Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Football Miracle!

There is a phenomena in the National Football League, well okay there usually is one every week, but this one is different. It's a God fearing quarterback who's ability has been questioned from day one, but has led his team's record to seven wins and one loss, most being either in overtime or last second comebacks. It makes for very exciting football, and even better press as he humbly lets the criticism roll off his back while he converts he non- believers. In fact, because all the "experts" have anointed him as very improbable to become successful as a quarterback at any level, Tim Tebow is causing those who question God's existence to question their reason. How else would you explain his success? We've all been told he doesn't have the talent, so it's very difficult to justify his success without the admission of a higher power because that's what Tim Tebow exposes everyone to, as often as he can.

There is a larger affect, Tim Tebow is selling tickets and filling the stands. Owners like that! Let's compare him to say, Pac Man Jones, a very talented player of questionable character. If you were an owner and it was draft time, might you lean your choice in favor of the player who professes his faith and lives it publicly, or a dirty player who is constantly having brushes with the law? Which one is filling the stands? By living his faith, Tim Tebow is changing the culture in the NFL. He's a great example to us all. We can have an impact and effect change by living our faith and principles. Apparently it's an attractive trait! When it was announced Tebow was starting against the Miami Dolphins, ticket sales went through the roof for the struggling Fins box office.

Let me assure you Mr. Tebow is having an impact. His recent book is being gobbled up and read by aspiring youth with hopes of someday living the dream of playing in the NFL. Not only is he changing the culture in professional sports, he's inviting the youth of our country to read, dream, and believe in God. He has a ministry that changes lives, teaches the word of God, and never passes a plate for donations. He's reaching the lost sheep by visiting their living rooms every Sunday and being a humble example of God's glory. We should all take a page from that book.............

God Bless
Capt. Bill

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