Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Judgement Day!

The world was shocked and angered yesterday, when the jury in the Casey Anthony trial returned a verdict of not guilty after a short deliberation. Why? Basically the media ginned up the mob and filled them full of emotion. Not unlike the early days of our country, when people's emotions were stirred up to lynch mob like anger. That's how innocent people get hurt! Mobs go off half cocked, without the facts and become judge, jury, and executioner. If you were angry at the outcome, shame on you! You were played, your emotions were used, and you rationalized your decision. It's exactly how the media elects government officials! They spoon feed you what they want you to know, then wait for you to make a decision based upon your emotions.

The jury is not to be blamed here. They were hand picked by the prosecution and the defense, based on an interview. They were diverse in opinion, yet all came to the same conclusion without much deliberation. They made a decision outside of the media influence. Remember, they had no access to television nor print media, just the information the judge chose for them to hear. They weren't poisoned by media opinion, they made a rational decision, one they must have been quite clear upon given the short discussion time. If you choose to be emotional and angry at the outcome, point it toward the prosecution, they failed to make a convincing argument.

This outcome was predictable, just like the public's reaction. I'll remind you of the IMF representative in New York City, who was recently charged with the rape of a hotel maid. The evidence and public opinion was against him from the start. The mob was ready to hang him in the town square, yet when the investigation proceeded, it turns out the information was tainted. Had the mob been allowed to act on it's emotion, spurred on by the media, that man would have been convicted, but the facts are pesky little things. It's turning out things are not how they appear, and it's highly likely that charge of rape was false.

So are we seeking justice or revenge? Justice demands citizens are given a trial before their peers and convicted on fact, not media hype. It has been said it's better a guilty man walk free, than one man be convicted unjustly. The victim will be rewarded in heaven, the guilty will be judged and sent to an eternity in hell. This maybe seen on earth as, "getting away with it," but there is no hiding the facts come judgement day. Take solace in the fact the innocent are rewarded and the guilty punished in eternity, and save the emotion for the ones you love.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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