested in popularity, than in the public good."

Again the wisdom of the Federalist Papers, and extremely applicable to today's world. Isn't the public officials who propose to the citizens the gloom and doom that their opponents are going to take away their rights? Example; "The republicans are going to take away grandma's social security check and throw her out on the street. It's the right of our senior citizens to that money." First of all, "rights" come from God and can only be taken away by God. If it's truly a "right," it cannot be denied or granted by mankind. Secondly, besides being grossly untrue, it's a prime example of the above statement. Fear mongering to gain popularity, I.E. votes.

Times have changed, but the heart of the politician has not. While these tactics are more effective due to our total access media, they are still the same old story our forefathers were dealing with 235 plus years ago.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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