Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Financial Terrorist!

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths politicians will go to, to achieve their agenda. They are well schooled in mob psychology and know exactly the buzz words to vomit into the media circus to strike fear in the hearts of a voting block. It's the lowliest of tactics, especially when it's an utter falsehood. How can a leader be trusted when they knowingly mislead their constituents to achieve their agenda? The short answer is you can't, that individual suffers from an ethical deficiency. That's our President, he decided to strike fear in the hearts of the elderly, disabled, and the veterans who served our country faithfully by proposing there might not be enough money to write the checks that supply their income, attempting to make the Senate and House knuckle under the pressure. That's akin to telling a child they better go to sleep or the bogey man in the closet will pounce on them. Derisive fear mongering at it's best. It's like telling a liberal we are going to start adhering to the Constitution verbatim, just to see what shade of pale they turn. Unconscionable!

He'd still devote federal income to redesigning the food pyramid, or campaigns like the First Lady's; Move On program, rather than pay those who rely on federal assistance. "I can't guarantee those check will be written, " claims our fearless leader, yet this financial shenanigans would continue.

Aid to Western Europe $342 million
Eastern Europe $1,502 million
Near and South Asia $11,778 million
Africa $6,022 million
Far East and Pacific $594 million
Now under yet another classification we have foreign and military aid....$49,057 million and $15, 466 million respectively. We're looking at better than 3/4 of a trillion dollars of our tax money being shifted elsewhere and the President stands before a nation and isn't sure he can see his way clear to write checks to our citizens? Just to put that into perspective that's $20 billion a month. That's how our fear mongering leader prioritizes the stewardship of our tax revenue. Lovely!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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  1. Very well said Capt Bill. I couldn't agree more!
    You've rightly pointed out cutting foreign aid would be a better starting point than SSI and I agree! Think we have a good amount of unnecessary spending going on here at home also.
    To your point of using fear, I've seen it here at the local level, many times. A city gets tight for money and the first place they want to cut funds from is the police and fire departments. It seems that this has become an effective strategy in getting their agenda passed. Threaten to stop the services the people need most in order to get them to allow increased taxes or in this case debt (future taxes)
    Thanks Capt!