Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wealth Creator Verses Paycheck Collector?

There is a stark difference between the political offerings for President of the United States during this election season. This night and day difference isn't understood by most of the nation.

On one hand we have a current President who doesn't understand how wealth is created. A couple of books bearing his name was authored an offered for sale, creating a residual income stream, whereby he became a man of wealth. Prior to that his career consisted of asking others for donations to support his bid to run for office. A beggar if you will. He lived off the generosity of others to fund his campaign bids, so after his elections he could collect a six figure salary. His efforts to earn a paycheck were aimed at collecting donors, a government welfare program if you will.

Now the challenger has a background of creating wealth. He collected investors, who were compensated for their trust, took their capital and created income.He knows how money works! He thinks like a 5% income earner, which frankly America does not. The 95% don't understand how this process works. They, like President Obama arrive at work and receive compensation for their attendance. The 5% arrive at work and create their compensation. Ask any business owner how this process works. They are the first to arrive, the last to leave, and the last to get paid. They think about money differently, they also have a different respect for the value of a dollar. Every dollar that leaves their control is potential profit, and that's how they are compensated. Employees don't have the same respect for their money, as politicians don't have any respect for our money. Herein lies the problem!

Politics, or political positions were never meant to be a career. They were meant to be a service to your country that was provided outside your job. It was entrepreneurs coming together to lend their expertise, to keep the nation solvent. We had a paradigm shift, and the industrial age found most entrepreneurs trading their business for jobs. So the understanding of wealth creation is passe'.

The choice is simple. Vote for a wealth creator, or a paycheck collector. Which serves this nation in it's time of need best?

God Bless
Capt. Bill

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