Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here Is My Election Sample!

The last few days I've been taking a poll. I remember four years ago when you couldn't turn your head one way or another without seeing an Obama/Biden bumper sticker or yard sign. So I challenged myself to take note of who was getting the bumper vote, and I have to say the results were less than expected. Apparently the bumper sticker crowd isn't as fired up this election cycle as in previous contests. I could only find one Obama sticker and five Romney bumper style supporters. Now this could be attributed to an over sampling of vehicle that were not turned in to the "cash for clunkers" program, or it could be a sign of less than enthusiastic support. This is not a scientific poll, but then none of them are!

So I turned my attention to yard signs. They were a big indicator last time, and surely the "grass roots" support would be apparent, (pun intended). Luckily I did find one neighborhood who whole heartedly supported the yard sign business model, as they were strewn everywhere. Almost every yard had shown some type of support or another, but alas none were for the Presidential race, all local or state candidates. I did find 2 lone Obama headstones, er, I mean yard signs, and five supporting Romeny. Perhaps I over sampled homes with front yards?

I can only conclude that in these tough economic times there is a shortage of businesses that produce these political advertising tools. We've all been told by the media that polls have shown that our incumbent President has a substantial lead in this race and that would lead one to believe he also has those polled support. Since this isn't abundantly apparent on bumpers or though out neighborhoods, one can only conclude it's a shortage of materials. Unless of course you add the caveat that there are a ton of bumper stickers and yard signs for "Allen West for Congress" everywhere. Either Allen West has a monopoly on political advertisement paraphernalia, or this area isn't all that fired up about the President or his potential replacement. Perhaps Allen West should have run for President?

Bottom line, (if I were Joe Biden this would be a signal I was about to lie), There isn't much support for the Presidential candidates in this area, but there is an overwhelming show of support for the Republican Allen West. One might deduce that candidate West supporters could pull the lever for Mitt Romeny since they are already in the voting booth, and he is also a republican. Once again this is not a scientific analysis of the data, just an observation of the obvious!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

PS..Do you own poll and announce your results! Nothing better than on site input!

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