Monday, October 1, 2012

A Celebration!

Today is the birthday of the compact disc. We celebrate thirty years of the evolution from cassette tapes and the hardly remembered eight track recordings, to the convenience of that little silver disc. Hard to believe it's been three decades! I know the information those little jewels have held in the recordings I've listened to have changed my life! But alas, nothing lasts for ever, and the shelf life of the CD is coming to a close. MP3's and other downloads will soon make the CD extinct, a distant memory, like the cassette and eight track tape. Perhaps some of the other creative uses for CD's will keep them alive just a bit longer. They seem to be popular ornaments when hung from a car's rearview mirror. I've also been told when suspended from a fruit tree they scare off the squirrels, and keep the fruit save from marauders. Who know what the future holds for the compact disc? We do know one thing, it's reached it's golden years when it comes to the storage of music and information. We'll all turn to the "cloud" soon for our storage needs till that too becomes obsolete. While it's a celebration of man's ingenuity, it's the epitaph of an industry.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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