Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Glass Ceiling!

The closer the deadline looms till the debt ceiling comes crashing down on all of us, the more I feeling it's not such a bad thing. Despite the media effort to gin up emotions, and fear monger the public, it all boils down to if the agreement isn't reached our country will be forced to live within it's means. The monthly revenue from income tax will cover all the debt payments, again despite the media reports, it'll fund social security, medicaid, and medicare, and the payments to the armed forces. The treasury will then have to prioritize exactly what does, and doesn't get paid next. Is it more important to send funds overseas to countries that hate us, or fund the inspectors at the FDA? Is the funding of the study of shrimp on a treadmill, or do we pay the salaries at the Dept.of Education? Do we fund federal road projects, or study the mating habits of the Tee-Tee fly? Are the billions Nancy Pelosi stashed in the Health Care bill for it's enactment important as other government needs, and do we really need to spend the unspent stimulus money?

Of course the left leaning media will pick up the talking points from the spendthrifts in government who shudder at having the purse strings drawn shut. Using fear tactics and claiming we are going to default on our debt, crashing world markets, and basically halting the whole universe. That's completely untrue, and bears a strong odor of dishonesty. Apparently the thought of a government living within it's means, and tightening it's belt frightens everyone on the left, but to date the conservatives are standing with a tight jaw and the posture of fiscal discipline. Bravo!

Back during the World Wars, citizens were asked to ration everything for the war effort. They halted the production of cars, rubber was taken from an available commodity to a war effort need, and metal was only for our boys overseas. That was a nation enduring sacrifice for the good of our country. They rationed everything, and lived on the bare minimum, then were asked to, "buy bonds" to financially support the cause. It was a effort taken up by the media, not used to gin up the mob and sway emotion to subvert it, but deemed as an act of patriotism. I wonder if the media could get behind shared sacrifice like that to save the country now?

If the debt ceiling isn't raised, the world will not cease to turn. It's actually a great opportunity to fix this nation's economy. It will certainly cause pain, just like any serious diet or financial restructuring always does. Have we become so soft we've forgotten what it is to delay our gratification?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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