Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Sit Back And Relax...........

Growing up we were subject to cigarette ads on the boob tube. Just lighting up one of those cancer sticks could morph you into a tall dark cowboy, perched upon your steed, the fantasy man of many a female. Or it empowered you to be an independent woman, comfortable with yourself; certainly you've come a long way baby! Even the most vanilla of programming on the TV featured someone lighting up in prime time, but that was not to last. The government decided that was far too influential on it's population and banned those ads from the airwaves, compromising and banishing those threats to society, to the pages of magazines. Soon advertisement of smoking was even evicted from that form of media as well. It wasn't long after the government turned it's regulatory sights on the alcohol industry, trans fats, calorie counts in restaurants, and now they are threatening foods that contain sugar.

This my friends is what they mean when they refer to,"the slippery slope." None of this recent attack on what we eat and drink has been approved by either the people or Congress. It's been slipped into being through the policies of several federal bureaucracies, Health and Human Services with the cooperation of the "Regulatory Czar." Little mini dictatorships that work outside of the confines of the powers granted to Congress by our founding fathers.

I'm certain they have nothing but the best of intentions for the citizen's of America, it's natural to impose your will on the ignorant lower class. Well, if your an elitist that thinks you have a better understanding of what's best. Similar to Hitler's intentions, for the good of the human race. One superior society, free from the power of choice. Castro, Mao, they've all had the common good of the people in mind when they imposed their doctrine. So how long before they decide that opposing opinions aren't really in the best interests of the citizens of the United States? Removing dissenters first from the television, as we all know that form of indoctrination is addictive, I bring you back to the cigarette ban as proof. Then the all powerful radio airwaves might provide just a little too much influence on the general public for their own good. Next it's newspapers and magazines, then the all powerful Internet.

It's just a short step away! The FCC and the Regulatory Czar just have to get into concert and decide they need diversity. Wait! You don't say....We have a Diversity Czar in the FCC? They are seeking to control the Internet with something called "Net-Neutrality" too? We may never have to worry about freedom of choice or freedom of speech again. Not to be concerned, it really doesn't matter.... Here come watch some more of the Casey Anthony verdict, or maybe you can be distracted by the debt ceiling argument. After all, your input will soon be spoon fed to you, food and information, if you allow.....................

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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