Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Classless Society!

"Back in the day" when I was educated we had the option of two paths. Those who achieved the grades and had the gumption to attend "higher education" were encouraged to do so, and those who's fate seemed to lie in joining the work force early were pointed toward a technical school where they learned a marketable skill. Basically the were "trained" and not educated. This separated the blue collar worker from those who delayed gratification and went on to seek employment at a higher level. Pay was commensurate with your degree of education, or level of "training."

In effect this was creating an class type society where the elite learned out earned and enjoyed a better life style than the trained working class. Not unlike the model our ancestors braved the trip across the Atlantic ocean to avoid, and fought England over the right to separate from. The founding fathers original intent was to have a classless society void of aristocrats who have a tendency to amass all the power. Their vision was for the masses to be educated, having a broad understanding of history, philosophy, literature, math, etc, because they understood education is the key to maintaining a classless society and dis-establishing the aristocracy they fled. A great example would be the education of Abraham Lincoln. He was not born into wealth by any means and had no claim to elitism, yet he rose from a farm boy, to a lawyer, and finally the President of this great nation by rooting his education in the Bible, Shakespeare, and Euclid. Was this curriculum an intentional part of any of your education? How and why did we stray from that?

Throughout history the elite have been educated, while the masses who serve them are at best trained. A class style society where aristocracy rules, requires that only a few are broadly educated, while the masses are narrowly trained to perform for them and remain dependent on jobs. Standing idly by and accepting this willingly is to cede our freedom and subject ourselves to the rule of the aristocracy, the pompous elite! I'm sure your familiar with the description of the current President, a statesman who is deemed by his peers as an elite intellect.

Thankfully there is a solution. We still live in the freest and greatest nation on earth and for now are capable of educating ourselves. Fill in the gaps of the government run education system, if you will. No better system exists to assist you in this endeavor than the opportunity we call LIFE. We have a program to bring you up to speed by pointing you to information that will quickly and efficiently fill in the lapses our current education system suffers from. Training will be put to the side as our system inspires people to learn and grow in every area of their lives. What educator and author Oliver DeMille calls a Thomas Jefferson education! This nation will not fall back into the hands of an elite class, not on our watch!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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