Sunday, December 18, 2011

Be The Example!

Yesterday I got a dose of something that might not have bothered me a short time ago. I ran into a physical trainer that quite honestly was completely out of shape. He has accolades up one wall and back down another in forms of certification, but the proof wasn't in the pudding. Three principles violated here that we might want to learn.

First, take your advice from someone who has the fruit on the tree. Be the example! Wait let me rephrase that. Be the good example, the after picture as opposed to the before. If you wish to inspire lead them with a goal you've attained yourself. Asking someone to do what you don't, is a form of hypocrisy.

Second, To learn and not to do is just the same as not knowing at all. Knowledge applied is power, knowledge on the wall and not enacted upon, is a waste of education. When your trying to teach discipline, be the model. There is no greater inspiration.

Third, You cannot impose a discipline upon another human being if you don't have it yourself. Anyone can brow beat someone into being motivated when they are standing right over top of them. All that takes is a loud voice. The moment your out of sight, the bad habit will return. It takes deposits in the old relationship tank to inspire change that'll carry on when temptation sets in and there isn't anyone to hold them accountable but themselves. This is the difference between leadership and positional management.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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