Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reading Is Fundamental!

Well the government run school system is at it again! Here on the Treasure Coast of Florida the teachers are upset because they raised the passing grade for reading on the FCAT tests. It wasn't a giant leap, in fact from the information available it barely keeps students out of the remedial reading status. Yet people who've dedicated their lives to the instruction of our youth have made these concerns known.

"The new standard of FCAT grading will require more students to take remedial reading classes instead of having the option to take elective classes."

So my question is to these educators...If the children your instructing cannot read at their grade level, how do you expect to teach them those elective classes? Even physical education has required reading, like the sign that says locker room, enter, exit. Oops, I'm being sarcastic! Honestly, where does this thought process come from? Could it be the bonuses they look forward to if they receive a passing grade from the standardized testing? I hope that wasn't too bombastic....

Look education hinges on the ability to read. Some love to, some find it a chore, but it is a necessary evil nonetheless. Wouldn't it be in everyone's best interest to inspire our youth to find the love of reading rather than try to lower the bar so everyone can pass? Who's agenda does that serve? Does an educator in the upper levels appreciate being handed a child who cannot or won't read? I think not.

This all points to the attitude taken by educators for a student receiving a failing grade. Isn't this an indication of an area where the child needs to improve? Not passing is exactly that, failure comes when we give up trying. Giving up trying is lowering the bar so those who need to improve pass a false level of acceptability. How about we get back to teaching our children the basics they need to compete in this world; reading, writing, and arithmetic? It's funny that back when the federalist papers were written they were authored to a level that the common farmer could read and understand them. Most of our citizens today look at that literary work as if it's written in Greek. what does that say about the decline in our standard of which our children are educated? And now they want to lower the bar yet further.....

If you love to read, and can read, thank the teacher or person who inspired you to do so. If you can't read or hate to, unfortunately you also have to thank a teacher, but please try to change that. There is no substitute for reading, it's what separates us from the lower species.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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