Thursday, October 4, 2012


Last night's debate reminded me of a heavyweight prizefighter's championship bout. In this corner we have the reigning champion, a solid credentialist, indoctrinated in theory by the finest learning institutions our nation has to offer, mired in academia. His glass jaw is his policies are grounded in theory with nary a shred of experience to offer proof of their validity.

In the other corner we have the challenger. Again a product of some of the finest learning institutions in America, a solid and proven performer in the private sector, with accolades of success to qualify him as the contender. His weak points are the media acts as his Achilles heal, and he is vulnerable in the like ability factor, exposing him to criticism.

So we had a bout of the proven performer verses the theory bound credentialist. The credentialist was handicapped right from the opening bell with four years of untested and under performing policies, caused by surrounding himself with advisors who were also credentialist's. His ringside support abandoned him before the championship bout when it became apparent the theory they espoused was full of holes and wasn't working. Back to the safety of academia they fled, leaving the champion to fend for himself. It was reminiscent of the scene in Rocky where his trainer died. The results were horrible as the champ looked like a worn out has been with no heart. It was apparent to all ringside that his retirement should have come prior to this one last match. There were a couple of good jabs, but in the end the stamina of the well trained and well conditioned challenger was overwhelming. Adrian! I mean, Michelle!!!!!

This is the challenge our nation is faced with. Are we going to be subjected to the theories of the untested credentialist, or led by a proven performer? While classroom time is invaluable, experience is, and always has been, the best teacher. President Obama got a full serving of experience last night. May his impending rounds of golf be more gracious to him!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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