Thursday, December 1, 2011

Misdirected Ire!

I honestly never thought I would ever write these words, but the occupy Wall Street protesters have a legitimate gripe. Though be it immaturely presented and misdirected, they do have something to absolutely be upset about.

First let me clarify, those who the protesters are presenting as the evil and that has ruined the country are hardly responsible for the dilemma they are faced with. The main problem our protesters face is after all their education, they do not feel comfortable with their prospects for finding employment. They are upset that after years of indoctrination in the school system, they cannot produce an income. Herein lies their problem. The system they went through is based on industrial age thinking; it was designed to "train" them to get a job. Had the system taught them how to think so they could create wealth, their problems would not exist. So using the scarcity mentality they were taught, their ire is directed on those who know how to create wealth, since in their minds there is a limited supply of money, and those people have gobbled it all up.

News flash...There is no limited supply of money in the United States of America. Just ask the Fed., they'll print all you need! You simply have to think your way outside of the, "I need to seek employment from others" box and learn the entrepreneurial spirit. If your mad at anyone it should be the Federal Government for insuring you were educated by a system that's time has past. We left the manufacturing age two decades ago! Why are we still teaching our youth to seek employment in an area where one in ten can't create a paycheck? The youth in this country are taught conveyor belt style to answer questions on a standardized test to seek a higher grade. What does that prepare them for? The unionized teaching force is inhabited by instructors that have "no skin in the game" when it comes to the results they produce.

Prior to the 1900's we were an agricultural nation. Most of our time was spent by families on a farm creating a food supply. The children were taught these skills because the teacher, (their parents), relied upon them in their retirement years to be productive so they didn't starve to death. You knew how to farm and create a living when you grew up under those conditions. We entered the industrial age in the early 1900's and the mind set changed. You were sent to school to learn a trade so you could "get a good job" and be "cared for" by the corporation through your retirement years. The government stepped in and enhanced this scenario by introducing Social Security to insure you didn't have to rely upon relatives in your golden years. Now the government is responsible for not only your retirement income but the training you get while your educated to "find a job." There is no one directly responsible for the outcome! Does anyone wonder why the results are what they are?

So, this same government that trained these protesters to get jobs that do not exist, points their fingers at the people in our nation that have broken out of this model and financially succeeded, as the reason the model they designed and operate failed. They took all the money! They have your share! They aren't creating jobs! They made their wealth on the backs of the poor and middle class! So the herd of useful idiots that are government indoctrinated turn their anger on the wealthy, because that's what they were told to think.
You see they were never taught how to think, or they could create wealth without being told how to do so. Our government should be very concerned because if these individuals are ever led to the truth, there is going to be a problem in Washington, not in the parks.

We are in the information age, the age of the entrepreneur! Wealth is created by those who can think for themselves and bring those ideas to market. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, these are the people who left the broken system and self educated themselves to success. Be mad Wall Street Occupiers, you've been taken advantage of, but not by the wealthy, by the government.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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