Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Shine Like No Other!

I was studying a video the other day about how to restore the shine to aluminum and stainless steel. It's pretty cool how you can take something that's imperfect, start it on a process, and come out with a finished product of showroom quality. All it takes is effort and a level of determination. During the process the narrator made a statement that one should be careful as polishing can become addictive. I kind of blew that off as silly until I began the process on a piece that lacked the shine it was designed to have and was badly pitted.

I have to tell you I was skeptical, I was all but certain this piece was long gone and beyond salvaging. But I followed in the footsteps of the video and the shine began to return. It was a slow and laborious process, but because I knew what to look for I saw progress as outlined in the video, every step of the way. Soon I had a gleaming piece of polished aluminum, a masterpiece in anyone's eye. The process became addictive as forewarned because the results were so stunning, and that led to gratification. Results lead to conviction!

Then I began to realize that we are all just like that piece of pitted aluminum, and some of us have given up hope, not unlike the sentiment I had prior to the restoration process. What kept me persistent is, I was achieving results as outlined. This is the same way we should look at, and explain, personal development. First warn them that the process can, and will be, addictive. Then outline how to keep score, so they recognize when they are achieving the desired results. They'll push themselves harder against the polishing wheel until they, and others, see a shine like no other.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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