Saturday, July 30, 2011

LIFE Begins 11/1/11

My head is swimming from attending the first evening of the TEAM leadership convention. It's only been five hours of a three day seminar and already I'm bordering on information overload! One of the things I admire about Orrin Woodward, (#7 leadership guru in the world and co founder of the TEAM), is his ability to meld information from so many sources and form an original thought. He, with the help of his policy counsel partners, have created a system that adds value in the eight major areas of people's lives, and created a business model that rewards you for adding value to others. They've found a niche' between four major industries, Leadership, Networking, Life Coaching, and Community Building. Each on their own represent opportunity for those willing to put in the effort, but each on their own suffer from major shortcomings. Orrin and company have found a way to unite the strong points of each of these economic powerhouse's and give birth to a plan that features a better you as the product!

So let's say your trying to explain to someone how this works. Who in their right mind, (please note I said right mind), would turn down the opportunity to become a better individual? Here's the kicker, it pays them handsomely to do it, and they get the spiritual reward of helping others. It's absolutely genius! You'd have to be suffering from hidden intelligence to say you can't see where this could benefit you.

The official inception of the L.I.F.E., (living intentionally for excellence), program doesn't begin until 11/1/11, but that's not stopping people from becoming a part of something that's never been done before. There are more people in attendance at this pre-launch than I've ever seen, and the recognition of achievement for advancement is far above normal. But then how can it not be, what fool turns down the opportunity to become a better me, and get paid for doing it? Personal growth has just become more attractive, and easier obtained.

We can all see that society and people in general are facing challenges no other generation has been presented before. Can anyone of us honestly say we are comfortable with what's going on around us? The easiest way to combat this adversity is to be prepared, and being the best you, you can be, is a great place to start.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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