Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Freedom Needs To Be Maintained!

For us to maintain our freedom it's important to understand the aspects of it so we can protect it when it's under attack. We live in a Democratic Republic, not to be confused with a Democracy. While it is a fine line the difference is important. This Republic survives upon three extremely important principles; principles that our leadership have a tendency to try to circumvent. They are as follows...

1) A free government, where power is separated, checked and balanced effectively.

2) A free enterprise economy, where entrepreneurial ventures are encouraged and supported by law and non- governmental factors, and the government treats all citizens and legal entities equal.

3) Strong morals, families, and voluntary communities void of government intervention, which see charity and service as virtues and engage them adequately to meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

These factors are not only vital to our free society, they are the hinge point of a vibrant economy as they keep American Capitalism functioning without the interference that destroys it.

When Social Democrats or Progressives from either side of the isle control or influence the government, they pass legislation to erode the first two on the list and they insert governmental programs to oversee and force our charity on the third. This leads to massive and restrictive legislation that constricts the economy. Entrepreneurs and investment capital flee to more friendly venues, and the economy tanks. This my friends is the problem with today's economy.....Government intervention!

As I've mentioned before, we also bear a responsibility. We need to insure that charities and any aspect of life in America we do not want the government's hands in, are maintained freely by the population. Otherwise expect regulation that digs deep into your pocket and wastes tax dollars. The best form of government is seen and not heard.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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