Friday, October 12, 2012

Enough Debate, I'm Hungry!

Last night those of us who were watched the VP debate were treated to a leadership lesson, There was a questionable attempt by our current Vice President to assume a position of posture, violating every rule of etiquette known to man.

The first and most obvious was the over talking of another individual. Not limited to his opponent, but including the moderator. Because there was no substance to his posture, he relied on attempting to credible by being overbearing. Which leads me to the next rule violation...

You can be right at the top of your lungs, but your still wrong. Volume doesn't get your point across. It presents a position of desperation. The louder you become, the more you project a lack of emotional maturity.

Just these two points call into question the voter's ability to answer the question, "can we trust you?" Before people will be willing to follow someone's vision, or act on their initiatives.

The richness of the relationship between leaders and constituents, is like the relationship between the ingredients and a good sauce. Everything used to assemble that culinary treat must be blended and given time to simmer together. You cannot jeopardize the quality by violently disrupting that process, asserting yourself as the magic that makes the finished product happen. Instead of praising the quality of the ingredients, our current leadership looks for us to praise the pot washer. We have a recipe handed down through the generations that makes a beautiful marinara. It needs no tweaking, it just needs us to follow the process laid out 236 years ago. There shall be no debate about what gets put into the pot, how long it simmers, or a what temperature it needs to cook at.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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