Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The word compromise has been tossed about recently, especially when the discussion of raising the debt ceiling is the topic. I find it interesting the Democrats want the Republicans to compromise now when just a short time ago they reminded them that elections have consequences. I guess when your in the majority, it's okay to dictate law, but when you find yourself in the minority, it's important that both sides come together in compromise.

I'm not opposed to compromise, as long as it's not your principles your compromising on. The fundamental principle that won the House majority by the Republican party was America wanted fiscal responsibility. That's a principle they shouldn't compromise. We've been doing that a lot, compromising our principles, and the result shows. The notion of, just this once, or we need to do this as a one time fix, has led us astray from the foundation our country was founded upon. A great example is back when I was a child, it was looked down upon to be a unwed mother, morals were loosened and it became acceptable to live in sin, not long after the gay community became some sort of ethnic group that deserved equal rights despite the law, then the military was told to repeal "don't ask- don't tell" (a compromise in itself), civil unions were introduced, which led to some states permitting same sex marriage, and now they tell us that the history of the transgender and homosexual contributions are mandatory parts of the curriculum in California. We've compromised our principles way beyond the point that our forefather would have considered sane, and outside of the Bible's definition of moral. But wasn't that the objective?

Some call it the "camel's nose under the tent," some refer to it as 'the law of creeping generalities," either way it begins with compromising your principles. If the left had it's way, and it's trying, we would compromise our nation right into a Socialist country. Just how far will we be nudged toward Socialism before we say enough is enough? Compromise is fast becoming a threat to our freedom. Next time one of our representatives in government is asked to compromise, I pray they answer like this;"elections have consequences."

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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