Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Effective Messaging!

I was reminded of some interesting information yesterday that everyone can use. It's important these days to have our point absorbed by others, so I thought I'd highlight how we learn and retain information so we can be the most effective teachers of others.

We retain information through hearing, seeing, speaking, and repeating. The least effective method of retention is when we read. Our minds only retain 10% of that input. When we hear something our minds process it a little better as we absorb 20% of that message. It's also been noted that when someone is verbally instructed that after a three hour incubation period they can repeat 70% of the original message, but their recall after three days drops to a 10% retention level.

Now when we see something demonstrated the absorption rate rises to 30%, with a 72% recall after three hours and a 20% ability to repeat after three days.

When we see and hear a demonstration the rate spikes to 50%, and if we physically repeat the message it climbs to a 70% retention rate.

Here's the big boy! We have a 90% rate of retention of what we speak and demonstrate, with an 85% recall after three hours and a 65% after three days!

So to get your message across effectively have them repeat what you say as they are acting out a demonstration of the message! What a useful tool, especially with children! Say, do, repeat!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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