Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Truth Be Told!

One of the leadership keys Orrin Woodward, (the #7 leadership guru worldwide) has always taught me, is to ever have any influence as a leader, you have to have credibility. In short you have to be a man, or woman of your word. Deception or half truths will eventually come to light and harpoon your ability to lead. Today I sit here pondering how politicians could possibly hope to hold a constituency while they spin truth to fit their agenda, knowing someone, some where is going to blow it to pieces? It saddens me that we have put our full faith and trust in such individuals. I liken it to finding out that a person I've grown to believe in and admire turns out to be a cheat and a liar.

We place our money, our security, and our freedom in the hands of these individuals, and in return for this trust we get lies and excuses. While I'm sure none of us would allow our children to be cared for by someone we can't trust, we've blindly given something just as valuable to people who honestly shouldn't be left alone with anything of value. It's disheartening, and I only hope my prayers are answered that we raise the bar on those we empower with our freedom.

I don't know if politicians intentionally try to mislead the public, perhaps they are simply misinformed. But that same politician has a responsibility to surround themselves with advisors that they can trust to feed them the right information. Not to do so pulls into to question their decision making skills. Again not a quality of anyone who should be leading a flock of chickens, let alone the country.

It's time to make a big deal out of those who attempt to mislead. We can no longer tolerate liars in positions of power, because what you tolerate, you by default, accept. We are approving bad examples for our children, the country, and the world.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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