Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Need A Balanced Approach

I'm starting to think some of the representatives in Washington think we are a herd of blooming idiots. How does a man stand before the country and profess that there is no need for a balanced budget amendment using the excuse they have balance the budget before under previous administrations, then not offer a balanced budget proposal? If Washington does in fact have the ability to live within it's means, then prove it! Provide us a budget, right now, not sometime in the future that reflects that! History has shown us that Washington will spend every last dime and then some, if we don't handcuff the spending. It's not rocket science, it's simply a lack of discipline.

Somewhere along the line, our representatives in DC mistook tax revenue as something they were entitled to, not as something they were elected to be good stewards of. We need to correct that kind of thinking. They have lost their way, and it's not a recent occurrence. They say most individuals can withstand adversity, but few can handle fame. We don't have those few in office.

The tool the spend thrifts use to tempt the few that are truly fiscally responsible, is the word compromise. Compromise is a great tool for settling disagreements on anything but principles, and living within your means is a principle. Most of the governments of the states understand and practice a balance budget approach, so to me that proves that if you take away the printing press, it's quite an obtainable proposition. It's just that the will to discipline themselves is not there. So since they cannot practice control, we need to place controls over their spending. It starts with a specific budget, one that is balanced and defines where the cuts need to be made. That needs to happen right now.

There are a limited few who understand these principles, and their opponents will demonize and mock them. The liberal media will call them out and try to incite the mob to make emotional decisions, rather than rational ones. The opposition will cry out how they threaten your entitlements, those same entitlements they enacted to get voted in, and those same entitlements that are dragging our country deeper into debt. Let me remind America, it wasn't the fiscally conservative that got us into this mess, but it is the fiscally conservative that'll get us out. They are not the enemy.

God Bless!
Capt Bill


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