Friday, July 22, 2011

Giant Killer!

There isn't a man or woman on earth who doesn't have a goliath looming before them they need to face. That big ugly monster that lurks in the back of your mind , terrorizing your thoughts and sometimes controlling your actions. It paralyzes most with fear, but that's where it's strength comes from. The longer your inaction, the stronger it becomes. Soon that big ogre grows to be a fire breathing, lighting bolt throwing, all consuming untamable beast, just because the course of action was inaction. You can stuff your fears in a closet and hope they go away, but sooner or later that closet door creeps open and as hard as you tried to ignore what's inside, it will begin to consume you once again.

Goliaths confronted shrink in size, and usually disappear. Those issues that haunt you only have the power over you, that you cede to them. Exposure and confrontation are a goliath's worse enemy. All the embellishments the goliath lives on cower meekly away when brought into the light of day. Oh, goliath will stand boldly before you at first, demanding to know, "what do you want?" But when you face that goliath boldly and apply the pressure of wanting to slay him, the ball goes into your court. You now control the game, and your goliath feels his power slipping away. Action cures fear! When you load your sling and fire that confrontation at goliath, he falls to the ground with a thud, no longer able to haunt your thoughts and control your actions. Those concerns become a giant corpse, ready for the fires of cremation.

You're then liberated, a free man or woman, able to function outside of the power of goliath's fear. Your thoughts and actions continue without the restraint of a nagging thought process. Remember that fear only live though the nourishment you feed it. Confront it and it starves.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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