Saturday, October 27, 2012

Great Verses Ugly!

What an outstanding event! Surrounded by tens of thousands of like minded people, absorbing nuggets on leadership, freedom, faith, fun, fitness, finance, family, following, and friends! Bombshell ideas, and principle based teaching, that's designed to change our culture back to one of personal responsibility, and education.

That last part is key! How do we find our country in the mess it's currently in? Simple, we became ignorant and apathetic. It's time we got back to a level of understanding. Our citizens bear the personal responsibility of being informed and educated enough to know when we're being misled.

Being here in Ohio, a swing state, I cannot express the level of ignorance that the media is playing to, in order to attract votes. I made the mistake of turning on the radio in my rental car, and I have to tell you, if Washington and the media thinks the voting population is that dumb, we are cooked as a nation. One ad in particular really blew my mind. A democrat super-pac is imploring men of Afro-American heritage to vote for two unconscionable reasons. First, the guy running against the President is white, and as a black man you don't want a white individual telling you what to do. Their second point was all the black women have already cast their vote for the President and it's their responsibility as a male member of the black community to not allow women to outdo them. Now there are two valid reasons to elect someone. Is there any wonder why our nation is in total chaos?

We have a lot of educating to do. Principles are lost, and values have been abandoned. There is no reason for the above ignorance to even exist in our great nation. It's time to change the culture of our voting population and demand better. Last tidbit, turn off the media that's dumbing down America!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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