Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spiritually Similar!

We live in a very tumultuous time in respect to religion. Never before have I seen such an uproar over not only religious freedom, but religious zealots demanding that their brand of worship be recognized over al others. It's a counterintuitive approach to respecting everyone's right to worship freely.

Now I have my set of beliefs, as do you. They are remarkably similar in the respect that we all worship our Creator. That Creator may have a different label, or our ceremonies to pay homage to our God may take a diverse ritual, but the objective is the same. We all praise that which brought us into being.

Now with that said, it is a solid assumption that our God is all powerful, and can impose His will in the blink of an eye. This too, every religion should recognize as truth. So why, oh why, would any one religion have to wage war or jihad on another? Our Creator is more than capable of defending Himself. By our own admission, He is all powerful. Our job is to spread His good word, not to impose His will. You see, God of every faith gave us choices. If this were not true, He would impose his will with daily discipline, unforgiving, and without excuse. After we exercise those options, we are held accountable when called to His presence.

Worship as you see fit. After all, your the one who will be held accountable come judgement day. Be the example your Creator designed you to be. We were all created in His image for a reason. It's because His image is one that attracts followers. You don't impose your beliefs at gunpoint, nor with legislation. You grow your spiritual community by attracting followers because your walked as the example of Him without sin.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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