Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Choice!

I was reminded today the nothing good ever has to be forced. So as my mind pondered that thought, I was led to the greatest good of all, God. Although He has the power to force our obedience, it's optional. He also gave Adam and Eve the option to obey; they failed miserably, but they had the option.

So if government programs are "good" for us, why are they imposed and not freely accepted? A great example is the health care bill. Over 60% of America opposed this legislation, yet now we have it. Man was created and granted by his Creator the ability to choose what he deems best for himself. The greatest good in the universe has decided what is best for man, is for man to freely have options.

God helped us by giving mankind an outline of what is good behavior in The Ten Commandments, but didn't impose them upon us. We can freely disobey them as long as we are willing to accept eternal damnation. That was His form of government. It's not surprising our founding fathers stuck to this approach and wrote the Constitution to protect our right to choose. They never foresaw a time when the individual would cede his freedom for the "security" of allowing others to define their options, or lack of them. The principles of our nation were grounded in self reliance, and the charitable acts of the church and community to assist those who were unable to provide for themselves. The government's role was simply to provide for the security of that to come to fruition without intervention into the process.

Interestingly I encountered an individual the other day who was complaining about their taxes. He was certain that if a particular candidate was elected, his tax burden would increase. His concerns were he was already living well beyond his means, and there was no way he could lose another dollar of his income to the government. Yet he failed to understand that the reason for his tax burden was the overreach of the government and the programs outside the scope of their responsibility adding to that financial need from him. It didn't take long for me to logically explain to him how his tax dollar was being taken from him to be redistributed to others, and the more that occurred, the more taxes he'd have to pay. He immediately converted from a big government supporter, to a born again fiscal conservative. It's funny how quality information, applied lovingly, will lead people to the correct thinking.

Freedom needs to be taught with the passion that government dependency is. This big government mentality is a learned behavior. An indoctrination that is the result of a government run school curriculum. If you control the input of the youth, would you not promote your agenda? This is why government should have no role in education, and if you trace it back, you'll surely find the decline in America began the day we allowed government to assume the role of teacher.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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