Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Bountiful Harvest!

Last night I was inspired with the comment, "a seed that's not planted can never grow." What struck me in those words was how they relayed the potential inside each and everyone of us. We all have seeds of greatness within. The only thing that keeps us from our own victory is the transfer of that seed into an environment that inspires us to sprout. I'm in such an environment this weekend!

We all can hone our potential to achieve the results of say, Mother Theresa when it comes to faith and charity, or perhaps we want a "Father Knows Best" crop of family life. Maybe we'd like the financial genius of Warren Buffet, or the drive for freedom of Patrick Henry. It doesn't matter which of the eight "F's" we choose to excel in, the potential is right inside of us. The common denominator shared by everyone who excels is they got better information, and acted upon it. Greatness is not reserved for a certain class of people, it merely a matter of making a decision to cultivate the harvest that's buried deep inside of each and everyone of us.

You can't harvest that crop without taking the necessary steps. The soil must be tilled and fertile enough to support growth. It has to be sprinkled daily with information so it has the nutrition to extend its roots and not wither. The weeds of doubt and ego must be pulled to prevent the choking off of growth, and finally those seeds need daily sunshine and the warming input of love and nurturing. These are the keys to a bountiful harvest of exceptionalism! It's not a secret, it's a process!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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